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Be the Whiteboard

You do it. Your friends do it. i do it……we all do it. No one is safe from the hypnotic pull of the “all powerful whiteboard”. It has the ability to consume our thoughts and emotions – fill us with elation or anger, even control our own self image. Give it enough attention and that...
Archer push ups on gymnastic rings during a recent bodyweight seminar

The Push Up – A magnifying glass for a range of movements

While sitting in airport departure lounges and on trains in the past few weeks I was thinking about which exercises provide a clear picture of an individuals fitness, but also provide a broader picture of their strength and weaknesses. The first of these that came to mind was the push up. As a coach I will use...

What I’ve Learned Through CrossFit

My clean and jerk max is 175 lbs. My snatch max is 150. My dead lift max is 350. My back squat max is 315. My best Fran time is 7:15. None of these figures actually matter. They’re not all that impressive compared to Olympic lifters and CrossFitters. I’m not getting paid to improve my...

Controlling Performance Pressure

Developing the mental strength in athletic performance can sometimes seem like a daunting task. After all as a mental strength strategies athlete all you want to do is train and compete right? In earlier posts we overviewed some of the differences between the external environment, your own internal environment (mindset) …
My New Friend Fran

My New Friend Fran

"After nearly 2 ½ years of CrossFit, today I did my first RX Fran, and I couldn’t be happier with what Fran taught me, even if my lungs hate her right now."

WHY do you do CrossFit?

When I first began Crossfit in October 2012, I was at rock bottom, both physically and emotionally. Although I had previously been active, fit, strong and healthy, I let myself unravel, like a yo-yo….once again! Don’t be deceived by the smile, I felt miserable inside! As my food addiction increasingly ruled my …

Keeping First Things First

The Score matters. The score of the baseball game, football game or Lacrosse match determines whether you win or lose. Likewise, in other sports: the score, time, finishing place and/or various personal athletic performance statistics matter. After all, the reasons many of us take part in sports is to compete and to …

Finding Grace

Some days you complete the workout with the speed, beauty, and elegance of a gazelle. Other days you smash yourself in the chin with a barbell.
5 Things to Consider When Searching for the Right CrossFit Box

5 Things to Consider When Searching for the Right CrossFit Box

CrossFit isn’t like anything you’ve ever done before — it’s challenging, exciting and tough. All of these are what make CrossFit one of the top training and fitness programs. It’s also why it’s important to make sure you’re training at a box where you feel comfortable and supported and also get great …

Contagious Motivation in 1 Simple Question

Every once in a while, I open my up my Facebook account for Q&A’s which I answer on my blog. As a trainer, coach, and athlete, the questions never seem to revolve around how much I can deadlift or snatch, my percentage of body fat or how much I weigh. Hands down the most common...

Little Victories

Last weekend was extremely hectic for me – what else is new. I actually wanted to get this post written on Sunday but sometimes in life the big post-finishing victory isn’t in the cards. That’s ok though – life is really built from all of the LITTLE victories. The times we remember to add some...
cf games

Behind the Scenes Look from the 2014 Games

Rich is still the man.  Camille made the podium… in a big way. And I had the pleasure of seeing it all, as many of you did.  However, I had a different vantage point than many people this year.  I am a chiropractor and I had the fortune of being invited to treat the athletes at...
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