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How to Prep for a Burpee

How to Prep for a Burpee

No matter how you feel about burpees, knowing how to prep properly can help you move more efficiently. Coach Kelly & Coach Carl lead the way.
Muscle Spotlight: Posterior Tibialis

How to Strengthen Your Arch

The posterior tibialis muscle has many functions, including help create the arch of your foot. Strengthen your arch to improve the way you move now.
Ask the Doc columnist Mike Chin demonstrating sampson stretch

Stretching Those Quads

CrossFit reveals our range of motion deficits. Fortunately, muscle length and flexibility can be changed and will adapt from daily mobility work.
physical therapy_thumb

Ask the Doc: PTs to the Rescue

Among the many barriers to any fitness goal, inefficient movement is the worst. Let us re-introduce you to our PT team, who strives to educate the community about proper maintenance of the muscles and joints.
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