Can’t Eat Healthy On a Budget? With These 8 Hacks You Can!

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The “price of healthy food” debate has been raging for awhile. There is a common belief that you can’t eat good food when you don’t have the money to go all-natural, grass-fed and organic. This leads to many people throwing up their hands and making unhealthy choices. It is true that a $5 pizza seems like a better deal than some of the foods in the produce aisle, so arguing the point can get a bit heated.

Don’t worry, buying healthy foods for you and your family is possible on any budget. Here are eight hacks to help you the next time you are planning a shopping trip.

1) Keep a Plan and Follow It

This is one of the hardest habits for people to get into when they are trying to improve their shopping budget. But it really works, and takes less effort than you might fear. Every month sit down and write down a plan for each week. Keep track of what items will expire first, and use them to reduce waste.

2) Get a Bulk Membership

Bulk stores are a great way to reduce the amount you are paying per serving, and so reduce you monthly spending. They have large bags of frozen veggies, fresh produce, meat, whole grains, and dairy at great prices. The annual membership is worth it, especially if you have a larger family.

3) Find Local Farmer’s Markets

Farmer’s markets are a gem for getting a good deal. Plus, shopping local provides fresh food that supports local businesses and farms. Some places will have year round indoor farmer’s markets, such as Sprouts or other stores.

4) Stay Away From Big Brands

Did you know that many big name brands come out of the same factories as generics brands sold by grocery stores? You can save a ton of money every month by going generic, and there is rarely much (if any) difference in quality.

5) Get Coupons, Sign Up For Deals

Coupons are a must, and with apps like Ibotta and sites like RetailMeNot, it is easy to find them. Also, you can sign up for shopper’s cards for special deals. For example, Kroger stores offer a free item every Friday, as well as customized coupons based on what you buy (I used a $5 off $50 purchase coupon just this afternoon).

6) Eat Before You Shop

If you are hungry, you will make bad shopping choices. That is a no-brainer. Eat before you go.

7) Write a List Every Time

It is so easy to go off script when you are shopping, especially with those signs proclaiming deals on items you wouldn’t have bought in the first place. So jot down a list and make sure you aren’t missing anything on it.

8) Keep Lists Of Items, and Receipts

When I go shopping I put a list on the fridge of everything inside of it, and how much. When something is used, that list is changed and put onto another list showing it has to be replaced. I also keep an envelop of receipts for the past two months on the fridge, to keep track of spending.

See? Easy, practical, and you get good, wholesome food for less!

Kevin Jones has mastered a busy lifestyle with work and fitness combined with family life. He writes offering solutions for personal fitness and time management as well as keeping families fit together by utilizing activities and diet. You can read more of Kevin’s writings by connecting with him online; LinkedInTwitter

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