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teenage body building

Successful Teenage Body Building: Mistakes, Diet, Tips

Youth is full of restrictions and mistakes. You are often told that you can’t drive, can’t drink, can’t make money and you can’t even build body. When you grow old, you realize your mistake and wish you had started earlier. One thing that is most regretted when you grow old is of not making proper...

True Confessions: Wearing make up at the box

By Jodi Lynn Jordan Owner, CrossFit Algiers, New Orleans, LA Silly females wearing make up to the gym. You can’t be a real athlete; you’re wearing eyeliner! Sounds legit, right? I’ve got a confession, though. Sometimes I put on make up before I go to the gym. I’m not trying to pick any one up....
No Rep! 7 Tips To Make Sure You Are Competition-Ready

No Rep! 7 Tips To Make Sure You Are Competition-Ready

Maybe, just maybe, the judge made the right call. When we WOD on our own, sometimes we get called out on form and reps by the coaches but for the most part we are left to police ourselves. There could be things we do (or don’t do) that in a competition without even realizing, would result in the dreaded NO REP!

Boxing Day Burpee Beatdown: What 500 Burpees Taught Me

You know the old adage about “be careful the company you keep?” That definitely applies to Crossfit friends. If you’re not careful, you’ll find yourself in a casual text conversation with a Crossfit pal, and before you know it, you’ve promised to do 500 burpees on Boxing Day. WTF? What did I …

Colon Cancer Risk Increases by Testosterone

Colon cancer is one of the most common forms of cancer, and can affect men and women at any age. Health care professionals are not sure of the cancer’s exact cause, but it does appear more frequently in older adults. This has led some researchers to theorize that perhaps a person’s hormone levels can increase...

All About the Heathy Resolution

  It’s that time of year again! The year is quickly coming to a close and we get to sit and reflect on the way the last year turned out. We think of the triumphs and joys. We think of the failures and short comings. We think about our families. Mainly, we think about what...
Dry Aged Rib Roast

Holiday Dry-Aged Rib Roast (Paleo)

The Christmas feast wouldn’t be the same without a knock-em-dead protein on the center of the table. You could choose a a ham, a turkey, or even a goose, if you’re channeling Dickens, but I’d recommend a rib roast. Roast beef is our Christmas tradition, and this one is so beautiful, it’ll bring tears to...
WOD Recovery Yoga for Rowing

WOD Recovery Yoga for Rowing

Whether you realize it or not, rowing can be very taxing on your whole body. Steph Ring offers recovery yoga poses to help you get right for the next day.

A Case for Training Without Adrenaline

You’re standing at your bar, and you have that sick, nauseous feeling in the bowels of your gut. It’s the day to challenge your Fran time, and you put 115 on your bar like a boss. The timer says ten seconds, and tiny beads of sweat form on your fingertips through layers of chalk. Five...
Bodyweight Certification

What to look for when choosing a new coach

My personal view on this is that qualifications aren’t the key to finding a good coach, at the end of the day a piece of paper to say that someone has attended a course or passed a written exam don’t make someone a good coach. Ultimately experience counts for everything, not necessarily years of experience...

Size Doesn’t Matter

From the time I was 10 years old I have been aware of my size. I have always known how much I weigh and what size I am wearing. Sometimes it has been a bit of obsessive (read: all of the time it has been a bit obsessive). I have always worked out, watched what...
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