Care and Maintenance of Your Galvanic Ultrasound Machine

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A Crash Course in Fyola Facial Massagers

There is really only one facial galvanic ultrasound machine on the market that is available to consumers and that is the Fyola Facial massagers. It is the first hand held unit that combines the technologies of galvanic and ion waves in one unit.

The unit was invented in Japan and many studies and clinical experiments to do with it’s effect on the skin were conducted in Hiroshima University in Japan.  The experiments found that using a hybrid massager like this greatly increases the skin’s ability to absorb nutrients. For instance the machine facilitated forty times more absorbed pro-vitamin C on the inner layer of the skin and thirty times more for the outer layer.  This study ultimately pronounced once and for all that the Fyola facial massager is far more effective than using just an ultrasound machine on its own.

How Do You Tell If It is Broken?

One of the unique things about the Fyola massager is that it emits a vibration so rapid that it cannot be felt or seen. Many people feel nothing at all as they hold the unit next to their skin. This begs the question – “How can you tell if the unit is doing anything at all?”

There is a way to test the unit and make sure that it is not broken you can turn it on and drop a bit of water on it’s head. The ultrasonic waves emitting from the unit will cause it to the droplets to jump and vaporize into a mist right before your eyes.

Taking Care of Your Fyola Unit

The Fyola Facial Massager costs you roughly $300 to buy so you want to take very good care of it. It is quite an investment, but one that is well worth it when you take into consideration all of the money you are going to save on anti-wrinkle creams just by using this unit for a couple of mintues every day.

The first thing you need to realize is that it is not waterproof. You can’t clean it by dumping it in a sink and you should avoid rinsing it in water. It is best to wipe the unit free of any serums or lotions that you have been using with it.  You can’t use it in the shower!

You should also avoid using heavy creams with the Fyola facial massager as this can clog the unit. As the machine is so efficient at pushing nutrients into your skin you should also be aware that too much cream applied to the skin in this manner can also clog your pores!

It is a good idea to use it in conjunction with the special Fyola gel that comes with it. It is only costs fourteen dollars on most websites that sell it. This is because the gel can help deliver the galvanic and ultrasound waves beneath the skin so that your complexion is glowing again.  Using products meant for the machine, will also help extend it’s life!

Galvanic Treatment, Ions and Improvement In Mood

Ions Make You Feel Good

Have you ever noticed how great you feel after a treatment with a galvanic massager at a salon?  An increased feeling of well-being is common for most people whether they had a facial treatment or a body treatment with one of these units. Nowadays the latest in this technology is a hybrid machine that combines both ultrasound and ionic galvanizing treatment in a single unit.

The reason you feel good is because you are being treated with negative ions. Negative ions have the same “feeling in the air” as before a rainstorm.  They just make you feel good.

What Happens During Galvanic Treatment?

Whether you get treatment at a spa or use a home unit like the Fyola Facial Massager (which is actually a combination of ultrasound and galvanic treatment) the process is the same.

The galvanic current in the unit brings about chemical and physical changes in your skin.  Your brain and other senses will pick up on the positive sensations of these changes as well.

First of the skin is put through a process of desincrustation. This negative ions serve to cleanse and remove oils from the skin as well as allow the penetration of solutions and serums that may have been applied to the screen. This is a way of “decongesting the skin” that also feels quite pleasant.  It helps improve circulation and skin color. Many people emerge from these treatments with a pinker, fresher tone to their skin.

The process of introducing active water soluble substances into the skin stimulates circulation and circulation. It also stimulates the nerve endings in the skin causing you to feel more alert and refreshed.

As the treatment progresses with the galvanic unit the nerve endings in the skin are stimulated and the skin pores are opened. This produces a healthy alkaline reaction in the skin.

The Ion Effect Explained

Aside from the truly practical effect of improving the way your skin looks and getting rid of wrinkles using a galvanic unit can help cheer you up. This is called the Ion Effect and several authors have written books about this.

The generation of negative ions into the atmosphere are claimed to have a beneficial effect on health and mood.  Positive ions can cause discomfort, headache and nausea.

In nature we experience negative ions near waterfalls or before rainstorms. Toxic positive ions tend to cluster in man-made atmospheres such as office cubicles or around fluorescent lighting.  The hypothesis is that after we are exposed to these ions, even in a limited way as we are when we use a hand held galvanizing facial unit like Fyola, our brain chemicals are affected. Serontonin is produces which in turn causes changes in our endocrine, neurovascular and metabolic systems. High concentrations of serontonin put you in a relaxed state and a positive mood.

Some studies have even suggested that these treatments zap bacteria and viruses! In the case of the galvanic ionizer the positive ions are injected right into the skin! No wonder some people feel euphoric after a treatment!

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