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Training: How Do You Know if It's Working?

Training: How Do You Know if It’s Working?

Regardless of what we are training for, we need to know whether or not our training is working. How do we do that? We test, then re-test. The test needs to be simple, reliable, easily replicated, and relatable to the sport (1). Examples of tests would be a 40-yard dash in football, a vertical jump...
Coaching Roundtable: CrossFit Open 15.2 Tips & Advice

Coaching Roundtable: CrossFit Open 15.2 Tips & Advice

15.1 is on the books, and now it’s on to 15.2 … which turns out to be 14.2 all over again! Some athletes are going to be fired up and some are not. Read what our all-star coaching roundtable has to say before you tackle this nasty workout (and hopefully demonstrate your improved fitness over...
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