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Love to Eat? Introducing

Are you passionate about food, nutrition and recipes? Unleash your inner foodie and check out our brand-new site - share your favorite recipes at Nutrition-WOD today!

How to Deal with Embarrassing CrossFit Situations

You’re at the box, work through your WOD as usual, and it happens: you experience something embarrassing. Before you run out in horror, vowing never to return again, remind yourself that you aren’t the first person to have these kinds of situations. In fact, doing something horrifying at the health club is hardly …

10 Fitness Tips That Will Change the Way You Work Out

Are you sick and tired of the same routine? Do you want to change your body without losing your mind? Try one or more of the following 10 fitness tips and revolutionize the way that you work out! #1: Buy Good-Quality Footwear Think that those discount sneakers will protect your feet? We wouldn’t guarantee it....

Is Your Energy Bar Sabotaging Your CrossFit Success?

If you haven’t seen the plethora of energy bars advertised everywhere from the grocery to your favorite sporting goods store, you definitely need glasses! They come in exciting packages, promising to provide you with everything from increased stamina to leaner muscle mass. Their price tags run the gamut from 75 cents to …

Five Postpartum CrossFit Activity Guidelines for First-Time Moms

Congratulations; you’ve become a mommy! Now, you can add to your long list of accomplishments a bouncing baby. While you enjoy your new responsibilities, don’t forget to take time for yourself. This can come in any form, from a trip to the spa to a lovely 10-minute catnap. It can also be attained through a...

The Ten Steps of Becoming a CrossFit Junkie

Every year, many people make a resolution to lose weight and take better care of their bodies. You get into a routine for usually about the first month of the year until you give up, or you go on a crazy and unrealistic diet that ultimately ends in failure. You don’t see the results that...

Getting Back on Track With CrossFit Resolutions That Tanked

By the time January is over, many people – some sources say up to 64% – have abandoned their fitness resolutions for the year. Unfortunately, rather than looking for a way to recharge themselves, they simply decide to shelve them for another 11 months. If that’s a description of what you’re going through …

Back to the Box After a Crossfit Break

If the winter weather has kept you cooped up and less likely to head to the gym, trust us, you are not alone. But spring is right around the corner, and with it comes the promise of renewal and temperatures that actually make you want to leave the house – so doesn’t picking CrossFit back...

Olympians Know How to Compete and Eat

As the world gears up for the twenty-second winter Olympics in Sochi, we’ll begin to see athletes from around the globe challenge each other, as well as themselves, as they go for a spot on the podium. Though most people will never get to that level of athleticism and competition, that doesn’t mean they can’t...

When to Bring Your Child to the Box

Kids love to imitate mommy and daddy, especially when they see how much fun their parents are having at their box. Nonetheless, many mothers and fathers aren’t certain when children are too young to be lifting weights. Because youngsters grow at different rates, there is no “set age” at which they become ready to …

Can Fibromyalgia Patients Enjoy CrossFit?

Fibromyalgia is a condition that’s not very well understood by many physicians, although it’s beginning to finally come to the forefront of people’s understanding and acceptable. Unfortunately, for years, the symptoms of it – mainly held by women – were viewed as simply annoying nitpicking by those who were …

How CrossFit Has Changed Sexy Forever, Especially for Gals

Remember about a million years ago when dinosaurs roamed the earth, people drew pictures of elk on the walls of caves and everyone thought that leg warmers were appropriate gym apparel? Yeah, those were definitely the stone ages, although not too many women were doing much heavy-lifting with the stones. Back then, skinny …

How to Stay Paleo Over the Holidays

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… just not always for your health. The Christmas holidays bring time with family and friends, parties and presents; they also bring a full slate of tempting food, drinks and situations that can knock your Paleo lifestyle off-kilter. But fear not: With proper planning, you can …

The Paleo Diet and CrossFit: Rediscover the Basics

Little did our ancestors know they were creating a meal plan that would revolutionize the fitness world 10,000 years later! The Paleo Diet has made waves around the world, and for good reason: rather than tout a special series of shakes, a carb-free lifestyle, or low-fat everything, the Paleo Diet teaches its followers to …

How to Find the Right Box

A new year is a time for new beginnings. We want to do things better than we did last year, so we set goals and make resolutions to strive to become our very best selves. And after a season of decadent eats and sinful treats, one of the top resolutions on our lists is to...

CrossFit Kids Now Being Implemented in Schools

BY: Savannah Marie Did your PE class instill in you a lifelong love for physical exercise? For most, gym was about playing games, releasing pent-up energy and a celebrating the fact that there was no homework. But the face of gym class is changing, and one such example is Ocean City Intermediate School in New...
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CrossFit: Helping People with Disabilities Enjoy a Level Playing Field

Living with a physical disability certainly has its challenges, even when people learn to adapt in admirable ways. Sometimes people who have disabilities become stigmatized or discouraged because others make assumptions about them without really taking time to get to know them and their capabilities. However, those issues …
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Love that’s fit to CrossFit

Why couples who workout together, work out together You’re out of breath but focused, tired but ravenous, and the view of your partner pushing you on through a sweat-filled brow is enough to drive you to just one more rep. When you do, your hand reaches for theirs in a congratulatory high-five, and maybe one...
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Tim Adams published the post When enough is too much: Understanding Volume and Intensity on Tabata Times
Lets be honest, we aren't all in our twenties. Maybe not quite old enough to be considered an old...
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Our next bootcamp is just over a week away! We have just a few spots left so grab a friend and secure your place for only $49!!! Call us at 919.912.XFIT

WhatWouldJohnMackEat published the post Portuguese Style Littleneck Clams on Nutrition WOD
Littleneck clams are hands down my favorite seafood. I eat them raw, steamed or cooked Portuguese...
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While many of you are aware of the benefits of massage therapy, there are still even more who...
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CrossFit Silver Spring posted an article
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Friday Workout

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What a great "Active Recovery" day we had at CFRV!! : ) Proud of you all, looked like it was a fun one. Great work at the Open skill work tonight too! It's Finally Friday so here we go: Skill work: :60 of work/:20 of rest (Alternate each minute until you complete 4 at each) - Handstand walking (max distance) Scaled will do max wall runners - Snatch technique complex (75/55) C&Rx (Bar only for scaled) Complex will consist of: 1 Muscle Snatch at each position (Ground, above knee, hip) then.. 1 Power Snatch at each position (Ground, above knee, hip) WOD For time: (rest will be included in your time) 21 Power Snatches (155/105) C (135/95) Rx (95/65) S Run 200m -Rest 1- 18 Hang Power Cleans (Same weight) Run 200m -Rest 1 min.- 15 Thrusters (same weight) Run 200m Time Cap: 12min.

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Funnies for Fido fundraiser! Check it out!

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Davidson, University Area - WOD Warm-up 2 rounds of 5 max height wallballs, 10 deck squats, 15 situps Weightlifting 20 minutes of 2 turkish getup (alternating) w/ KB odd, 6-8 evil wheel even Metcon Metcon (AMRAP - Rounds and Reps) 9 min AMRAP: 10 DL (185/135), 15 Box jumps (24/20) Cool Down 200m walk, lax back. KB psoas

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Congratulations on ramp graduates. We look forward to seeing you at the regular classes and helping you all get after the WODs. Welcome to the Embark Family!

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Brian Mackenzie demos how to hold stable position in your run-

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Friday, August 22, 2014

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8/22/14 – Put September 6th on Your Calendar

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Mancrusher Challenge day 21: Welcome to Angela A from Wilmington. Getting legit while in Chapel Thrill! Welcome to the crew lady :)

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Schedule for Saturday - No Regular Classes! Lose the secret identity and get your superhero on! In-House Partner Throwdown - There is No "I" In Hero: A Superhero Showdown 7:30am - Gym Opens/Warm-Up on your own 8:20am - Event & WOD #1 Briefing 8:30am - WOD #1 - "Justice League - Danger Balls!" 9:30am - WOD #2 - "The Avengers - Bars Attack!" 10:30am - WOD #3 - "Wonder Twin Powers Activate!" 11:30am - Potluck/Party/Prizes (please bring a dish to share) The WODs will be short AMRAPs and something any member can do! Check your email for more details.

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#TBT: Coach Steph maxing out the awesome meter, #Smackdown 2012. Read on for more about Steph's journey to CrossFit -- from jump-roping in Beijing to coaching with CFDC: ... and stay tuned, CFDC, for more details about what's on tap this Sept 27:

savfmarie published the post Strength-to-Endurance Balance: Evaluating Your Needs on
It’s the box version of the chicken-versus-egg question… Which is more important to a...
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On Ramp Graduation tonight~ 6:30 pm!!!! Excited to have many new faces hitting the WODS!!!!

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A little throwback to the Annapolis District crew during Open workout 14.1. What do you want to see in the open this year? #tbt

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This Saturday at the Partner Throwdown, a little Roulette.

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High rings stare-down from Monday's ring dip skill work in the #5oclockhappyhour!

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Thursday WOD

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Lots of PR's this morning! Congrats to Steve with a 95lb weighted pull up, press pr and Fran PR! Carley broke 200lb on her DL and Stacey hit a CGB PR! Great work!

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Thursday, August 21, 2014 CrossFit Make Up a Missed WOD OR Part 1 - WOD: Partner Teams 100 Box Jump Overs (24/20) 200 Alt Plate Push Ups 100 Deadlifts (185/135) Scaled - step overs, knee push ups, 135/95 Competitor - 30/24, 225/155 CardioFit (12:15pm @ CFHE) 500m Row 50 Barbell Thrusters 1 mile Run Specialty (5pm @ CFHE. 6:30pm @ CFOM & CF695) Rope Climbs Competitor (7:30pm @ CFHE & CFOM) Part A - Push press 3x2 @ 80%, 4x2 @ 70%, 5x2 @ 60% Part B - Pendlay row 6x3 Part C - 6rds Every 3 min 10 Front Rack Lunge (115/75) 10 KB Swings (32/24) 5 S-2-O (145/105)

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Today is Michaela's BIRTHDAY! - Scored a little wine flight time with this ethereal beauty to start her birthday week! Yay for me! Happy Birthday Coach M! Cheers to another year of fruitful happiness with family, friends and fitness. We love you- Cin cin!LEVEL 1ACTIVATION:36 Air Squats + 21 Straight Leg Burpees3x10"/10" PVC box BS3x10"/10" PVC thrusters36 hollow rock to supermanCrossover Symmetry ActivationSKILLS:5min working on GHDSU medball throwsSTREN...

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Long Interval

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The blog has been updated at Diablo CrossFit

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Main - CrossFit A. Paused Front Squat (@24X1, 6x2; rest 2min) + Metcon (2 Rounds for time) 2 sets ‘all out’ - row 250m - 20 KBS 53/35 - 25 burpees - 20 KBS 53/35 - row 250m - rest 8 min Notes - build per set - pause for 4 sec at bottom of FS, focus on a tight, upright position - metcon is ALL OUT both sets

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Main - CrossFit Endurance CE Skills and Drills 15 minutes of swim skills 15 minutes of row skills Metcon (AMRAP - Rounds and Reps) AMRAP 10 minutes 75 Meter Swim 1 Deep Water MU 15 Push Press (95/65) Swim is 1 rep Metcon (AMRAP - Rounds and Reps) AMRAP 10 minutes 150 Meter Row 1 MU 15 Push Press (95/65)

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The future ❤️ #FuBarbell #CrossFit

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Don’t Fall Victim to Stealthy Sugar!

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Tonight's Invictus Endurance Team track workout: Two sets: Run 1 mile - Rest 2 minutes Run 1200M - Rest 2 minutes Run 800M - Rest 2 minutes See you at the San Diego High School Track at 6:45pm!

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Here is the Freestyle Connection Seminar tour stops for SEPTEMBER. I look forward to seeing you all there! September 6, 2014 in Minneapolis, MN at CrossFit Mendota September 7, 2014 in Denver, CO at Centennial CrossFit September 20, 2014 in Philadelphia, PA at CrossFit Ridge Ave September 21, 2014 in Medfield, MA at Reebok CrossFit Medfield Visit to register:

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"I will be at @Costco in Danville with my coauthor @tonysherbondy tomorrow Thursday the 21st from 5-7p. If you are in the area, come stop by to say hi! We will be hanging out, meeting people and signing copies of the book. Much love to everyone for the ongoing support with this project. ✌️ Photo cred: @thatschmittcray" - Carl Paoli

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You get 2 chances at Yoga this week! Join Emily this Thursday at 6:15 and again on Saturday at 11:30! Your body deserves it!

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Check out PurePharma's new video - "A Day in the Life of Lauren Fisher"!

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The new shirts are here (minus camo and pink ladies tanks) and ready! They will be at the gym in time for today's evening classes to buy them! For this week only shirts are $20 (tanks and t-shirts). Next week they will be the regular price of $25. We've got man tanks too (limited number so if you want one come get one)!

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