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How to Stay Paleo Over the Holidays

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… just not always for your health. The Christmas holidays bring time with family and friends, parties and presents; they also bring a full slate of tempting food, drinks and situations that can knock your Paleo lifestyle off-kilter. But fear not: With proper planning, you can …

Crimes Against Rowing: A Series, Part III

Rowing out of order is a solid contender for the most common crime committed against rowing.  The offenders among us are likely thinking, “There’s an order to rowing, like an actual sequence?”  Yes, there is.  And it’s not sit, then pull as hard as you can.  Many untrained rowers are guilty …

The Paleo Diet and CrossFit: Rediscover the Basics

Little did our ancestors know they were creating a meal plan that would revolutionize the fitness world 10,000 years later! The Paleo Diet has made waves around the world, and for good reason: rather than tout a special series of shakes, a carb-free lifestyle, or low-fat everything, the Paleo Diet teaches its followers to …

Health Inside, Beauty Outside – The Core Words of Zumba Fitness

What is that particular fitness program called when dance is mixed with it? Many people wouldn’t be able to answer the question. But, people who are slightly aware about their fitness level will surely come up with the answer. Yes, the answer is Zumba fitness, the latest sensation in the vast world of fitness. It...

How to Find the Right Box

A new year is a time for new beginnings. We want to do things better than we did last year, so we set goals and make resolutions to strive to become our very best selves. And after a season of decadent eats and sinful treats, one of the top resolutions on our lists is to...
stay fit

Losing Weight and Acquiring a fit Body with Mediterranean Diet

A Mediterranean diet is not just a diet to follow for a period of time. It is a lifestyle which needs to be adopted and practiced in our daily lives. The diet encourages generous portions of fruits, vegetables, nuts & seeds along with whole grains to be included in our diet while cutting down on...

Before The Whiteboard

’m a 6am’er. It’s the best time to WOD, but I think it puts me at a bit of a disadvantage because I have less time to focus on the tactics of my workouts. If you want to be a better Crossfitter, you need to become a tactician as well, and here is why. By...
We dress funny. I agree.

Crossfit CULTure

I accept it, we’re a cult We have, on countless occasions, not allowed ourselves to be pulled into the debate. We have walked away from conversations with a chuckle and a smile. We’ve played dumb. We’ve typed scathing wall posts only to hit delete. We have convinced ourselves that other people just don’t know …


Stretching During Warm-Up Before Competition: Beneficial or Detrimental? Do we really need to stretch out our muscles before a workout or competition, or are we better off just leaving things alone? Well, that depends. There are two sides to every opinion and every opinion can have many answers. So, let’s breakdown some …

Secrets to getting lean without gaining it back

by Tracy Holtzmann CPT     The number one reason clients tell me they want to hire me is  because they want to lose weight. A couple of things come to mind when I hear clients say this. Chances are this person has had a history of yo-yo dieting and they don’t want to start...

Get Your Head Out of Your…

This is gonna be quick, snappy, possibly a little brash, and full of what I call “REAL-REAL talk”. This post is about to start… 3…2…1…GO!!! When you walk into your box and see the workout on the whiteboard and your first thoughts are something like “Oh Crap” or “Why did …

You Don’t Deserve a Doughnut

By Laura Acosta My clients amaze me. I think I’ve probably learned more from them than I ever did in school. And that’s saying a lot considering I spent nearly two decades of my life in a classroom! What’s so incredible to me is their simple, transparent honesty, and how they open my eyes to...

On Marathon Training (and why I do it)

With just about 24 hours before I dive head-first into the commitment that is marathon training, I’ve had some interesting conversations around why I even do this in the first place. For those of you who know me, I’m still *technically* injured from my last marathon in 2012; my knee(s) aren’t very happy with me...

Why We Press On: Defining the Defining Moment

There’s that all too familiar thud and clang of the bars hitting the rubberized floor, bouncing twice more to ensure they deliver the full sting of their insult. Every sinew of our muscles are a fuse sizzling to a catastrophic failure end game. We have to get our breathing under control. It’s too fast, too...
Women, Body Image and the Media: A New Emphasis

Women, Body Image and the Media: A New Emphasis

In the past few weeks, a number of articles have been published exploring the portrayal of women’s bodies in the media and the extent to which CrossFit has done things differently. Productive discussions have followed, with many of my readers asking for my perspective on this huge and complex issue. As a 44-year-old …

Sleep, it’s What’s Important

Sleep?! Sleep is that 5-letter word that haunts me some nights or laughs in my face when I lay down to try to accomplish it. Lately I have been seeing many posts from friends who have been having the same difficulty I often endure and that is sleep. Sleep is so important to our bodies...

Kneeling Olympics – Time To Give Them A Chance?

Olympic lifts are a hotly debated topic within the training world. On one hand they are the cream of the crop when it comes to power production, elicit great amounts of eccentric absorption, and are great at developing strength, mobility, stability, coordination, and timing. On the other hand they can be difficult to teach …

CrossFit over 40

If you’re over 40 and doing CrossFit, you may have thought to yourself during a particularly taxing WOD, “Exactly why am I doing this?” Heck, you may have even thought that if you’re 25, so here are a few reminders of exactly why we are doing this to ourselves. Respect: Picture a teenage son watching...

CrossFit Kids Now Being Implemented in Schools

BY: Savannah Marie Did your PE class instill in you a lifelong love for physical exercise? For most, gym was about playing games, releasing pent-up energy and a celebrating the fact that there was no homework. But the face of gym class is changing, and one such example is Ocean City Intermediate School in New...
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The future ❤️ #FuBarbell #CrossFit

GymnasticsWOD shared a link on Facebook

GymnasticsWOD shared a link on Facebook

Here is the Freestyle Connection Seminar tour stops for SEPTEMBER. I look forward to seeing you all there! September 6, 2014 in Minneapolis, MN at CrossFit Mendota September 7, 2014 in Denver, CO at Centennial CrossFit September 20, 2014 in Philadelphia, PA at CrossFit Ridge Ave September 21, 2014 in Medfield, MA at Reebok CrossFit Medfield Visit to register:

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"I will be at @Costco in Danville with my coauthor @tonysherbondy tomorrow Thursday the 21st from 5-7p. If you are in the area, come stop by to say hi! We will be hanging out, meeting people and signing copies of the book. Much love to everyone for the ongoing support with this project. ✌️ Photo cred: @thatschmittcray" - Carl Paoli

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You get 2 chances at Yoga this week! Join Emily this Thursday at 6:15 and again on Saturday at 11:30! Your body deserves it!

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The new shirts are here (minus camo and pink ladies tanks) and ready! They will be at the gym in time for today's evening classes to buy them! For this week only shirts are $20 (tanks and t-shirts). Next week they will be the regular price of $25. We've got man tanks too (limited number so if you want one come get one)!

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CrossFit San Diego shared an image on Facebook

CrossFit San Diego shared an image on Facebook

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Childcare Available this Thursday 5-7pm Drop Off at Creekside Park 4 Spots Left $8 first kiddo $5 additional kiddos 1. Must add them to your "Family" in Zen Planner then 2. Go to "Sign UP" (On the left hand side) to sign each child into the Childcare Program 3. Click on the Childcare tab on the main calendar 5pm-7pm Registration closes at 10am day of and we need to meet a minimum. This is a trial run. All money to be paid cash to our childcare person at the time of pickup. As we continue to develop childcare options, something to keep in mind is this...a co-op option which would cost nothing. But until then, we will try to offer Thursdays from 5-7 as long as there is interest. Thanks! Nadin Hare Paul Leafstedt, Natalia Silveira-Escobedo, Pamela Hammer Michno, Amanda Miller McLeod, Max Seraj, Chrissy Seraj, Sarah Pearson-Beck, Monique Leon,

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Lindsey S. in her first ever CrossFit competition tying for 3rd place (missing out on the podium by the 2nd tiebreaker) in the Intermediate division. Less than a year into CrossFit, a bright future lies ahead for her :) #teamfortius #crossfit #crossfitfortius #sandiego #socal #competitor #california #sdsu #livesore #fortiuscompetitionteam #clean #jerk #turf #sandiegocrossfit #fitness #gym #olympiclifting #oly

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Messed up on RD 6 and did Burpees before the Deadlifts. Partnered with Nolan.

CrossFit Brand X Poway posted an article
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Brand X CrossFit Ramona WOD 20:00 EMOM first: strict pull-ups second: ring rows Followed by: "Annie" 50-40-30-20-10 Double-unders Sit-ups Then: mobilize

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Partnered with Jeff.

poollizelle published the post Change, good or bad? on Tabata Times
We don’t like change. It is implanted in our beings. If we have to go do something different, we...
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Somebody has a birthday today…

CrossFit No Boundaries posted an article
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CrossFit San Diego shared an image on Facebook

CrossFit San Diego shared an image on Facebook

You're welcome ladies!!!

CrossFit San Diego posted an article
Isabeau Miller published the post Coaching (and Being) an Under-Construction Athlete on
It’s arguable that all athletes are always “under-construction”-- trying to get...
Carson CrossFit shared an image on Facebook

Carson CrossFit shared an image on Facebook

WOD A: behind neck push press 5x3 WOD B: 3 Tabata rounds 1. HSPU/hollow hold 2. squat jumps/bar hang 3. burpees/plank hold

CrossFit Coronado shared a link on Facebook

Wednesday 20 August

CrossFit Fortius shared an image on Facebook

Francis D. in his first individual CrossFit competition finished a strong 13th (of 36) in Intermediate at the LCI this past weekend. #teamfortius #crossfit #crossfitcompetition #fortiuscompetitionteam #sandiego #usna #navy #clean #jerk #sdsu #sandiegocrossfit #livesore #competitor @crossfit

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CrossFit Grudge posted an article
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What's for dinner? #havefundocrossfit #bebetter #crossfitproper

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Did anyone catch the "Grid"? National Pro Grid League or NPGL? The first ever match was today. It's head-to-head, team workouts, where you strategically sub in Athletes (depending on their strengths) throughout the WOD to complete a chipper before the other team. It was interesting! Big CrossFit names on each team...go to and check it out. Tell us what you think! The LA Reign home field is the Cal State LB pyramid...maybe we'll all go check it out! CFBH 8.20 WOD a: For Time 3 rounds: 30 KB swings (53/35) 30 Box jumps (24/20) WOD b For Time 3 rounds: 400m run 25 Wall Balls (30/25)(20/18) 10 Pull Ups

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CrossFit Future posted an article
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Wod 8.19 results!

Aliso CrossFit shared an image on Facebook

Scott - Farmers Carry 106lbs

CrossFit Upgrade posted an article
Aliso CrossFit shared an image on Facebook

Congrats to everyone who PR'd on their bench press today !

CrossFit Coronado shared an image on Facebook

South Coast CrossFit shared a link on Facebook

We have Yoga a couple nights a week. Wish you were happier try our Restorative Yoga class...

CrossFit Newport Beach posted on Facebook

Friendly reminder CFNB peeps- there will NOT be a Yoga Tune-Up this Thursday night. Get out those tune-up balls at home, pick a target area, and work on loosening up those tight spots! See you next week!

CrossFit Marina shared an image on Facebook

Wednesday: Complete as many rounds as possible in 15 minutes of: 5 Dumbbell squat snatches (Right arm) 5 Dumbbell squat snatches (Left arm) 30 double-unders Then: Sumo Dead Lift 9 x 1 - Work up to a heavy single.

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The Hyman brothers and Central Payment step up BIG TIME for Juggling for Jude. Thank you, Matt and Zach!

CrossFit Fortius posted an article
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Function & Fitness Aug 20th, 2014

CrossFit Mission Gorge shared a link on Facebook

Some mobility work tomorrow, and a descending (in reps) conditioning WOD just for fun. See you in the gym!

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Fundies getting in on the farmer's carry action tonight

CrossFit East Village shared an image on Facebook

Fundies getting in on the farmer's carry action tonight

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CrossFit Mission Gorge shared an image on Facebook

Please give your farewell (but not forever!) wishes to Assistant Coach Jessica Scherr, as she travels to Costa Rica to study abroad for the semester. She promises to send us amazing pictures, hit tons of new PRs at her temporary CrossFit box, and come home to San Diego soon! Expect her back in action as an athlete and Assistant Coach at CFMG in January (just in time for the Open!)

Aliso CrossFit shared a link on Facebook

Complete as many rounds as possible in 30 mins of: 3 Thrusters, 155/115 lbs 6 Box Jumps, 30/24 in 9 Deadlifts, 155/115 lbs 12 Burpees 15 Toes-to-bars

CrossFit Surf City posted an article
CrossFit No Boundaries shared an image on Facebook

Taking another step at creating a childcare option for you guys. Most likely day to start would be Thursday evenings 5-7pm. Please comment if you are interested and I will message you back with the details.

CrossFit Surf City shared an image on Facebook

Aliso CrossFit shared a link on Facebook

Modified wod because of back pain.

CrossFit Proper shared an image on Facebook

You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great! #havefundocrossfit #crossfitproper #bebetter

CrossFit Surf City posted an article
J. Humenay shared a link on
What if there was no "After" picture?
CrossFit Intrepid posted on Facebook

We're looking for folks to help with loading the bar at this Saturday's Intrepid Invitational. Post to comments or email me at if interested.

CrossFit Newport Beach shared a link on Facebook

Football time is here, and nothing says fun like smack talking your fellow WODmates and having to do penalty WODs for losing! Join in on the CFNB Fantasy Football league! (no experience necessary!) Details and sign up info here:

@TabataTimes on Twitter

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