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Why I CrossFit

Why I CrossFit

So many of us start CrossFit to look better and find out that the strength gains and confidence extend far beyond the gym.
High Performance Muscle Building

4 Key Essentials for Building Muscle Quickly

We know that many athletes attend the gym to increase their muscle mass; well, it is not easy, but it can be a little easier if you follow the advice I give you here. You will not gain muscle mass if you train erratically or listless. The creation of muscle mass is a slow process...

Medical marijuana: An amazing medical solution for many conditions

Cannabis and its use have been illegal for a long time and many have been incarcerated for possession or use. Of late, many state governments have realized the potential of marijuana to solve some medical conditions that have been problematic for years on end. Today, you can get relief from the following conditions among …

From the barre to box

Sometimes while leading a fitness class, I tell people to plié. I mean squat, of course. But the dancer in me had to be schooled. For over 30 years, I’ve been a dancer. I’ve endured countless plié-releves at the barre. I can shuffle off to buffalo with (some of) the best of them in my...
Why Am I Doing This?

Why Am I Doing This?

It's important to step back and look at the bigger picture to understand your motivation for training. It's not just about PRs.

Why Magnesium For CrossFit?

Constantly deficient  in magnesium = performing at very low intensity. Magnesium deficiency ranges from about 7% in the general population to as high as 60% in the post-op intensive care population, and around 20-25% in diabetic populations (2). Exercise, especially exercise that requires 90% of one’s max effort …
bodybuilding for love

Oxytocin helps you find your true love

Love is blind and there is a reason why people say that. When we find our perfect companion, we are willing to give ourselves to that person without question. Although we have a perfect man or female envisioned in our head, it usually happens that we don’t end up with that kind of a person....


Picture this. You are at the box. You are rolling out and have the perfect view of everyone in the class before yours. You notice someone struggling with a front squat as his/her chest is so far forward making it almost impossible to stand back up. Or maybe you notice someone doing ring rows with...

“It’s the little things”

Two of my mentors, and two of the finest Athletic Trainers I had the privilege of working with, had a saying, “It’s always about the little things”.  Charlie Thompson and George O’Neill, the head and associate athletic trainers at Princeton University probably said this on a daily basis.  Not only when referring …

ALERT: A crossfit gym that does not get people hurt

Is it really true. Does crossfit unicorn exist. What is a unicorn you ask? Well, in this context, it is not a bisexual person who is willing to join an existing couple (as defined by the urban dictionary). The unicorn is the crossfit gym that does not get people hurt and delivers on its promise:...

Add Tabata Treadmill Time To Your Circuit

The days where running for double digit minutes to change your body are long gone. Fitness today is all about hard work, short time and the same lasting resulting. Hard because you need to work hard to get results in anything you do. Short time because, let’s face it, you’re busy. Work, CrossFit, meals, family,...

Gear Review: Hylete Icon XL Backpack

You might think you don’t need the Transformer of gym bags, but you’d be wrong. The Hylete Icon XL Convertible Backpack is probably the closest any athletic company will get to building a gym bag that is the equivalent of a Swiss Army knife. Hylete has had a couple of iterations of this bag, most...
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