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Athlete, Vanessa Cantu
Credit: Jeannie Smith Herford

Adaptive Athletes Succeeding at CrossFit

I’ve competed in three competitions, spectated at a few, and I’ve treated athletes as a chiropractor at the 2014 and 2015 CrossFit Games.  Never have I been more inspired, though, then I was on April 2nd, 2016.  I judged my first event, Operation: Charlie Mike at CrossFit Forever Strong in Chandler, AZ …

Decision Fatigue, The Struggle is REAL!

By Kevin Kwan, PN-L2, Biosignature L2 Ever wonder why you feel exhausted at the end of the day, even though you didn’t do any physical activity? It’s surprising how much energy it takes to use your brain! Today more than ever, people are working longer days, more frequently – often clocking upwards of 10-12 …

Gadgets and Appliances to help you stay fit

In today’s increasingly sedentary, yet always-on and digitally amped-up age, exercising even for 15 minutes leaving all is simply difficult. Also, you may neither have the time nor money to invest in a gym. So, what can be more convenient than cool wearable gadgets, appliances that can work with your smartphone and …

CrossFit Comebacks for All the Haters Out There

Hey CrossFit haters! Why so much animosity for something that makes people happy and healthy? Maybe you’ve never gotten into CrossFit, but you probably feel like you know everything about it from the incessant talking done by your CrossFit junkie friends. But you can’t blame them for their excitement after …

Risk Factors For Fibroids

Fibroids are more likely to happen in women as opposed to men. Women at middle age, especially during their fertile stages, are even more likely to suffer from fibroids. Few cases of fibroids in men have been recorded thus calling for much attention in women fibroid cases. There are a number of risk factors that...

Supplement Priodization For Athletes

BY KEVIN KWAN, PN-L2, BioSignature L2 Most competitive are on some type of structured training program made up of phases. So if we physically train athletes like this in order to have them perform well mechanically, achieving that slight edge or advantage, then why wouldn’t athletes/coaches view supplements in the …

Burst That Bloat! The Food Offenders

Part 2 of 2 By Kevin Kwan, PN-L2, BioSignature L2 In the last article we talked about the physiology of what can cause bloating. If a process in your digestion system is not working, you can experience bloating, which can be gas or the actual distention of your gut. In this article we will talk...

Virtuosity In The Open

My take on Josh Bridges performance, but more importantly, those defending bad reps and a lack of virtuosity. Let’s get this out of the way right now. I do not know Josh Bridges. I do not know what kind of person he is, or how he lives, or even what kind of ice-cream he likes....

Burst The Bloat! – What’s Filling You Up?

PART 1 of 2 By Kevin Kwan, PN-L1, BioSignature L2 Bloating is a problem for a lot of people. It’s annoying, uncomfortable, and can interfere with your day to day routines. Some live with the discomfort thinking its normal, when actuality it’s an indication that something within your body isn’t working as it should …

5 Natural Remedies and Herbs You Can Count on for CrossFit

When it comes to doing CrossFit 2-4 times a week, it’s easy for one to imagine the impact it can have on the body. While many of us only focus on what is apparent to us, there are many underlying things we can do to live a healthier, stronger life. For those who are very...
Photo Credit: Julieth Fajardo

Redos and the CrossFit Open

For a lot of CrossFitters, the Open is one of the most exciting parts of the year ‘CrossFit Year’, regardless of what level they’re at. For recreational CrossFitters it’s a chance to throw down against the rest of the (CrossFit) world and see how you stack up; and for the more competitive athletes it’s …
friends clinking glasses in pub

What Does Your Food Symbol Represent?

By Kevin Kwan, PN-L2, BioSignature Level 2 For so many of us, food is more than just nutrition. It can symbolize comfort when we are sad, the way to celebrate when we are happy, or make us feel better when we are stressed. We create links between the food we eat, and the way we...

Bringing CrossFit Women Together

(Photo Credit – Lindsay Amaral) Over the last five years, I have shared my passion with pin up modeling with many of my loved ones on social media. Many of whom were inspired to do their own photo shoots for the very first time. It always brings me great joy being able to encourage women...
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