Back to the Box After a Crossfit Break

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If the winter weather has kept you cooped up and less likely to head to the gym, trust us, you are not alone. But spring is right around the corner, and with it comes the promise of renewal and temperatures that actually make you want to leave the house – so doesn’t picking CrossFit back up seem like a great addition to your routine? Here are six reasons why you should get back to the box after a CrossFit break:

1. It’s Never Boring

Just going to the gym and cycling in front of a TV is nice at times, but CrossFit gives you the chance to work out and never be bored, thanks to a fast-paced, intense routine that combines elements of cardio, weight lifting, gymnastics, core training and more. You can make the workout as long or as short as you want. Either way, the quick bursts keep you moving, and they’re constantly being switched up. Isn’t variety the spice of life?

2. It Just Might Inspire You To Eat Better

When you are active in CrossFit, you see results fast, but there’s no quicker way to diminish those results than by eating junk. Now that you’ve decided to get on the healthy train, stay on it by implementing a healthy approach to food. This can include things like organic produce, hormone-free meats and nutrient-rich smoothies. Ensuring your diet is full of healthy options and free of things like sugars and processed foods can help you feel and look better – oh, and work out better, too.

3. It’s a Huge Stress Reducer

The impact CrossFit can have on stress is three-fold. One, during a workout, your mind is “in the zone” rather than focusing on your problems. Two, post-workout, you’re going to feel tired but relaxed. And three, it’s been proven, according to this article, that exercise can help reduce stress at a cellular level. Plus, let’s not forget that a solid workout can bolster your body’s ability to deal with mental strain. Sounds great, right?

4. It Can Help You Kick-start Some New Goals

As mentioned, a huge benefit of exercise is the mental boost it provides. When endorphins are released, your overall mood is improved, which just might make you feel prepared to conquer some new goals. When you’re feeling positive, you’re more likely to take action. So make a list of things you’ve wanted to do for a while, and tell yourself you can (and will) tackle them.

5. You Will Be Amazed With Your Body Again

Yes, the high-intensity interval training helps you get back in shape quickly. But how about being impressed with your body’s abilities again? The awe at having the strength to run for miles, do push-ups and pull-ups and feel more coordinated and agile is something beautiful to behold. So get there again – yes, you absolutely can do it.

6. You Will Be Proud of Yourself

Getting back in the box requires a certain amount of dedication and perseverance. It’s easy to sit on the couch and bemoan feeling out of shape or overweight, but there’s no pride in that. Put in the effort to make a change, improving your health, your mental state and your overall outlook on life. Your body will thank you!

So no matter what has been holding you back, stop making excuses and decide once and for all to do something for yourself by getting back into the CrossFit game. If the above tips didn’t fully convince you, just remember the way you felt when you were fit and full of energy. We hope to see you back in the box again soon!

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