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When the Whiteboard gets in the way of Athletic Development

Testing Frequency & Athletic Development There are a lot of things I learned at University which I have long since forgotten; however one thing I do remember is talking about testing frequency and how it can impact an individual’s ability to pick up new skills and improve. Specifically,  we looked at …

7 Unexpected Ways CrossFit Can Change Your Life

Sure, CrossFit can help you become buffer, tougher and leaner, but there are other benefits to this pursuit that has taken on a life of its own. In fact, some of the advantages might just surprise you with their applicability in areas of your life not related to the box. Check out the top seven...
Pictured: Brooke Ence with a 185-lb. hang squat snatch on Event 1 at the NorCal Regional.

CrossFit: The Sport Everyone Loves To Hate

How does one justify the monthly dues, the bad coaches, and simply the CrossFit culture? What does it even mean to be a CrossFit athlete? To be able to do an insane amount of kipping pull ups when a strict pull up is non-achievable? To be able to beat everyone’s time because your work out...

In Defense of CrossFit

I wasn’t going to write this post today. It wasn’t the plan. It isn’t what I had written in my handy-dandy planner. But it needs to be said (as it so often does). A brand-spankin’ new article is floating around this interwebs attacking CrossFit yet again. In it, the author notes that due to her...

How far (literally) are you willing to go?

I did some math this morning, not the hard kind, just some basic numbers. Katie Hogan (who I randomly picked because I bumped into her last year at the games and she seemed nice) finished 15th overall in Northern California, if she lived in my region (Canada West), she would have come first. We all...

I’m sick, now what?

We are all a little bit like a junky. Fitness is an addiction, just a very good one. So when the dreaded sniffles and coughs begin, we seriously want to just cry. Cry because of all the hard work that has to immediately stop because of a cough. Cry because we cannot raise the heart...
No CrossFit? No Problem!

No CrossFit? No Problem!

"I love CrossFit. I truly hope you will respect that, as I respect whatever you do." Chris McCune shares his response to the latest anti-CrossFit virus.

Science Proves What CrossFitters Already Know … It Works!

Ask any CrossFitter if they think that CrossFit is working to turn their body into an incredibly toned strength machine, and they’ll probably look at you like you have seven eyes. That’s because they’ve been through the WODs, felt the aches and celebrated the successes that come with this sport. It’s more than a …

Crossfit & The Critics

Recently Crossfit came under fire again by a blogger and so called Crossfit “hater” and it stirred a large amount of comments on social media. See blog link here It was responded to by a Crossfit blogger on this link …

Learning to Believe in Yourself As An Athlete

Here is the 13th part in the Mental Strength and Athletic Performance series. In today’s post, we are going to discuss managing our mistakes and understand the negative impact they can have on our athletic performances. Believing in oneself is the basis for Hollywood films and it is the stuff legends have in common …
Everyday Beasts

Everyday Inspirations

    So I’m lucky enough to workout with some incredible women. They are determined, strong and encouraging. They help me get more out of myself than I ever would alone. They love CrossFit and have made amazing changes over the months and years. It’s so cool to see them blossom and own their …

Cindy – first Impressions

What can be a more crossfit workout than Cindy. It is fully bodyweight,which means anybody can do it. I chose to do it as my very first crossfit workout, cause I didn’t know anything about crossfit, except watching crossfit games which was breathtaking, so I thought I should start with this tiny little thing. That...

Self-Doubt and Heroes: A CrossFit Newbie Takes on “Murph”

I’ve always loved Memorial Day. Maybe it’s because of growing up in Central Pennsylvania near the birthplace of Memorial Day, Boalsburg, PA. My parents always made sure we attended the festivities and later in life, I would return with my own family to run the 4 mile race that begins the day. But this Memorial...
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paleobutter published the post Spiced Paleo Caramel Apples on Nutrition WOD
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Work hard, stay humble. #BluePrint

CrossFit Soul posted an article
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Soul Open 4 is looking for Volunteers. We need help on 10/31 for setup, and 11/1 - 11/2 during the event. Come help out, hang, and watch our Team Soul along with some of the nations highest ranked lifters in action. Free food and cool shirt will be included Email for more information. Thanks!!!

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It's about quality of life, not a number. If you eat clean and train hard you will extend that quality of life!

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541 (10/2/14) Strength: (Part A) EMOM x7 Back Squat x2 @85% (Part B) Seated Shoulder Press (Back Rack) 3 x 10 Conditioning: 10 Minute Amrap 8 Barbell Lunges (Front Rack) #115/85 6 Toes To Bar 4 Burpee Bar Hops

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REMINDER: $10 Mobility Night with Danny Matta tonight at 6 PM. #suppleleopard

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Check in for the boobies!

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Brazil stopped in at A1A yesterday...WE LOVE OUR DROP INS! #dropin #fitness #crossfita1a #crossfit305 #crossfiteverywhere #USA #beef #scottbaio #derp

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Don't forget Barbell club tonight at 8pm. Time to lift on long socks Wednesday.

Alissa published the post Training with Integrity on Tabata Times
In my last job interview, like several before, I was asked to define integrity. To me, the...
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SWOD Clean 3×70%, 3×80%, 3×90% + reps WOD “Team Angie” For time: 100 pull-ups (One person does 50 pull-ups while the other hangs from the bar, then switches) 100 push-ups (One person does 50 push-ups while the other holds a push-up plank, then switches) 100 sit-ups (One person does 50 abmat sit-ups while the other person flutter kicks, then switches) 100 Squats (One person does 50 air squats while other person holds bottom of the squat, then switches)

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On those days when you are either struggling to get to the box, or are fighting through a lift, or…

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Strict Press 75x5 85x3 95x1+ Metcon Every 3:30mins, for 21mins. 200m Sprint 30m Broad Jump 12 HSPU(Strict)

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WED 10/1: A. DL 2 reps @ 70%, 2 reps @80%, 2 reps @85%, 1 reps @90%, 1 rep @95% B. 5 Rds FT: 2 DL (80%) 3 Burpee Box Jumps 40 Double Unders #irontemplecrossfit #irontemple #crossfit #abetteryou #lift #friendsdontletfriendsmissdeadliftday #onlyyoucanchangeyou #whatareyouwaitingfor #better #stronger #faster #skrong #gainz

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WOD for Wednesday, October 1st, is... Tabata This! Row Squats Pull Ups Push Ups Sit Ups

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For those interested in competing! There is a few added divisions this year! Check it out, it's in our backyard! Let's get out and represent! #teamcdm

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We are happy to announce that starting Oct.8 we will have yoga back! Wednesdays 10am ($5 members and $10 non-members) and $1 yoga Thursdays 8:30pm. Welcome Kayla to the PBCF family! Remember the importance of flexibility and stretching!!

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Wednesday WOD 100114 EMOM x10 5 STRICT Handstand Push Ups - Then - 3 Rounds for Time 400m Run 21 Sumo Deadlift High Pull (75/55) 12 Bar Facing Burpees

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Hard to R'x this one! Hard and Heavy!

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Wednesday, October 1 #WOD

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SOUTHEAST GAMES! The workouts are also posted on the website main page, link at the bottom. There will be a final WOD announced competition day for the top teams. Enjoy!

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Wednesday 10.1.14 #Crossfit #Noexcuses #Isabel

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We're curious: What famous athlete would you love to have as a workout buddy?

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WOD 10.1.14: STRENGTH Snatch progression EMOM for 10 minutes. Score heaviest set. 1 power snatch 1 hang squ...

astewart30 published the post Three Ways To Improve Today on
What do we want? To get better. When do we want it? NOW! Right? We live in a world of instant...
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New post: WOD 10.1.14

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Hey all!!! Don't forget about yoga starting this Sunday at 9a with Jesse Hughes. Available to all members (friends are only 10$)

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This is Kelli P. I had to share one of my best friend's Crossfit post.....

CrossFit Intense posted on Facebook

Wednesday's WOD Skill: Ring Dip Phases For Time: Run 800m 20 Hang Clean to Thrusters 95#/65# Run 400m 10 Hang Clean to Thrusters 115#/85# Run 800m

Carolina CrossFit shared a link on Facebook

24 HOUR MAX PULL UPS Who wants to try this? According to the Guiness World Records, the most pull ups in 24 hours is 4,182 and was achieved by Kyle Gurkovich (USA) at Retro Fitness in Piscataway, New Jersey, USA, between 14-15 June 2014. Well, we decided to modify it for October's challenge--Max Pull-ups in 3 minutes. Requirements: Must have an official timer and counter. Chin must be over the bar each time. Arms must be fully extended at the bottom. ***A video would be REAL nice, but not mandatory.

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Details coming soon!

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S3 Conditioning Wednesday: A) For Time: 800 M Run Then 3 Rounds: 12-9-6 Deadlifts (135/95)(115/85)(95/65) Hang Power Clean Push Jerk -Rest 3 Minutes- B) For Time: 1000 M Row Then 3 Rounds: 5 Evil Wheels 10 Renegade Rows (40/25)(35/20) 200 M Run

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Nooners taking on "Nancy"

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CrossFit Chronic posted an article
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Feliz Cumpleanos to CHD member James Hasty! tell us about yourself.. 1. Favorite song that gets you FIRED UP before a workout. Anything DMX 2. What's your diet of choice? I am enjoying the paleo diet 3. What's your favorite "cheat" meal? Sushi 4. Favorite exercise at Crossfit HD Deadlifts 5. Least favorite exercise at Crossfit HD Running, lol 6. What got you into fitness and a healthy lifestyle? Playing sports 7. Any words of advice for your fellow HD'ers? To keep going, and eventually you will see results.

CrossFit Peachtree shared an image on Facebook

Today is a great day! John Daniel Schultz has arrived!!! Born at 5:42 am. 21 inches and a healthy 8 lbs 13 oz Mom and Baby are doing great and Dad is in love Congratulations Dan and Emily!!!! You will be amazing parents and we can't wait to meet your newest blessing!!

Molly Eledge published the post Apple Cinnamon Power Bars on
Yay! Another power bar recipe!  I absolutely love making my own power bars. This is my...
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Bring a Friend, Family Member or Co-Worker to CrossFit on Saturday at 10 a.m. #CrossFit #Suwanee #Buford #Duluth

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Don't forget!!!!!! Mobility night at 6:30 with Danny Matta of Mobility Wod NO 6:30 or 7:30 CLASSES TONIGHT!!!!!

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