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How Do You Define Progress?

How Do You Define Progress?

Often progress happens in inches and centimeters, not necessarily in leaps and bounds. Taryn Haggerstone reflects on what progress looks like for her.
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The 2014 Reebok CrossFit Games are upon us. Hooray! The interwebs will be ablaze with bandwidth...
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The dip bars should be here tomorrow, and we just placed an order for some more ladies bars! Gonna make yall strong!!!!

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THROWBACK THRUSDAY! Jess T. with BACK TO BACK parking tickets she received last month! HAHAHA! Sometimes the gamble of not putting in change in the parking meter doesn’t pay off. #Throwbackthursday #tbt #CFSD #Barbarella #Ifoughtthelawandthelawwon #alwayshavesparechangeonyou #aquartergetyou30mins

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THROWBACK THURSDAY! Bill B. maxing out on Clean & Jerks at The Battle of The Barracks II in August 2013. We also want to give him a very special shout out for donating a brand new drum fan to the gym! We are truly speechless at the generosity of this man. When you see this gentle giant at the gym, please be sure to give him a handshake, pat on the back, and a hug! THANK YOU, BILL!! #Throwbackthursday #tbt #TEAMCFSD #niceandcoolintheafternoon #someoneisboundtohogthefan

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I wish I had a swimming pool…

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