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Correcting The Kinetic Chain

Dysfunctions within the human kinetic chain are often caused from static and dynamic malalignments within the body. These malalignments are usually caused from muscles which are either overactive or underactive. Overactive muscles are usually tight restricting the body’s muscles of their proper range of motion …

Deadlifts, The Other Nectar of Life

Deadlifts, The Other Nectar of Life The Deadlift One of the most basic straight forward movements in the world of lifting. You see something heavy. So you pick it up. Pretty hard to do that one wrong. It’s how you pick it up that matters. I would shy away from using the technique that Peter from...

Developing a Peak Performance Game Plan

This is our final piece on Mental Strength and Athletic Performance. At this point, you have read through and hopefully practiced the different mental strength in sports tips I have provided. You know how to incorporate them into practice, CrossFit training and even game day to reach your peak performance. So what now? …

I love these pictures. But they’re not why I crossfit.

By Hilary Wiebe Look at these two pictures. They are taken about 5 ½ months apart, the one on the left when I was 3 months into crossfitting, going just a few times a week, and not making too many other changes. The one on the right is after almost 9 months of crossfit, going...

When the Whiteboard gets in the way of Athletic Development

Testing Frequency & Athletic Development There are a lot of things I learned at University which I have long since forgotten; however one thing I do remember is talking about testing frequency and how it can impact an individual’s ability to pick up new skills and improve. Specifically,  we looked at …

7 Unexpected Ways CrossFit Can Change Your Life

Sure, CrossFit can help you become buffer, tougher and leaner, but there are other benefits to this pursuit that has taken on a life of its own. In fact, some of the advantages might just surprise you with their applicability in areas of your life not related to the box. Check out the top seven...
Pictured: Brooke Ence with a 185-lb. hang squat snatch on Event 1 at the NorCal Regional.

CrossFit: The Sport Everyone Loves To Hate

How does one justify the monthly dues, the bad coaches, and simply the CrossFit culture? What does it even mean to be a CrossFit athlete? To be able to do an insane amount of kipping pull ups when a strict pull up is non-achievable? To be able to beat everyone’s time because your work out...

In Defense of CrossFit

I wasn’t going to write this post today. It wasn’t the plan. It isn’t what I had written in my handy-dandy planner. But it needs to be said (as it so often does). A brand-spankin’ new article is floating around this interwebs attacking CrossFit yet again. In it, the author notes that due to her...

How far (literally) are you willing to go?

I did some math this morning, not the hard kind, just some basic numbers. Katie Hogan (who I randomly picked because I bumped into her last year at the games and she seemed nice) finished 15th overall in Northern California, if she lived in my region (Canada West), she would have come first. We all...

I’m sick, now what?

We are all a little bit like a junky. Fitness is an addiction, just a very good one. So when the dreaded sniffles and coughs begin, we seriously want to just cry. Cry because of all the hard work that has to immediately stop because of a cough. Cry because we cannot raise the heart...
No CrossFit? No Problem!

No CrossFit? No Problem!

"I love CrossFit. I truly hope you will respect that, as I respect whatever you do." Chris McCune shares his response to the latest anti-CrossFit virus.

Science Proves What CrossFitters Already Know … It Works!

Ask any CrossFitter if they think that CrossFit is working to turn their body into an incredibly toned strength machine, and they’ll probably look at you like you have seven eyes. That’s because they’ve been through the WODs, felt the aches and celebrated the successes that come with this sport. It’s more than a …
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