Women’s Only: Broadening Beauty

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Women's Only: Broadening Beauty

“Why are you trying to be so large?”
“More yoga, less weightlifting.”
“You are so intimidating looking.”

Walk into a CrossFit gym and ask a group of women if they have had these comments directed to them. Guaranteed, dozens of callused hands will fly up into the air.

I used to never worry about my physical appearance. As an active and athletic child, why would I? But as those who interact with the public world know, it is only a matter of time until definitions and public influences change a person’s body peace. Being a gymnast, soccer player, sprinter and now CrossFitter, the result of lifting weights, doing multiple pull-ups and push ups — along with my genetic make-up — has left me with a broad back, thick shoulders and plenty of insecurities.

It doesn’t help that my family and even strangers mention my appearance all the time. I even recall one relative saying, “You should really stop doing this weightlifting thing; no guy is going to want a girl with bigger muscles than his.”

I am not the only one who hears these remarks. Whether it’s thick thighs, protruding traps, or all that mass on our ass… people just love to point out and how different those physical features make us. To cope, we tell ourselves, “Take it as a compliment!” or “ They are just jealous!” The speculators will insist they aren’t jealous because they don’t want to “look like that.”

To that, I say, “Perfect!”

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