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Unbeatable Bedding for an Unbeatable Sleep

What’s actually a bed all about? That is a question that you’ll ask if there is some problem sitting in your subconscious. And that IS an important question! You need to know the make of the bed because it is what decides the quality of your sleep. Sleep better with eco-friendly silk comforter sets and...

One statement that will eradicate all your questions and doubts

I have been asked on numerous occasions, if I was allowed to give only one piece of advice to people, what would it be? If there is one thing the health and fitness industry is not lacking, it is information; endless amounts of confusing and controversial information! On any given day there are thousands of articles …

Few Foods that reduce inflammation in your body

Inflammation is a problem that affects most of the people nowadays. This article gives you an idea of foods that can reduce inflammation in the body. When there is an inflammation, chemicals from the white blood cells are released into the blood or affected tissues. The release of chemicals will raise the blood flow to...

The Five Stages of Loss in Competition

During completion (especially during the Open), there are times when giving our best doesn’t guarantee a win. The problem is that no matter what we are doing, there is always someone who is faster, stronger or has more drive. When a loss occurs, we take it personally and begin the grieving process of the loss,...

Making the Impossible Possible: My Journey to a Strict Pull-up

By Hilary Wiebe Well, I’ve done it. After months of hard work, frustration, and tears, I achieved the dream: I got my strict pull-up. This was a moment I’d dreamed about almost since Day One of CrossFit. It’s something I worked on day in and day out for almost a year and a half. It’s...
Sticking the Landing

Sticking the Landing

Making substantive life changes is never easy, but it inevitably begins and ends with an attitude adjustment for the better. What will you change today?

Shedding Excess Weight and Staying Trim After 30

In your younger years, you were able to eat whatever you wanted with wild abandon and never gain a pound. If a particular entrée agreed with your palette, you had no qualms about going up for seconds, thirds or even fourths. After all, if you enjoyed the taste of something, why not eat your fill?...
Got Control?

Got Control?

Being a good athlete isn't always about going HAM. Contributor Missy Berkowitz explains why using body control is important and necessary.

The “10 Commandments” of Fitness and Health

by Randall Gillespie, December 26th 2014 Introduction I’m a fairly observant person, and I enjoy grouping people based on certain characteristics. This is all too easy in the world of fitness and health. We have the unhealthy, overweight and unfit, who always demonstrate certain traits together; on the other end of …

Upper Cross Syndrome: Learning To Recognize and Correct The Issue

Last blog I discussed lower cross syndrome and how it wreaks havoc on athlete’s low back.  You can check that blog out here:  Lower Cross Syndrome.  This week we are discussing the upper body version of lower cross syndrome….appropriately coined Upper Cross Syndrome by Vladimir Janda.  I want to preface …
Why You Shouldn’t Go Rx

Why You Shouldn’t Go Rx

Why are you in such a hurry to go Rx? "Don't try to be elite before you're elite," writes Contributor Ernesto Benavides. Heed his sound advice here.

Paleo Disillusioned

“Only 4.5 grams!” exclaims my wife, Kristen, upon reading the amount of fat on the wrapper of a birthday cake flavored Pop Tart.  The thin foil wrapping crinkles as its opened. She breaks off a piece of the kaleidoscope colored pastry and inspects it before stuffing it into her mouth.   Her eyes widen in …

The Four “C’s” of Mental Strength

Before we get into the four “C’s” of mental strength, let’s look at what mental strength is: Mental strength is the capacity for an individual to deal effectively with stressors, pressures and challenges and perform to the best of their abilities irrespective of the circumstances in which they find …
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