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Five reasons to choose early morning workouts

  Yeah, I hear you – you’re not a morning person. You can’t get out of bed that early. Bullshit. Early morning workouts are great for a lot of reasons. Here are five: 1. Motivated counterparts. If you go to a 6 a.m. class, you can be sure that the other athletes there are going...
WOD Recovery Yoga for Rowing

WOD Recovery Yoga for Rowing

Whether you realize it or not, rowing can be very taxing on your whole body. Steph Ring offers recovery yoga poses to help you get right for the next day.

The “rEvolution” of ME – Not Fitness

Fitness it’s something that constantly changes, both in our internal bodies as well as the pressures from the external world. In the 70′s The running craze and Joe Weiders “Home Gym” – Running became cool and people were pumping iron in their own homes In the 80′s Jazzercize and Jane …

5 things I learned from Strength training

Just over two years ago, I started training at a gym that provides Strength & Conditioning training. Since then, I’ve swung more kettlebells, done more push-ups and lifted more weights than ever before. Every week, I sign up for at three strength and conditioning classes. And I love every minute of them. Admittedly …

A Case for Training Without Adrenaline

You’re standing at your bar, and you have that sick, nauseous feeling in the bowels of your gut. It’s the day to challenge your Fran time, and you put 115 on your bar like a boss. The timer says ten seconds, and tiny beads of sweat form on your fingertips through layers of chalk. Five...
Bodyweight Certification

What to look for when choosing a new coach

My personal view on this is that qualifications aren’t the key to finding a good coach, at the end of the day a piece of paper to say that someone has attended a course or passed a written exam don’t make someone a good coach. Ultimately experience counts for everything, not necessarily years of experience...

Size Doesn’t Matter

From the time I was 10 years old I have been aware of my size. I have always known how much I weigh and what size I am wearing. Sometimes it has been a bit of obsessive (read: all of the time it has been a bit obsessive). I have always worked out, watched what...

How Does Acupuncture Help Weight Loss?

One of the common problems being faced by many people today is obesity. Too much consumption of junk foods, sedentary lifestyle and no exercise are the major causes of obesity. Obesity does not just affect your physical look, but it also gives rise to various health problems. Hence, it is suggested by doctors to maintain...

How To Use Your Senses To Improve Athletic Performance

Stop! Now think about what you were just thinking about. Strange question, right? Go ahead, you’ll see where this leads, stop and think about what you were just thinking about. For a majority of people, their thoughts are all over the place. Maybe you were thinking about the game last night or what to have...

Don’t Let Your Training Become Routine

I hate making decisions. It’s a character flaw I want to change, but it works out well in that I’m usually up for anything. So when my friends at my box invited me to start Competitors Training, I was all in. When they invited me to do the LSU Shreveport Weight Lifting program, I was...

Olympic Style Lifting and the Pursuit of Perfection

“The Pursuit of Perfection,” I use this saying to describe what we are trying to achieve and/or should be achieving with our weightlifting movements. As CrossFitters and/or Weightlifters we are trying to be flawless. However we may never get there; this is not the end of the world and it is alright, half of the...
Is the Gym Your Therapy?

Is the Gym Your Therapy?

Do you use CrossFit as a form of stress relief? Amanda Stewart discusses 3 easy ways to tell if you're using CrossFit as your therapist.
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