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Why We Compete

Why We Compete

Wishing you had competed in this year's Open? Contributor Jennifer Charles of True Barbellion breaks down why competing matters, and how to grow from the experience as an athlete and individual.
It's Not CrossFit...

It’s Not CrossFit…

Before you give CrossFit all the credit for all the positive changes you've experienced, give yourself some credit for putting in the time and effort.

Issues With My CrossFit Box

Arrived at box for 5:30pm class. Noticed it was a bit cold. Wished I’d brought a sweatshirt. Went to bathroom. Slipped on pile of bloody entrails then saw someone had used all the toilet paper and didn’t replace the roll. Note to self: ask owners to remind people to replace toilet paper instead of just...

Freytag Fran

Yesterday was Fran Day at CFWN. To the true (nutso) CrossFitter, that means all day was Fran Day – alternating feelings of self-doubt and confidence; nausea and lightness; increased heart rate and deep breathing. It’s coming and it’s too late to improve. I mean, technically, it’s just a WOD. But …
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Thigh Pride: Bridging the Gap

When I was seven years old, my mother proudly showed me the space between her thighs as she stood with her feet together. Yes, my mother had achieved the coveted thigh gap. Even being so young, I was in awe. I couldn’t believe such a thing was possible. My thighs collided at the knees. When...

Memorial Day Murph 2014

Memorial Day Murph 1 mile run 100 pull ups 200 push ups 300 squats 1 mile run …in a 20 lb vest or body armor When I did Murph for the first time last year, I had been CrossFitting less than two months. It had been a personal challenge for me, a rite of passage...

Will Moorad: Crazy Enough

Ever heard of Will Moorad? He just took the Central East Region by storm, earning a 3rd place podium finish and his first trip to the CrossFit Games.

The CrossFit Talon Easter Throwdown – Awesome.

I left Talon’s Easter Throwdown not long after my final WOD. I was sore, tired, sweaty and chafed, and utterly disappointed. The comfortable atmosphere of CrossFitters, time clocks, and chalk had become suffocating and stale. As I threw my bags over my sunburned shoulders, I did a quick shuffle to the door. I needed …

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