How to Build the Self-Confidence of a Champion

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How to Build the Self-Confidence of a Champion
Recently I began a multi-part series about mental strength and high intensity athletic performance. These articles go over mental strength steps to take to achieve peak performance, at least from a mindset perspective.

Step 4 – Building the Self-Confidence of a Champion

[Y]ou’ve got to take control of your focus and look for all the things you are doing right.
Consistent top athletic performers have a strong level of self-confidence. They never stop believing in themselves. This self-confidence creates an almost intimidating sense of presence.

When a top athletic performer shows up, you know it! They aren’t bragging or strutting around like a peacock — they just have this vibe about them. Self-confidence is the fuel for success.

4 Mental Strength Tips to Develop a Self-Confidence Mindset

1. Pay Your Physical Dues.

Pay Your Physical Dues
If you want to perform like a champion, you must first train like a champion. You must put in the physical training first.

You have to pay your physical dues before we can even begin to talk about developing the self-confidence required for peak performance. This part takes hard work, long training practices and even extra curricular activities. You must prepare your body first to do the work so that it (your body) will follow your thoughts for peak performance.

Let me tell you that nothing worth doing is accomplished without hard work.

Do this: when you are at practice, think about what your competition is doing and then do more. If you’re not willing to pay your dues — and then some — get out now. If, however, you’re ready to push yourself physically and mentally to reach peak athletic performance, building self-confidence is essential.

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