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Tabata training on a spin bike

Everyone wants to look fit and perfect and for that, they opt different things. There are various training and exercises that you can do, however, it’s very important to get perfect knowledge about the whole procedure that you need to follow. One of the most helpful exercises that can make you fit is cycling! You...
Stop Believing Lies Health is More Important than Size!

Stop Believing Lies – Health is More Important than Size!

Many people are flooded with bad advice when it comes to weight loss, such as stop eating carbs, skip dinner, and substitute you main meals with a protein shake.And, don’t get me wrong; some of these tips work for some people, but what most people really fail to understand is that:

Hindu pushups. Technique and Benefits

Hindu pushups is an exercise that has been used by Indian wrestlers for centuries to build functional upper body strength and stamina. Aside from its strength and endurance building benefits this exercise also increases flexibility of your spine, hips and shoulders. Combined with deep breathing hindu pushups also develop …
balanced diet, cooking, culinary and food concept - close up of different foodstuffs on table

Foods to Eat While You’re in Recovery

Foods to Eat While You’re in Recovery We all know how important good nutrition is. But choosing the right food can be vital during your addiction recovery. Here’s a list of the best ones for you.

Step Up Your Conditioning by Training on Hills

Every dedicated or competitive runner looks for ways to improve their speed and endurance. One of the simplest ways of improving both is to incorporate hill sprints. Runners often forego hill training because, to many, it seems rather difficult. You will find, though, that hill training offers undeniable benefits that make …

Depression & Anxiety – the best medicine?

Medication versus therapy The subject of mental health, particularly depression and anxiety, is a difficult thing to tackle. Doctors have their training knowledge, your friends will have their own opinions and you might be unsure of what you need. The view on meds/drugs versus therapy is a commonly bought up subject and …

Know more about Modafinil and who can use it?

Thanks to modern technology and advance medical science now you don’t have to worry if you are going to wake up for long time. There are so many peoples who take so many caffeine contains substances that not only harm their mind but also affect bad on their overall health. Consuming such things can be...

Filagra 50: A Soothing Relief from Erectile Dysfunction

Suffering from erectile dysfunction is possibly the most demoralizing situation for men regardless of their religious, social, political and economic status. Do you know that a large number of relationship breakups are caused by erectile dysfunction even in the 21st century! Needless to say, it is the most demeaning as …

The Dangers of Sleep Deprivation

Getting a good night’s rest is important for our overall health and well-being. Sleep can help us to improve our immune system, stay focused at work or school, feel more energised, and fight depression. Because sleep provides us with so many benefits, when we are unable to get the required amount of sleep our bodies...

Sleep is Important for Exercise

If you are a person who has been working out for a while or if you’re getting in shape for the first time, you need to understand how important it is to sleep. Sleeping is the unsung hero of fitness. If you are doing it properly, you will probably spend about one-third of each day...

Want Bigger, Muscular Arms? Do these Weight Exercises

A continuous debate that is found taking place everywhere is the decision between weight and weight lifting exercises. We’ve heard several experts saying that we must opt between these two. And, some say that bodyweight activities are better when the goal is to get stronger arms. But, I don’t accept this! I would say …

Increase muscle mass: 6 basic tips

If you are training and hard work so that your body has a better shape, know how to gain muscle mass can help you. Only by following the right steps, you will strengthen your muscles and improve on their size and structure. Therefore, when you train or eat, you have to take into account these...

That’s Why People Intend to Buy Medical Marijuana

Although marijuana had been made illegal in several countries; but its inevitable impact on the medical field has made it obligatory for all those states to legalize it. Yes, in different occasions doctors never step back prescribing cannabis (the medical name for marijuana) for some specific conditions.

Why it’s Time to Add Natural Nut Butters to Your Regular Diet

You may be wondering what ‘nut butters’ are, and why everyone seems to be going crazy over them. Well, nut butter is simply as its name implies – a spread made up of different types of nuts, be it peanut butter, almond butter, cashew butter, or other nut and seed combinations. The main difference between...

Tips for Beginners When Using Medicinal Marijuana

Using medicinal cannabis for the first time can be rather nerve wracking. Some people often experience a bad “first time”, which can put them off using cannabis again. This tends to happen when the user doesn’t expect the feelings of anxiety or paranoia when they use a particular strong THC strain of cannabis.
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