My Average Wife

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My wife tells me regularly that she is “just average”, this bothers me. There is nothing about her, or anyone who CrossFits that is average. The average person does not push themselves to points of exhaustion, they do not smile in the face of misery, and if they are exposed to this circumstance, they certainly do not look forward to doing it all over again tomorrow.
Average is common, average is typical.

Last night the conversation of mediocrity was brought up because The CrossFit Games tweeted that “The average women’s score on 14.3 was 102 reps”, her score? 103. In her eyes she is average, and this tells me that there are many other men and women that consider themselves average, and even more that dwell on being below average. This is why I don’t like “Average”. The Open is amazing, it allows people to experience the competition arena on a grand scale, in their own box, with those they are comfortable with cheering them on. It also places a rank on your performance on a global level, comparing your efforts against those of the elite. I feel that this is what gets some people down, or considering themselves average or below. Our place in The Open is not just based off of similar people to you, working stiffs with family who can peel away for an hour at a time a few days a week to push themselves further than they imagine. Our rank in the Open is compared to the elite, and that is the double edged sword of The CrossFit Open. You will never see a recreational bowler or golfer compared to a touring pro. You go to the bowling alley or Golf course with friends, people like you who do not participate in that sport for a living. What you will see in The Open is how you compare against CLB or Rich Froning, and the rest of the elite athletes of our sport.

Most of you who are reading this will never compete in The CrossFit Games or at the regional level. What you will do is compete against yourself daily, and once a year you will have a chance to see how much harder you have worked compared to the rest of the world. This is why I feel The Open is such a valueable resource. It provides tangible evidence, a measure of how much more effort you put forth over the last year.

My Average Wife? She has made a 30% improvement over the field so far. I hardly consider that average.

Through 13.3 – 27th percentile
Through 14.3 – 57th percentile

So when it comes to The Open do me a favor, look at your efforts this year compared to last year and tell me how average you are. For that matter, grab a colleague at work. Anyone, the next person you see and challenge them to seven minutes of burpees and see just how average you really are.


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