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Issues With My CrossFit Box

Arrived at box for 5:30pm class. Noticed it was a bit cold. Wished I’d brought a sweatshirt. Went to bathroom. Slipped on pile of bloody entrails then saw someone had used all the toilet paper and didn’t replace the roll. Note to self: ask owners to remind people to replace toilet paper instead of just...
Bacon-Egg-Cheese-Waffle Sandwich

Low Carb Bacon-Egg-Cheese Protein Waffle Sandwich!

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better we have a protein waffle bacon egg and cheese sandwich that will knock your socks off! Best part is that it is so simple to make! Loaded with protein but NOT the calories and carbs. LOW CARB PROTEIN SANDWICH! Ingredients: 1 Scoop ABS Vanilla Cake Batter...
Bacon pancakes cups

Bacon Cups Filled with Chocolate Chip ABS Protein Pancakes!

Bacon Cups filled with Chocolate Chip Protein Pancakes! This incredible recipe comes from @healthnutlife and their awesome website Ingredients and Directions: 1 Scoop ABS Chocolate Chip Pancakes 1/3C Egg Whites 1/3C Unsweetened Almond Milk Diced Apples 2-4 Slices Turkey Bacon Directions: Combine ABS …
The 5 Roles of a Coach

The 5 Roles of a Coach

Any coach worth her salt knows that there's more to the job than showing up for the WOD. Presenting 5 roles that a coach plays on any given day at the gym.

Hoping Is Not A Strategy In Athletic Performance

Do you ever find yourself thinking something like the statements like: • “I hope I have a good practice today.” • “I just wish I could lift more.” • “I hope I do well in the competition.” • “I hope I don’t strike out” My guess is that you answered “yes” since thoughts such as...

Eating Paleo on a Budget

Unless you’re actually a caveman, you’ve likely heard about the caveman diet: Paleo. The premise is simple. If a Neanderthal didn’t have it, you can’t have it, either. Easy as pie, right? (Except that pie isn’t allowed.)

Breaking Band

From your local CrossFit box all the way up to the larger commercial gyms; no doubt you’ve seen people performing mobility work with resistance bands prior to Strength work or WOD. If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you’ve done this too (myself included). I’d love to come out …
cafe creme protein pancakes

Cafe Creme ABS Protein Pancakes

As if the macronutrients on these bad boys weren’t enough there is also a little bit of caffeine in this delicious stack to give your body the proper fuel and energy in the morning with your breakfast!! Ingredients: 1 Scoop ABS Protein Pancakes Vanilla Cake Batter 1/3c Egg Whites 1/3c Unsweetened Almond Milk Nuvia …
Banana Granola Chocolate Chip Pancakes

ABS Banana Chocolate Chip Protein Pancakes!

Ingredients: 1 Scoop ABS Chocolate Chip Pancakes 1/3 C Egg Whites 1/3 C Unsweetened Almond Milk 1 Sliced Banana 1 T Almond Butter 1 T Granola Few Raspberries (Optional) Directions: Combine ABS Chocolate Chip Pancake Mix, Egg Whites and Unsweetened Almond Milk together (enough to make pancake batter consistency) and cook on …
Pumpking Chocolate Cookies

ABS Pumpkin Chocolate Protein Cookies!

Ingredients and Directions: 1 Scoop ABS Vanilla Cake Batter Pancakes 1 Scoop Vanilla Protein Powder 1/4c Almond Meal 1/2 tsp baking powder pinch salt 1/2 tsp Pumpkin Pie Spice 1/4 cup sugar substitute Combine all of these ingredients together and set aside. In another bowl, mix 2 egg whites, 1/2 cup canned pumpkin, 1 tbs...

All You Need to Know on Preventing Cancers

Everyone has cancer cells in their body and these cells never get caught in normal tests until unless they multiplied into few billions. After you underwent for treatment, if your doctor tells you that there are no more affected cells in your body, it’s just an indication of the failure of tests to detect the...

Gear Review: ZERO | G Bottle Belt

When it comes to new products, there are two things I love. #1 – an entrepreneur and inventor that takes that leap to bring something to market all by themselves. #2 – someone who creates a product that provides a solution for a problem that I didn’t even realize I had. Paul Peterson hits a home run...

Habits and Athletic Performance

I think it’s safe to say the all of us have a few areas of our lives that we’d like to improve or enhance, right? Especially when it comes to fitness! One of the simplest ways in going about this is by creating good habits that make these positive changes…but often it feels tough to...

Listening to that Voice

Sometimes we all have to make decisions we don’t like… For me that was listening to that inner voice that the athlete/ego in me wants to ignore, but the coach in me knows is right… Four and a half months ago, I had a… let’s say, an “unique” landing when tandem skydiving for the …
2013-11-29 15.15.10

Training young athletes

Having worked with a large group of young individuals lately I was a wake up call to see just how little basic motor control some of them have, for example struggling to even pass a football in a straight line, well more that I hadn’t considered this for a while. However it did make me...
CrossFit: Is It Really for Everyone?

CrossFit: Is It Really for Everyone?

Do the CrossFit Games intimidate you? Is CrossFit only for the most elite athletes? How did they become that way in the first place? Contributor Amanda Stewart explains why you might just be making excuses.
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