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So, we are in the middle of the 2014 CrossFit Games open. It is truly an important phase for all of us CrossFitters. Why? Because is the earliest stage of our biggest event: The CrossFit games. Athletes from the 4 corners of the globe wait eagerly all year in order to be able to throw...

2 MORE Everyday Errors That Destroy Movement and Rob Performance

Seth Oberst, DPT, CSCS Last week we discussed 3 common mistakes athletes and coaches make that destroy training sessions and decrease performance. We have gotten you to stop sitting, encouraged (mandated) goal implementation for every training session, and improved your warm-up. But what about during and after the …

10 Fitness Tips That Will Change the Way You Work Out

Are you sick and tired of the same routine? Do you want to change your body without losing your mind? Try one or more of the following 10 fitness tips and revolutionize the way that you work out! #1: Buy Good-Quality Footwear Think that those discount sneakers will protect your feet? We wouldn’t guarantee it....

14.3 Will Not Explode My Ankle

Say it with me: “I solemnly sear that I will not let 14.3 explode my ankle” We all know by now that 14.3 includes lots of deadlifts. Lots of heavy deadlifts. And I’m assuming we all know the importance of good deadlift form (but down, neutral spine, don’t jerk it off the floor, don’t let...

High Intensity Athletic Performance and Motivation

This is the fourth part of our series dealing with mental strength and high intensity sports performance. In this series, we have previously covered: • Being Aware • Getting Back In Control • Mastering Negative Thinking and Self Doubt • Building the Self-Confidence of a Champion Our focus today is on motivation in …

To The Edge and Back

I first found CrossFit just over two years ago. I never considered myself an athlete, despite my swimming in high school and going to nationals on my college team with the women’s 400m relay, because I have always had a belly that doesn’t seem like it belongs with the rest of me. So I didn’t...


What does the 2014 Crossfit Open mean to you? The possibility of going to Regionals? The opportunity to see how you stack up against others in your age group world-wide? Just another fun Crossfit “thing to do?” I see it as a way to push myself and to see what my weaknesses really are. The...

Is Your Energy Bar Sabotaging Your CrossFit Success?

If you haven’t seen the plethora of energy bars advertised everywhere from the grocery to your favorite sporting goods store, you definitely need glasses! They come in exciting packages, promising to provide you with everything from increased stamina to leaner muscle mass. Their price tags run the gamut from 75 cents to …

That’s not what The Open is about

When Crossfit Games Open 14.1 was released, I remember hearing so many negative comments from people who were either unable to, or not very comfortable, doing double-unders and how it wasn’t fair that they programmed these in the workout. Ironically, some of those same people ended up not only getting their first DU …

Risks & Rewards

Risks & Rewards A Survival Guide for the Average Masters Athlete By Daryll Krivanos Anyone who has seriously considered exercise of any sort should from the start be comfortable with the fact that a real risk for injury exists. Be it running, biking, swimming, CrossFit or Zumba, you might as well be reconciled with …

Victims, Villains and Heroes: Why Abuse Victims Should Crossfit

 by CrossfitterMama Not to build muscle. Not to ‘feel’ better about how they look. Not to improve self-esteem. Not to have the ability to kick ass, if necessary. Victims of abuse, whether it was sexual, physical or emotional, should Crossfit because it has the potential to change the mindset. And any change …
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CrossFit Harrisburg posted on Facebook

Sat partner wod Metcon (AMRAP - Reps) 2 rounds Switch when the "required" reps are completed. Score the reps for wallballs, box jumps and toes to bar only. Station 1: AMRAP 4 Minutes 20 KB Swings 70/53 Russian while partner does Wall Balls 20/14 10"/9" 1 min rest Station 2: AMRAP 4 Minutes 10 Clean and Jerks 135/95 While partner does box jumps 1 min rest Station 3: AMRAP 4 Minutes 20 hang power snatch 95/75 While partner does toes to bar 1 min res

CrossFit Harrisburg shared an image on Facebook

The hippie, Gold, wolverine and loser made it to the costume wod.

CrossFit Durham posted on Facebook

Don't forget to download the new totalWOD app to your smartphone! This app is fully integrated with your Mind Body account. You will be able to register for class (replaces Mind Body Connect app), review the workout, check out the daily leaderboard, and log your results all from the same app! App is available for both Iphone and Android. Download "totalWOD athlete" and use your Mind Body login info. We will begin posting our WODs to this app effective tomorrow. (Barbell Club transfer will occur in a few days)

CrossFit LKN shared an image on Facebook

Ray Sánchez published the post Responsible coaching... on Tabata Times
How many times have you seen any coach texting while the class is running or just chatting and...
CrossFit 919 posted on Facebook

This Tuesday, November 4th, is bring a friend day. You can bring a friend to any of the regularly scheduled WODs. The WOD will be community-friendly and scalable. So tell your friends and neighbors now so they can make plans. Even with a busy schedule, surely they can come to one of the classes on Tuesday!!

CrossFit Durham shared an image on Facebook

CrossFit Durham shared an image on Facebook

8:30 Zombie crew

CrossFit Harrisburg posted on Facebook

Supplements are in Dan's office.

CrossFit Harrisburg shared an image on Facebook

We will be placing an order in about 2 weeks for more hoodies for those that are interested. They will be black and pre-order only. 45.00. I will have a sign up sheet at the box.

CrossFit Durham posted on Facebook

"Sir William Osler, the founder of modern medicine, once remarked that "The greater the ignorance, the greater the dogmatism." It's kinda ironic, then, that the field of medicine is so ignorant—and so dogmatic—when it comes to exercise and nutrition. It's not hard to see where it comes from. Pride. Hubris even."

21 CrossFit posted on Facebook

Out of the hopper this morning... 7 rounds for time: 7 Burpee box jumps 14 dumbbell floor presses 21 Double-unders 14 dumbbell snatches, alternating 7 ring rows

CrossFit LKN shared a link on Facebook

Birkdale workout postponed. If you planned to come out to Birkdale, come to the gym at 10am and try a workout instead!

CrossFit 77 shared an image on Facebook

Happy Halloween from the Hen House!!!!

CrossFit 919 posted on Facebook

919ers: Make your weekend plans now. Come out and WOD on Saturday. Remember our free community class is at 10AM every Saturday, so bring a friend or neighbor. Don't forget Jodi's Halloween party Saturday night for 919 members - and yes, you should dress up. And there's a mobility session at 12:30 on Sunday with Coach Barbara.

CrossFit 910 shared an image on Facebook

Happy Halloween!

CrossFit LKN shared an image on Facebook

Happy Halloween from CrossFit LKN! Who else is showing up to WOD in full Halloween gear today?!

CrossFit Indian Trail posted on Facebook

Reminder: The 6pm and 7pm classes have been cancelled for this evening. Thanks! (lkm)

CrossFit 77 posted on Facebook

All sugar detox baselines and measurements must be completed by tomorrow! Excited to tally up the scores and see what team brings home the prize!

Bobby Menbari published the post Photo Shoot Friday: 10 Not So Typical Images from the LaLanne Summer Throwdown 2014 on
Although some time has passed since the annual LaLanne Fitness Summer Throwdown 2014, the images I...
CrossFit 77 posted an article
ESC CrossFit Southend shared a link on Facebook

10/31/14 – Angie

CrossFit 77 posted an article
hashtagmiguel published the post Rx; the obsession behind the prescription. on
photo by: Patricia Goya Photography   You've probably read a handful of articles about...
truebarbellion published the post Issues With My CrossFit Box on
Arrived at box for 5:30pm class. Noticed it was a bit cold. Wished I'd brought a...
CrossFit RTP posted an article
South Charlotte CrossFit posted an article
CrossFit Dilworth shared a link on Facebook

CrossFit Durham shared a link on Facebook

CrossFit Dilworth posted an article
South Charlotte CrossFit posted on Facebook

No competition double tomorrow, open gym and clean ladder practice in the PM.

CrossFit Gastonia shared a link on Facebook

Friday's WOD

Ultimate CrossFit posted an article
CrossFit Eternal posted an article
Ultimate CrossFit posted an article
CrossFit 704 shared an image on Facebook

Don't forget your costumes for class tomorrow, it wouldn't be CrossFit without a Halloween WOD! #crossfit #ImRonBurgundy?

CrossFit Local shared a link on Facebook

Two of our 'locally grown athletes' are locally famous!!!

CrossFit Eternal shared an image on Facebook

Great start to #rowvember

Jason Wilson published the post New Virus on
There is a virus going around that has ruined more lives than ebola and cancer combined. This thing...
CrossFit Local shared an image on Facebook

Getting ready for HalloWOD tomorrow! what to be? what to be? Don't forget we're WODding in costume tomorrow!!!

South Baltimore CrossFit shared an image on Facebook

5:30am class getting after this weeks league workout!

CrossFit BWI shared a link on Facebook

Knowledge Bomb Alert! 30 mins. of physical activity per day is shown to help combat the damage of sitting. As you're working today, remember to take quick walk/movement breaks- and check out this article.

CrossFit Eternal shared a link on Facebook

This is a MUST read for everyone. Especially if you're avoiding lifting anything more than 3lbs because your doctor told you. Unfortunately, due to many medical doctors, chiropractors, and physical therapists strength and conditioning knowledge, and liability concerns; many times you will be told because of some kind of pain that you should stop lifting weights, or exercise altogether.

CrossFit BWI shared an image on Facebook

This may or may not be a perfect prelude to the Halloween workout tomorrow. Post workout selfies are sweeping 12 Labours CrossFit and it's awesome!

CrossFit Harbor East posted on Facebook

Thursday, October 30, 2014 CrossFit Make Up a Missed WOD OR Part 1 - WOD: 15min EMOM Min 1 - 20 Wallballs (20/14) Min 2 - 15 Box Jumps (24/20) Min 3 - 12 KB Snatches (24/16) *score = total minutes completed scaled - 14/10, step ups, 16/12 competitor - 12'/10', 30/24, 32/24 Part 2 - Strength/ Skill: Squat Clean Ladder (135/95) EMOM increase 10# (total) until failure *score = max weight scaled - 95/65 competitor - 185/135 Competitor Part A - Squat. 50-55-60%. All by 3. 3 sets Part B1 - Pendlay row 4x3 Part B2 - L sit for 20sec x4 Part C - 10 rounds Row 300m 8 HSPUs

Seth Oberst DPT CSCS published the post Ask the Doc: Going Barefoot for Strength Training on
Whether or not you've read my prior piece on the short foot position, this bears repeating: the...
CrossFit Silver Spring posted an article
CrossFit Revamped posted on Facebook

Exiting stuff at the box today! Not only were there TONS of PR's, there were tons without sacrificing technique. It feels good to see all the hard work paying off. If you didn't PR, don't beat yourself up about it. It could just be a bad day or maybe it's something that we need to fix or work on. If you feel bummed, just come chat with me, I haven't PR'd anything in like a year : ) *Reminder that the hoodie sign in sheet will be at the gym tomorrow. Tomorrow's WOD Gymnastics Day Warm-up: - Work on Kipping - MU drills on low rings and high rings - Banded MU practice for scaled (ring and Bar) - HSPU practice WOD For time: 2 Legless Rope Climbs 10 Bar MU's 20 Strict HSPU's 30 Unbroken KB Swings (70/53) C-RX (53/35) S 20 Strict HSPU 10 Ring MU 2 Legless Rope Climbs

CrossFit WhiteMarsh shared a link on Facebook

Thursday WOD

CrossFit MPH shared an image on Facebook


CrossFit WhiteMarsh posted an article
CrossFit MPH shared a link on Facebook

Host the perfect #paleo-friendly Halloween party with these delicious recipes!

Arenal Fitness shared a link on Facebook

Arenal Fitness posted an article
Arenal Fitness shared a link on Facebook

Arenal Fitness posted an article
Arenal Fitness posted an article
luckytamm published the post 3 Things CrossFit Teaches You on
As a CrossFitter, over time it can be easy to overlook the nuances of what makes the CrossFit...
CrossFit MPH shared an image on Facebook

CrossFit MPH shared an image on Facebook

Ralph A. and the ladies of the 12p today!

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