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photoMy hand, torn and ragged, cut and bandaged, dry and cracked.

A few days ago a friend asked me if CrossFit was worth the money. For me it’s worth every penny. Before I found CrossFit I was a typical skinny guy that was getting a little chubby around the edges. I wasn’t overweight or even unhealthy but I was headed that direction and now that I was 28, I was headed there fast.

I am also just a typical average joe. I swam a bit in high school, played a couple years of football, I was decent at both but nothing special. I’m a fairly good writer but nothing to brag about, I’ve never really done anything of great importance. I have an awesome wife and two great sons, but I’m not winning any husband or father of the year awards. The only thing I can really brag about is my photographic memory… which isn’t always a good thing.

People like me get used to average. Average jobs, average pay, average car, average existence. One day I was sitting on my couch watching the CrossFit Games on ESPN and my son looked at me and said, “Are you going to do that daddy?” I laughed looked back at him and said, “No dude, I’m not strong enough and I’m too old.”


Did that really just come out of my mouth? I was 28. Out of shape. Tired. Losing.


This is not happening. I was 28. I am not too old. I may be weak but that’s temporary. I found a local CrossFit box (that’s what we call a gym) the next week.

I’ve been told you eat an elephant one bite at a time so I started slow. For the first couple of months I started going 2 times per week and honestly that’s all my body could take at the time. My first WOD (workout of the day) was “Death by 10 meters” basically your first minute you run 10 meters your second minute, 20 meters, 3rd minute, 30 meters and so on until you could not complete the amount of meters required in a minute span. Sounds easy? Go try it. I almost puked. It was rough. But I finished to high fives and “Awesome job’s” from my coaches and other athletes. I failed to complete the sprints in the time allowed but they treated me like I just won the race.

I had found it. This is what I was looking for. You see, in reality I wasn’t average, I was a loser. I was a loser because I was losing. In life you can’t stay average, you are building up or you are tearing down. I was torn down. I had thrown in the towel. I had died, my body would catch up in about 40-60 years. But with the little bit of strength I had left, I found what I was looking for and I began to win.

I heard a line in a movie, “Losing is a disease.” That’s 100% true. The antidote, winning. When you start to win in one area of our life it spreads through your veins. It’s life giving, hope giving and deeply needed to have a great human existence. When I started to win the battle against my own body I wanted to start winning at everything I did. It’s been life altering.

So back to the “is it worth the money” question. Between fast food and coffee I spend way more than the cost of a CrossFit membership. I decided I’d rather pay to live than pay to slowly die.

I will continue to write about my CrossFit journey because the first rule of CrossFit is that you ALWAYS talk about CrossFit!

Disclaimer: Obviously God is my ultimate hope giver but I also believe He put CrossFit in my path to redirect my life.

THANK YOU to Jose for taking the time to talk to me that day I wandered into the box searching for something. Thank you to Marcos for having the dream to open you own CrossFit Box and thank you to Brenden for pushing me faster and heavier than I thought I could go. DON’T STOP.

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