Body Goals for Girls in 2017

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Being health conscious for girls is the key for a fit and toned body. Being fit is the power of a healthy body. Now a day working women have a tight schedule. They have to work hard to make time for exercise and workouts as well. It’s hard to make time to have a toned body or in shape. There is a way to do this with a bit of a management. All they have to manage their schedule. They have to make some goals for that only. Let me tell you how?

Have the perfect push-ups:

Most of the trainers couldn’t teach the perfect pushups. They only target the total of body move. All you need to learn the right way to it. Initially try to start the pushups with the knee. Doing right is a better way. You can start pushup from holding the top of it. After doing so we can start with the bottom. Just after that you can move for the eccentric part or you may say the downward movement. If you will do the pushups this way I can assure you the best output. You will be great at doing so. As a suggestion always focus on doing things right prior to just doing things. You can consider this as a first goal of yours. You will soon be a pro before you know that I am doing it right.

A first Run is all matters:

The best exercise to do is a Run. You can focus over marathons. You can run for a distance with your friends or colleagues or anyone such. Focus over the run. You can keep a target with a distance. It’s the best exercise as to do so. Make a target for distance 5000m, 10000. You can go for marathons, half marathons anything similar. Overall all you have to do is run. Running is the best way to have a toned body. The marathons are the best way to do so. The reason behind marathons is that you exercise is one profit. Other profit is you get a medal. You get other things as well with that as a motivation. A mental support is a big thing to work for that. You can also go for obstacle reace. Trust me on this the best medicine you can do for your body is running. Just make a proper plan and managed racing. Go for it as if you are the best fit for it. Be the best fit for It and you will be fit for the best.

The handstand:

You may not have thought about this but trust me on this. This is one of the best goals you can consider to achieve your target. It is core strength. If you could do this you are already a pro. It builds muscle in your arms, shoulders as well as back. It also increases proper blood circulation especially in upper part of your body. Legs are already a strong part of our body as it holds the whole body all the time. Take that away from your legs let the hand feel the responsibility. It is one of the stabilization exercises. You can do it through balancing yourself. Balancing requires so many muscles to move.

Go for Pull up:

Trust me it is a powerful weapon to have the best profit for you. All you have to this slowely balance yourself to have it properly. Do the best possible workout for this. But focus on doing it right prior to doing it only. You gains arm and core power through it. This is difficult to master. But it is a key thing. This is why exactly you should try for that. It should come from eccentric or downward keep that in mind.


You not just have to blend it with. But it is an impressive way as an output. Lifting have may seem difficult. But trust me it is a very good process to do. And an impressive way to build muscles as well. It is basically good for long run. Practicing it again and again may lead to shaped body. Three notable lifts you can do is deadlift, posterior chain. Especially hamstrings helps for alignment. You can go for even barbell.



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