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The Real Women of CrossFit

One of the things I love about CrossFit is its emphasis on strength, especially for women. I  also love its account of fitness but there are some aspects of CrossFit life with which I’m less comfortable (see Six Things I Love about CrossFit and Six Things I’m Not So Sure About.) But here I want...

Mirror, mirror, not on the wall

A friend, with a wonderful blog of her own (you should go read it) first pointed out to me that there were no mirrors at CrossFit and I confess I was shocked that I hadn’t noticed it. My excuse: I guess I’m past that. Also, I’m usually working too hard at CrossFit to notice things...

When to level up at CrossFit

Something very odd happened the other day at CrossFit. I had the fastest time for our work out of the day (WOD): 60 kettlebell snatch, 30 each side 25 squats 20 jump squats 15 pushups 10 sit ups 5 pull ups I did it in 6:20. But I didn’t do it Rx. Rx is CrossFit...

My first date with “Karen”

“Karen” is a deceptively simple CrossFit workout. 150 wall balls. That’s it. The rx, or recommended, weight for women is 14 lbs. I modified that to 10 and still found it hard when I did it yesterday. What’s a “wall ball”? Here’s a good explanation from Muscle and Fitness: Done …

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