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Engaging The Glutes

Why We Must Squat

Squats are super important and quite beneficial. Here are some of the key reasons why you need to incorporate squatting into your training program.
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CrossFit for the “Unfit” CrossFitter

When I tell people that I CrossFit, I see that little look of disbelief, that "you??", flash in their eyes. It's gone quickly enough, and luckily I haven't yet come across anyone rude enough to say it out loud.
Ask The Doc: Hinge The Hips!

Ask The Doc: Hinge The Hips!

When it comes to elite performance and power development, the hips are key. Posterior chain development is dependent on the ability to hip hinge properly.

How to Improve Your Ring Dips

If you have struggled through a WOD like "Elizabeth" that involves lots of ring dips, you have probably asked yourself, "What are these and why am I doing them right now?" Learn how to improve your ring dips and gain a new appreciation for what gymnasts do every day, too.
The Top Ten Mistakes CrossFitters Make

The Top Ten Mistakes CrossFitters Make

Talayna Fortunato is not only a physical therapist with a CrossFit habit - finishing 5th and 3rd at the last two CrossFit Games, respectively - but she also has some sage advice for everyday CrossFit athletes.
10 Lessons You Should Unlearn (in Life and in CrossFit)

10 Lessons You Should Unlearn (in Life and in CrossFit)

We learn a lot of lessons along the way in life - some good, some not so good. Martha Beck of Oprah Magazine has a great list of 10 Life Lessons You Should Unlearn, and it turns out that almost all of them are directly applicable to CrossFit training as well.
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