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Medical store near your house is the most convenient place to buy medicine. If you find that the store runs out of stock of medicine which you where using you where still to take medicine for few more days. Then the best and most convenient place to get the medicine immediately is pharmacy mall. Online pharmacies are the places where you can order the medicine you require at the most convenient time of your choice.

Why online purchase of medicines?
There are many significant advantages which online stores have over offline pharmacy, which are as follows:
Purchase of rare herbal medicine: You have the entire online world at your feet. You can search for the rare herbal medicines, which provide cure to many chronic diseases. Once you have finalized the herbal product of your choice then you can search for the best online shop. Order the product and you will have the product delivered at your door step. You cannot have this rare advantage from your nearby medicine shop.

Save taxes: You have the benefit of saving taxes when you purchase from the online medical store. Thus, you get an added advantage of saving more money on medicine other than the discounts and deal offers given by the medical store.

Free consultation: This is the unique benefit of shopping medicine from the online medical shop. As you can have the advantage of consulting the pharmacist, on the medicines prescribed, by your consultant. You can have his opinion, regarding the medication and that too without any charges.

Records of patients are stored: When you purchase medicine from online store, your prescription details are stored. These details are used for refilling of medicines and you can refer to your previous records for further medication. This advantage you cannot have from your nearby medical store as they just provide you the medicine you ask from them.

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