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Creative Director

The Bay Area has served as a home and inspiration to my scholastic, artistic, and professional endeavors. As a scholar of the Social Sciences as well as a practicing and exhibiting photographic artist, I have acquired a unique perspective that allows me the ability to convey complex messages in creative ways.

Besides free-lance photography, my professional experience over the past five years has been as a Sales and Product Trainer within the realm of Consumer Electronics in Northern California. Explaining complex technologies to a constantly varied audience in a variety of mediums is cumbersome and requires a skilled communication practitioner to do so effectively.

I became familiarized with CrossFit through recommendations from a few peers and colleagues who knew the regiment would suit me well. Over a year later, I am not only still an avid CrossFit athlete, but have joined Tabata Times to further expand the reach of this revolutionary fitness regiment.

My role with Tabata Times is multi-faceted, but primarily focused on the manner in which our company and unique services are shared out to and with our customers and viewers. Not only do I oversee the aesthetic integrity of the site, content, and literature, I also play a big role in how our message is communicated in the CrossFit boxes themselves.

I am the jack of all trades, master of few, but above average in many.

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