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Exertion Headaches: What are They and How to Prevent Them

By Colin McKenna, CPT Fourteen, fifteen, I was close. Only five reps away from finishing a moderate set of 20 unbroken push presses. The end is in sight, sixteen, seventeen. I dip and drive for my eighteenth rep when it hits me, a sharp piercing pressure rips through the back right quadrant of my skull....

Your Key To A Killer Morning Tabata Workout

You wake up and the first thing on your mind is how great today is going to be. Your routine has been pretty set these past few months so you know what to expect and most importantly you know how to make your day better than yesterday. The goal is always to be stronger and...

Where You Are Now: A Better Definition Of Success

Where Are You Now? Blame Is About The Past. Responsibility Is About The Present And Future “Success is doing the best you can with what you have where you are.” Mark Batterson, pastor, National Community Church, Washington, D.C. Reading this quote, a modified version of the famous Zig Ziglar saying, hit me …
Supplement Review: Xwerks Grow

Supplement Review: Xwerks Grow

Nutrition surrounding the training window is one of those topics that you can never really escape if you regularly coach or train with others. After you answer the usual questions about pre-workout intake, you’ll then either discuss intra-workout or post-workout intake. Luckily, since post-workout has been more of the …

Step Up Your Tabata Training, Don’t Forget Your Sprints

When you tabata train, the goal is to push yourself as hard as you can from start to end. That short burst of hard energy mixed with a light recovery helps reshape your body and conditions it to go the distance. If you’re doing tabata training on the treadmill, one area you might have been...

Overtraining and the Immune System

For the majority of exercise enthusiasts over-training will never be a concern because it actually takes a lot of physical work, and may include pushing through exercise with pain, soreness, and stiffness to become overtrained. Generally speaking, overtraining may occur more frequently in people who are very untrained and …
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How Sitting Too Much Could Impact Your Workout Posture

During exercise, posture is a huge part of your workout. If you adopt a poor stance for a particular exercise, then you may not be isolating the appropriate muscles. More importantly, you may actually be damaging your body. Honestly, though, we probably don’t need to explain any of this to you. What is surprising …

5 Shortcuts That Don’t Make Us Better

One of the biggest temptations in CrossFit is to compare ourselves to those around us and do everything possible to give the impression that we are elite. Taking shortcuts whether on a trip, or at a job always seems enticing, but can we really get ahead by doing less? The risk vs. reward may be...

4 Ways Fish Oil Benefits Your Joints

We’ve all heard the crunching sounds echoing across the gym when someone attempts their first squat of the day and thought, “ooooh that can’t be good”. If you CrossFit long enough, or really do any physical activity long enough you will experience a sore shoulder, achy knee, or stiff low back. Or a …

EMOMs & Skill Development

Using EMOMs is one structure to help you work on weaknesses and/or get in extra skill practice in a timely way. Taryn Haggerstone breaks it down.
Acceptance + the Aging Athlete

Acceptance + the Aging Athlete

"I’m 45 today. I want to be fit and healthy. I want to belong to a community filled with young and old who share the same feelings about fitness. I want to cheer and be cheered on, when in the midst of seemingly impossible physical challenges."

Take a Hybrid Approach to Training and Reap Huge Rewards

All forms of training are effective for one reason or another. Bodybuilding, power lifting, endurance training, plyometrics and agility work all have their place. They all improve performance, composition and functionality or a combination of each. So, it’s a no-brainer that combining all of these into a comprehensive …
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