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back pull ups

Eat like an athlete to look like one

“Peri-workout nutrition” may sound like something a nerd in a lab coat would say, but it can actually be one of the most important aspects of your entire diet. Utilize this simple nutrition strategy and you will achieve your fitness and health goals much faster, while keeping your sanity as well.  Facts up …

Toward a Universal Ethic of Human Movement

By Greg Hickey “It was on the playing fields that I learned my only lessons in ethics.” – Albert Camus1 In a previous article, “The Ethics of Human Movement,” I proposed three movement standards for healthy adults between the ages of 20 and 35: A human being should be able to lift his or her own...

How to Increase Growth Hormone Levels Naturally

Growth hormone (GH) along with testosterone plays major role in muscle building and fat burning. It’s also responsible for recovery/strengthening of bone mass and connective tissue which is crucial to support increased muscle size and strength. GH affects every organ of our bodies, and in particular, it supports …
The Art of Coaching

The Art of Coaching

What makes a great coach? Is it knowledge, talent - or is the ability to inspire others paramount when it comes to truly changing the lives of your athletes?
Why You Should be Competing

Why You Should be Competing

Competing doesn't have to be about winning (though that's awesome!). It's about pushing yourself, enjoying the community, and growing as an athlete.

Crossfit – Focused on promotion through Online Video

I saw a funny meme some time back – “The first rule of Crossfit: Tell everyone about Crossfit”. It’s a testament to the enthusiasm of Crossfit devotees, that this meme has an element of truth. The growth of Crossfit has been enormous and if Dublin is anything to go by, the number of …

Each spring when the first warm day hits, I take my kids back to the playground. I watch as they energetically flit from swings to slide to monkey bars like they’re experiencing it all for the first time. Some years ago my oldest, Zachary, would scale the monkey bar dome, but he would stop short...
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