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CAL Pullups

Respect Your Judges…and Other Competition Reminders

My last post looked at what to do during the final week(s) before in order to prepare. For this one  I want to look at and some things to do/keep in mind during the actual competition in order to make it  as successful (and enjoyable) as possible.  1. Pack Food & Water (and lots of both) Large...
Sally's Hand

The Week Before Competition

After Regionals I made the decision to dial way back on Crossfit & focus on Olympic Weightlifting. However, I still coach/work with a number of Crossfit athletes and with more and more of them entering the Competition scene I wanted to put something together (i.e. lessons I’ve learned) in the hopes it will help …
In the Zone

Focus & Getting in the Zone

The Elusive “Zone” State If you’re an athlete chances are you know what people are talking about when they refer to being “in the zone”….That feeling you get when everything starts to flow, anything is possible and everything clicks. Except that this state doesn’t usually happen as …
Survival of the Fittest

Before you sign up to Compete…

CrossFit competitions are not hard to come by and with the increasing popularity of the sport I imagine its only going to get easier. However, they may be easy to find and a lot of people might be doing them but if you’re thinking about signing up (especially if its your first competition) there are some things...

Don’t Drop Your Squats

Squats: Using a Spotter vs Dropping the Bar When I first started lifting (and squatting) I didn’t really care whether I had a spot or not when I went for a heavy lift because I knew I could safely drop the bar if I got stuck at the bottom. Actually to be honest, I’m pretty sure I...
belly button.jpg

Putting Performance First

“Do you really want to look like that?!” Two years ago, when I was first really got into Crossfit & Olympic weightlifting one of my friends asked if I “actually wanted to look like Annie Thorisdottir“ because, she was, you know “kinda grossly ripped”. At that point I didn’t …

When the Whiteboard gets in the way of Athletic Development

Testing Frequency & Athletic Development There are a lot of things I learned at University which I have long since forgotten; however one thing I do remember is talking about testing frequency and how it can impact an individual’s ability to pick up new skills and improve. Specifically,  we looked at …
How Do You Define Progress?

How Do You Define Progress?

Often progress happens in inches and centimeters, not necessarily in leaps and bounds. Taryn Haggerstone reflects on what progress looks like for her.
The Importance of Losing

The Importance of Losing

Winning is fun, but the lessons that stay with us the longest often come from losing, when our weaknesses are revealed and we renew our resolve to improve.


by TARYN HAGGERSTONE I don’t normally think of drinking establishments as being the place to go for life advice but this bar, ‘Back Forty’, always seems to have really good sayings and this quote in particular is something I’ve always believed in – that our capacity to achieve is limitless. When it comes down …
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