Bettering Your Run: The Best Luxury Running Watches in the Game

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There is jogging for the joy of being in the outdoors and to keep those extra pounds off, and then there is running to beat your personal best. Professionals in all sports industries know the importance of timing yourself and knowing how fast you are going. It is through data that you can know how you are improving and, more importantly, how you can improve. Professional sports watches are the perfect companion to keep this information on hand so that you can track it and use it to improve your personal best again and again.

You don’t need to have a mechanical watch to keep this time, either. A durable and exceptionally designed watch will suit you just fine. When choosing a luxury watch to accompany you on your running efforts, there are two things that you need to be aware of: the first is which watch is best for you, and the second is how to use that watch to its fullest capabilities. Before you can learn how to use your watch, of course, you must find the perfect luxury model for you:

The Tag Heuer Connected
This incredible timepiece is the first watch to boast an Intel core processing chip and was expertly designed through a partnership between Tag Heuer and the tech giants, Google. This watch also runs with Android Wear, meaning that users will have access to the full range of Android Wear apps, ensuring greater use and function than ever before. Enjoy voice search, maps, translation features, all accessible during your run, as well as the superior design ensuring that whether you are running a marathon, undergoing high-intensity training, or simply enjoy luxury fitness watches, the Tag Heuer Connected is your best choice. It is the first genuine Swiss-luxury smart watch, and available for purchase or financing online from the luxury watch retailer Bucherer.

The Rolex Day-Date Line
Though the Tag Heuer Connected is an incredible smart watch, meaning it offers many additional features only available through computing, and allows you to measure your heartbeat, distance, speed, and so much more. Traditional watches, however, offer accurate timekeeping that simply cannot be beaten. The epitome of accuracy and luxury is Rolex, particularly its day-date line which shows both date and time. Though you won’t be able to start a timer when you run or monitor your heartbeat, you will be following in the tradition of many infamous sportspeople throughout history. The awe-inspiring Rolex has seen the bottom of the ocean, and the top of Everest. For those who love tradition and need accurate timekeeping for their running, Rolex could be an excellent edition.

Another infamous luxury brand that has its fair share of history is Omega. This brand became the official aviation timekeeper for the Royal Flying Corps of Britain in 1917, and the American army during WW1. It is accurate and precise and boasts superior design perfect for running and any other sport due to its durable design. So, whether you are just starting out in the world of running, an experienced runner, or a multi-faceted sportsperson, you can never go wrong with luxury.

Don’t Let It Go to Waste
There are many smart-watches out there, but spending all the money in the world for the best one on the market won’t help you if you don’t know how to use it accurately. It is only when you know what each stat means, how to use the app and the smart watch, and more importantly, how to use all of that information to better your workout that you can truly make the most of any model you choose. Either obtain training from the retailer or watch and read tutorials online so that you can see firsthand what your smart watch can do. The more you know its features and how you can use it for your improved fitness, the better. If you do anything else, you will be wasting your smart watch and you’re potential.

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