Bringing Back the Garage Box

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Bringing Back the Garage Box

We are old and young, rookies and seasoned competitors. We are single and married, hopeful of losing weight and just keeping strength. 
He’s a regular guy with a regular family, and he’s roped the rest of us “regulars” in as well. His name is Dave. Though you’ve never seen him performing at Regionals or the Games, you may have seen him in the stands cheering along friends, admirers and fellow athletes. Although he appears to be behind the scenes, if you saw him, he’d stand right out – with a smaller frame, he’s packed with muscle. As my husband says, “He’s our Chris Spealler.”

Dave joined a box several years ago, but as with many of us, the cost of local CrossFit boxes went up and up and up until he could no longer afford to go. Dave commutes over an hour each way to work each day, then takes time to be with his two young daughters and wife. While they all WODed together, he and his family agreed the few extra hundred dollars could go a long way somewhere else.

“A Box Just Like Any Other”

"A Box Just Like Any Other"
So what is a family to do that wants to stay in shape, wants to CrossFit, and still wants to maintain community? Dave and the gang first grabbed jump ropes and their Reeboks and began a few quick workouts during lunch. He then thought more about this and began casually emailing friends who were interested as well. Little by little, the list of attracted athletes lengthened… and pretty soon, Dave had a whole group of CrossFitters joining him.

We are old and young, rookies and seasoned competitors. We are single and married, hopeful of losing weight and just keeping strength. We are your typical CrossFitters. Virtual CrossFitters.

Some of us WOD when our newborns nap, others WOD after work; some of us have to postpone for another day and others just follow along in the fun reading the WOD talk. The email chains are filled with jokes, snide remarks, videos that explain the importance of form and words of encouragement.
It’s a box just like any other filled with the camaraderie and challenges of WODs that make us feel good and bad all at the same time – only all of this is done outside the box.

Some of us in our little group WOD in our living rooms, some of us in our garages; some of us have to scale because we don’t have pull-up structures; and others build creative contraptions from our doors. We have birthday WODs and dedications just like every other affiliate, mobility days and programming just as precise as any other coach hoping to improve the health of his community. And there are perks – no more driving, looking for parking, waiting in line for the bathroom. No more uncomfortable looks deciding who’s taking what part of the mat or kindly asking for ownership of one side of the pull-up bar. Our equipment is ours, our space is ours and we can skip right into our garage or spread out a towel on our floor, saving hours of time each week.

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