Why You Can’t Stick To Your Workout

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by Michael Branch

It is a lot easier to sit on your … couch, then to get up and move.

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Why is it so hard for some (maybe you) to find motivation to hit the box? You know you should, you’ve heard about all the benefits, and you tell someone at least once a week or two “yeah, I need to get back in the gym.” But when the rubber hits the road (or should I say when the butt hits the couch) you opt to do something else … what gives?

In my experience here are three general excuses for such exercise procrastination and how to fix them:

But seriously though…

1) You haven’t found YOUR motivation

Everyone’s reasons for wanting to get in shape are not the same, and until you find yours it will continue to be difficult to get the motivation to work out.

Some common motivators include aesthetics (wanting to have your body look a certain way), attraction (closely tied to aesthetics, you want to look a certain way to attract potential suitors), overall health, increasing your life span, sports participation, job requirements (e.g., police officers, firefighters, etc.), to fit into your clothes, and the list goes on and on.

You might not care at all about increasing your lifespan, but you desperately want to attract that girl who is into ripped guys. If this is the case, own it!

I can tell you that ultimately this isn’t a long term proposition, but who cares. If it gets you moving than we can fix your source of motivation later!

Point is, don’t just workout because someone tells you to – you should do it for your own reasons. But in order to find that reason you will need to be at least somewhat acquainted with the benefits of working out. Chances are you are already well aware.

Make your goals VERY specific, and try and attach some imagery to them.
Instead of just following everyone else’s motivation for working out, keep reminding yourself of yours. Post pictures, quotes, subscribe to blogs, whatever it is you need to do to constantly remind yourself of your goals and why. Make your goals VERY specific, and try and attach some imagery to them.

So next time instead of thinking about how working out “improves your health,” picture yourself happy and fit as a grandparent, able to play in the park with your grandchildren without getting winded.

2) Workout selection

This might indeed be one of the most easily fixed of all workout excuses. As CrossFitters, the constantly varied nature of our everyday WODs is awesome BUT even this variation gets old. Express your fitness by finding activities outside the box that you love to do.


Exercise doesn’t have to be boring.

The point is to just move. Find something that you enjoy that gets you moving. Examples include:

Team Sports (basketball, football, soccer, tennis, etc.)
Extreme Sports (rollerblading, freerunning, skateboarding, biking, skiing, rockclimbing, etc.)
Running (of all kinds, including distance running and trail running)
Calesthenics (bodyweight exercises are becoming increasingly popular)
Martial arts

Obviously the duration and frequency of your chosen exercise will need to be adjusted based on your level of fitness.

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