Blair Morrison: 5 Reasons To Start Your Resolution Before January 1

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2.  Momentum.

It is an indisputable law of physics that an object in motion will stay in motion. The same is true with fitness. The more days you have under your belt, the easier it is to get up and go again. If you are serious about making a real change in your lifestyle for 2014, you’ll have a better chance of doing so if you hit the ground running. By the time everyone else is ready to start fresh, you will be in mid-season form.

1.  Because you can.

There will never be a better reason to exercise than this. You are a living, breathing, functioning human being with no excuses; the sooner you get out there and start acting like it the better. Your body has no concept of dates or times, so the idea that it will be easier for you to start training January 1st is plainly ridiculous. All you are doing is putting it off. Make your resolution, do your research, and get excited about starting as soon as possible.

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Let's hear about it. FYI that was a difficult day for me. -JE

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513 (8/26/14) Barbell/Strength: EMOM x 10 Even: 2 Cleans @80% Odd: 8 Strict Dips Conditioning: "Annie with a twist" 50 Double Unders 50 Sit Ups 5 Squat Snatches #115/85 40 Double Unders 40 Sit Ups 5 Squat Snatches 30 Double Unders 30 Sit Ups 5 Squat Snatches 20 Double Unders 20 Sit Ups 5 Squat Snatches 10 Double Unders 10 Sit Ups 5 Squat Snatches *Singles are 3x* *Sign up for the jump rope clinic!!!!!!!

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Going into your workday with a clear mind is just nice. Try it sometime!

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Monday workout Of the day 10 1-minute rounds of: 315-lb. deadlifts, 3 reps 60-yard shuttle sprint (5 yards, 10 yards, 15 yards) Max reps burpee Rest 2 minutes between rounds. Post number of burpees completed each round to comments.

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The Summer Paleo Challenge ends this week. How did everyone do on their personal goals? Can't wait to see the final results. Big weights poppin' lots of weight droppin'.

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New post: WOD 8.25.14

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Blog is up! Should be a great mix next week!

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The Hugo Open was a CrossFit competition held for No Excuses CrossFit members.

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Monday's WOD Ring Dip Baseline Test 3 Rounds of: 50 DU 30 Plate OH Walking Lunge (45/25) 20 Burpees to a plate

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Check out Napua!! Name: Napualokelani (Napua or Pua) Age: 37 Why did you choose to do the Powerlifting Seminar? I liked the way lifting weights made me feel as an active teenager and having not lifted on a regular basis for many years, I wanted to revisit it and get stronger. What were 3 of your goals when starting powerlifting? Gain strength, build muscle & find a new program that would enhance my overall fitness goals. Have you achieved those goals? Definitely. What type of body composition changes have you seen since starting powerlifting with CrossFit? Although I’m not as lean as I’d like to be YET, I have seen great changes in the definition of my upper arms & thighs the most. And my ass is sitting higher & tighter than it ever has in my life! What are your goals for the future in fitness, CrossFit and powerlifting? My goals for powerlifting are to get stronger, build endurance, build more muscle and perhaps compete in powerlifting events locally. I’d also be interested in encouraging women to powerlift and articulate the benefits. My main goal for CrossFit, specifically over the next year, are to attack my weaknesses, which usually involve bodyweight skills and drop weight via a combination of powerlifting and high intensity interval training (met cons). Anything else you want to add: Big Mahalo to Coach Nick for his guidance, encouragement & programming. I may have complained about certain accessory work while doing them, but trust me, it came from a place of love as I am a believer in the program. Westside Barbell’s methods are proven and #powerliftingwithnick = GAINS! It would be highly inappropriate if I didn’t also acknowledge my fellow power athletes who are all sources of inspiration to me in their own right. Keep on lifting heavy shit!!

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The fall semester for CrossFit Kids will begin September 17th and run until December 13th. New kids interested in joining our program start a week earlier, meeting on both September 10th and 13th to learn foundational movements and exercises. Here is everything you need to know: Classes are 30 minutes long Classes are held Wednesday at 4:15pm and Saturday at 10:00am (15 minutes later than in the past) Children aged 5-12 are welcome to participate. Direct questions to ONLY 4 SPOTS REMAIN...DON'T DELAY, CLICK HERE TODAY...

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If you are interested in a healthier lifestyle which includes information and support about healthy eating combined with a strength and conditioning program, stop by Intense today at 2 pm to take part in our Paleo Challenge meeting. We will discuss what "Paleo" means, the benefits of eating whole foods, and how our Challenge will work with our members. Don't wait another day to make a decision that could change your life - just DO IT!!! See you at 2 pm!

CrossFit Rubicon posted an article
CrossFit Rubicon posted an article
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“Those whom I love, I reprove and discipline, so be zealous and repent.” —Revelation 3:19

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Congratulations to our athletes who qualified to compete at the onsite Individual competition at CrossFit Beckley on Saturday, September 13th: Men's Open: Gage Hannah, Dale Childs, Kenny Hacker, and Bryan Wilson. Women's Open: Candy Wilson, Ali Gross, and Dominica Hermosilla. Women's 40+: Heather Rider, Tina Mascaro, and Misty Garlow. Men's 40+: Brian Menzies and Doug Hannah. Women's 50+: Kim Wilson and Gayla Channell Daoust. We are proud of all of our members who competed and who pushed themselves to get their first pistol, chest-to-bar pull-up, PR'd their clean and deadlift, and gave it their all! Tomorrow we look forward to "getting back to normal" with our programming as we begin test week and start our ring-dip focus.

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Today: Barbell Sunday and Open Gym.

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Sunday Funday: It's Sunday Funday!

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Big congrats to our own Lindsey and Nicole from Crossfit RVA on their victory at Team Superfit Richmond this weekend in the Female Rx division! Also, Levi and Kayla finished 13th in the Male/Female Novice, and Coard and Jess were 14th in the Male/Female Rx. Congrats to all of our CFC competitors! You make the gym proud! #ponyjacoby #crossfitchesapeake #cfcbuildschampions #firebreathingunicorns

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