Beach Workout: Volume 1

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Do you workout while on vacation?

-For most Americans the answer is sadly no.

We tend to use the excuse the “we’re on vacation” to let our bodies do whatever it wants. I’m going to provide you simple solutions to both eating well and a sample workout to do while soaking in the sun.

**Tips on eating well while at the beach**
1. Drink water, water and more water!
-If you choose to drink alcohol while away please alternate every drink with one glass of water. The last thing you want is to get dehydration while away from home.
2. Eat local fruits and vegetables
-This food should be locally grown, seasonal, and yummy!

Here’s a great 30 minutes workout you can do at the beach with homemade weights!

*First run to the dollar store and buy 2 children’s sand buckets for this workout. You’ll fill those buckets with the appropriate sand to make these exercises challenging.

Complete 5 rounds of the following:
-10 Inch Worms
Inch Worm
-10 Squat High Pull (with buckets)
Squat High Pull
-10 Alternating Lunges with Rotations (with buckets)
-10 Bent Rows (with buckets)
-10 Alternating Front/Side Raises (with buckets)

This workout should take 30 minutes to complete and you can always add a beach shoreline run to make this a harder and more challenging workout.


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