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A Beautiful Revolution

In a land known for some of the highest plastic surgery rates in the world … a land where doctors routinely tell exercising females that they should only do yoga, walking and swimming … a land where women are encouraged to adhere to a strict beauty aesthetic – even to the point where plastic surgeons...

Hill Sprints For Ultimate Fat Loss

There is a big number of people throughout the world struggling to get lean and beautiful bodies. Almost in every gym on this planet you can see lots of aerobic class or treadmill junkies and all of them have one thing in common- no results. The most successful ones are just so called skinny/fat but...

Social Facilitation and CrossFit

For over a year and a half, I’ve been actively involved in CrossFit and this has positively impacted my training. Before I started the CrossFit program, I was a gym rat. My focus was on the bodybuilder routine. When I added in rock climbing, I added cardio to my program. The next routine I added...

The Five Stages of Loss in Competition

During completion (especially during the Open), there are times when giving our best doesn’t guarantee a win. The problem is that no matter what we are doing, there is always someone who is faster, stronger or has more drive. When a loss occurs, we take it personally and begin the grieving process of the loss,...
Sticking the Landing

Sticking the Landing

Making substantive life changes is never easy, but it inevitably begins and ends with an attitude adjustment for the better. What will you change today?
Got Control?

Got Control?

Being a good athlete isn't always about going HAM. Contributor Missy Berkowitz explains why using body control is important and necessary.
Why You Shouldn’t Go Rx

Why You Shouldn’t Go Rx

Why are you in such a hurry to go Rx? "Don't try to be elite before you're elite," writes Contributor Ernesto Benavides. Heed his sound advice here.

Paleo Disillusioned

“Only 4.5 grams!” exclaims my wife, Kristen, upon reading the amount of fat on the wrapper of a birthday cake flavored Pop Tart.  The thin foil wrapping crinkles as its opened. She breaks off a piece of the kaleidoscope colored pastry and inspects it before stuffing it into her mouth.   Her eyes widen in …

The Four “C’s” of Mental Strength

Before we get into the four “C’s” of mental strength, let’s look at what mental strength is: Mental strength is the capacity for an individual to deal effectively with stressors, pressures and challenges and perform to the best of their abilities irrespective of the circumstances in which they find …

Mental Health and Fitness

With a career within the Fitness Industry spanning over 30 years, I had decided to work part-time at a local gym and attend film school (British Columbia Canada 1994-95) offering full-time acting classes. Two very different industries, but with some similarities. I recall my first day of acting class, our instructor …

Vision Board Your Health

Do you find yourself imagining or dreaming about optimal health? Or talking about it, but not actually achieving or doing it? When clients book in for a Complimentary Fitness Assessment, one procedure they must complete is my questionnaire pertaining to their lifestyle goals. Most often clients want to achieve these goals …
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