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Women’s Only: Ashley N. Cline

After over-indulging during her pregnancy, find out how Ashley N. Cline is working to improve her toddler's nutrition one bite at a time -- a familiar challenge for many parents today.

What the Fuzz: Myofascial Anatomy

As CrossFit continues to develop as a sport and a lifestyle, the complementary rehabilitation aspect of fitness must grow as well. In Part I of this series, learn how and why myofascial release works in addition to how it can benefit you as an athlete.

Jeff Fuhring

Jeff, a former DI college soccer player, is a fierce competitor who uses his mental toughness to crush WODs and push his clients as well.

Vicky Herana

Vicky is a corporate fitness manager who has used CrossFit to broaden her knowledge in training others. Ask her about her hook grip, too.

Amado Burgos

Amado learned about CrossFit from none other than his fellow trainer friends and learned to love it... but he does not (yet?) love burpees.

Nutrition MythBusters

Conventional wisdom teaches us many "facts" about food & nutrition, yet every individual is different and has a body with unique needs. Read on for some food for thought -- pun intended.

You Don’t Know Squat…

Squatting is a fundamental movement in life. Get out your notebook and start jotting down some helpful hints on how to do it better, starting right now.

The Power of Power Cleans

Besides the power snatch, no other movement develops the kind of hip explosion which is so important to the development of an athlete. Read on to learn better mechanics that will help you master the power clean.

Women’s Only: Ashley N. Cline

Ashley N. Cline, pregnant mother of one, currently blogs about her experiences CrossFitting and trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle during her second pregnancy. Today she shares what she has learned at the halfway point.
CrossFit Apparel

Maintaining Perspective on CrossFit

Ultimately, CrossFitters want to be good at life, not just good at being fit. Here, several elite athletes share their wisdom on maintaining a healthy perspective on how handling physical challenges can translate to pushing toward greater life goals.

CrossFit Mental Training

Great athletes and champions are often hailed as having outstanding mental toughness, inside or outside of the box, on or off the field of play. The good news is that you do not have to be born this way; you can develop and improve your own level of mental toughness.

Scaling with a Purpose

Are you scaling workouts properly? How do you know when you're scaling too much or not enough? Scaling is an art, not an exact science.
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After the Triple 3s Event, Josh Bridges sits in 3rd overall, with Camille LeBlanc-Bazinet in 2nd and Lauren Fisher sits in 10th. Meet the Sea of Green in Section 100 if you haven't done so already for the next Team Event - Frantasyland with Big Bob!

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The Men's Individual Friday Events kick off today at 10:00 am with the Triple 3 Event! All of the athletes will be in one heat, so don't forget to cheer on our amazing Invictus Male Athletes: Josh Bridges Jeff Evans Jacob Heppner Emmanuel Maldonado

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The 2014 Reebok CrossFit Games are upon us. Hooray! The interwebs will be ablaze with bandwidth...
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