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That word has so much meaning attached to it. The guys no one has paid any mind to, those that fly always under the radar, waiting for the right opportunity to strike. Those overlooked by the upper echelons of their respective sport maybe? A lot of people would say that all of those apply to...

Posture and Pain in Children

For the most part, parents are in tune with their children. When they fall, they pick them up, bandage a cut knee and kiss bruises better. But when their child complains that ‘my back is sore’, it is often overlooked or disregarded. In our practice, we have parents who come in with their kids and...

Baby food is where I drew the line.

  Since beginning my CrossFit journey in August 2013, my eyes have been opened to many new and strange experiences in this hitherto unknown (to me) world of fitness. For the most part, I drink the Kool-Aid and like it.  For example, my vocabulary has expanded to the point that I can speak the lingo...

Shop Like a Pauper, Eat Like a Prince

“I want to eat better, but healthy food is so much more expensive.” I cannot count the number of times I’ve heard this line, or some variation of it. Yes, healthy eating is more expensive. As a matter of fact, healthy eating will cost you a whopping $1.50 extra per day, according to an article...

Mobility Must Haves: Ankles, Hips, and T-spine

Stretching is out; mobility is in. Long gone are the days of static muscle stretching to “loosen up” before a work out, practice, or game. If your joints are stiff, there is limited potential for the muscle to stretch. Instead, focus your warm-up on joint mobility, particularly your ankles, hips, and thoracic spine …

Easy as 1,2,3: The not ao revolutionary strength program

There are a lot of great programs out there. You’ve got smlov, bulgarian, cuban, 5/3/1, and probably a million others. While all these programs are great for their specific sport, few can be integrated into multiple sports. That is the main goal of this program. It is not neccessarily set rules, but a philisophy …

Sharing Fitness in 2014

No I haven’t done my level one (yet) , but i’m passionate about all kinds of fitness especially crossfit. It got me into the summer shape I wanted and people noticed, so much so that while on holiday this December in sunny South Africa, when I should be resting from training and celebrating my university...

Female Body Satisfaction

One aspect of psychology I have begun to do work in is feminine body satisfaction. Current research discusses that the way a woman feels about her body can influence her overall happiness, sex life, self-esteem, and many other facets of her life. This makes sense. If you don’t feel great about your body, it’s …

Fuck you shitty mantras

I’m not sure when you start hearing these messages: You aren’t good enough. You aren’t worth it. Maybe it is when you are young and you get that first look of disapproval from your parents. It could be the first time you got a grade in school that wasn’t an A+. That first time someone...

Crossfit newbie

Hello all! My name is Miguel Amurao. I am a third year medical student. I hope to become a primary care sports medicine physician. I also hope to become a regular writer for this website, as I have been reading articles off this page for quite some time! My athletic background is a very humble...

How CrossFit Has Changed Sexy Forever, Especially for Gals

Remember about a million years ago when dinosaurs roamed the earth, people drew pictures of elk on the walls of caves and everyone thought that leg warmers were appropriate gym apparel? Yeah, those were definitely the stone ages, although not too many women were doing much heavy-lifting with the stones. Back then, skinny …
The Case for Continuous Progression in CrossFit and in Life

The Case for Continuous Progression in CrossFit and in Life

Aim for sustainable and continuous progression. Use yourself as a benchmark, not the guy/girl next to you. Don't gauge the quality of your workout by how much you've sweated or how sore you are the next day. Gauge by the progress you've made from last week to this week on your lifts/time and don't confuse small progression …

CrossFit. Meet Running.

by Rebecca Alwine, Health & Fitness Blogger In 2010, I started running. I had never enjoyed it, never excelled in it, and in high school, I actually quit the basketball team because I was required to run a timed mile and knew I wouldn’t be able to do it. But after having my second child...
new year

New Year’s Resolution? Who Needs One. I CrossFit.

By: Jennifer Cohen We are a full seven days in to 2014 and if I had a dollar for every time someone has asked me “What is your New Year’s resolution” I’d be rich. Each time I am asked this question, I respond with laughter. After all, why not resolve to be your best all...

Joy & Pain: How Much Torture are you Willing to Take?

My absolute favorite comedian is Jerry Seinfeld. I quote him constantly, I’ve watched every episode of Seinfeld and Comedian in Cars Getting Coffee multiple times and I’m seeing him perform his stand-up live later this month. Recently, I came across an interview that Jerry did with Howard Stern back in June. It’s a …

The Macronutrients and You: A (non-Bro) Scientific Approach

By: Chris Hoina, CSCS, USAW, CF-1 The reality is that each individual is unique; your exact dietary requirements are different than the next person. The best we can do is provide an estimate. However, there needs to be some “tinkering” on your part to determine what your individual macronutrient needs are. There are …

What if you had started a year ago?

…….WHAT IF YOU HAD STARTED A YEAR AGO? A new year means many things to each of us. The common denominator though, as humans, is that several things in your daily life are trying to take you out of the game. In an instant, an automobile accident, a bad test result, a simple fall…..all things...

Making your new year fitness goals last

So it’s the time of year again when new years resolutions and fitness goals for the new year have just been set. While all of these are set with the best intentions, how often do they fail to last the year or turn into lasting actions? It is not uncommon for new years resolutions to...
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arielyve published the post The Exact Science of Leg Length Discrepancy on Tabata Times
A leg length discrepancy (LLD) does make you feel awkward as this leg length difference doesn't go...
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9.22.14 FRAN 21-15-9 Thrusters (75/55) Pull-ups

John Bryant published the post CrossFit Is a Practice on
CrossFit Is a Practice Even as much as we love it, many of us do CrossFit without being...
Rainier CrossFit shared an image on Facebook

A very special edition of "caption this"!!! Whats this you ask? I have a prize for the person who guesses correctly. (Please don't ruin it if you already know!!)

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Monday I. Strength Back Squat 5x3 +5 II. WOD (20/15) 50 Wallballs 100 m run 40 Wallballs 200 m run 30 Wallballs 400 m run 20 Wallballs 800 m run 10 Wallballs

mindcoach published the post Competition And Peak Performance on
In an earlier post, I discussed how to set yourself up for success in your athletic performance...
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Crossfitcounterculture hanging out at the Encinitas Oktoberfest! Come join us!

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A seven-year old kid does not need to be playing only soccer." Specialization also makes kids more susceptible to burnout. According to the National Alliance for Sports, a staggering 70 percent of kids who play competitive sports burn out and quit by the time they are 13.

CrossFit Olympia shared an image on Facebook

Please welcome the newest CFO member! Corbin Thomas Baum 8 lbs 11 oz!! Krista, Corey and Corbin are all doing well :)

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NEW ladies only beginners class starts next week! Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9:30 am WITH childcare! I have 3-4 spots open still so share this info with your friends. Only $60/month! Call 541-504-0930 or email to reserve you spot.

Pilchuck CrossFit posted on Facebook

We are testing a really important benchmark tomorrow, so eat a steak tonight.

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Costco @ Silver Lake's Paleo cookbook selection this week, just in time for the Paleo Challenge - starting tomorrow with the dunk truck from 7:00 am - 1:00 pm!

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South Sound CrossFit posted on Facebook

Tubbs and Rhabdo (Michael and Debbie) are attending the CrossFit Level 1 training in Seattle this weekend. We are excited for them:-)!!

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And tomorrow is Jessica's BIRTHDAY~~~come help her celebrate at 9am with a fun WOD:-) N0 burpees tomorrow---PROMISE!!

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KEEP VOTING DOXSA (keep on voting!) THANK YOU for taking the time to make DOXSA CrossFit #6 let's see how close we can get to #1

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Sunday yoga/active recovery will resume October 5th!

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Push beyond your limits and great things will happen to you. #keepmovingforward

truebarbellion published the post It's Not CrossFit on
The only reason I tried CrossFit is that it was different from anything I'd ever tried before. I...
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Make sure you use the restroom before DOXSA BUCKLEY the city is working on the pipes next door so water is off and on!

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Fun and awesome Saturday WOD tomorrow at 8:30am!!

CrossFit Break Through posted on Facebook

Open gym tomorrow from 9-10. Please sign up online if you are attending. (no sign ups, no class) ;)

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THIS SUNDAY @2pm AT DOXSA BUCKLEY come to watch Julia, Taylor, Leanne, and Beau compete for the CrossFit Team Series! They will need some DOXSA LOVE to get through all these workouts!

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I programmed it, was gonna skip it to golf, DID it anyways and a 5 minute PR for me at 95# chalk one up for the old guys!! #Kalsu

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Three sets of: Dumbbell Walking Lunges x 20 steps Rest 60-90 seconds Turkish Get-Ups x 1 rep each arm Rest 60-90 seconds Tabata Row for Calories Rest 60 seconds Tabata Wall Ball Shots Rest 60 seconds Tabata Burpees Rest 60 seconds Tabata Sit-Ups …

Bridgetown CrossFit posted an article
CrossFit Roseburg posted an article
Bridgetown CrossFit posted an article
Kristy Parrish published the post Losing My Competition Virginity on
Losing My Competition Virginity I can’t do it. There is no way I can go through with this...
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We will be adding new classes, starting the week of September 22nd. Early morning- 5:30 AM on M/W/F. Also, 7:00 AM on Tu/Th

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Friday: WarmUp Run or Row 400m BandyHam 3 Rounds 5 Press (bb) 5 FrontSquat (bb) WarmUp PushPress for EMOM 1) EMOM6 PushPress x 3 reps 2) 4 Rounds ForTime 2 RopeClimb 15' 4 SquatClean 135/95# 8 DeadLift 135/95# Run 400m Cool Roll

Newberg CrossFit Rebuilt posted on Facebook

Left the computer at the gym again! Sorry for the inconvenience! Here's tomorrow's wod! Skill: Tabata plank Hollow hold for the rest WOD 1 min stations T2B Wall Ball 14/20 Box Jumps 20/24 3 rounds Rest 1 minute after each round

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Partner up P1: 250m row P2: plank Switch P1: 250m row P2: glute floor bridge Switch P1: 250m row P2: jump rope Switch Then Warmup to 75% of DL 5x5 deadlifts + 5 box jumps 2' rest (Ex. 5 x DL then immediately 5 Box jumps) Then Double alternating tabata Ring dips Wall balls

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Anonymous posted an article
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With the LuRong Paleo Challenge and the Whole Life Challenge in effect, it seems like it is Paleo season! Here is some really good info on Paleo carbs and some GREAT recipes too! Speaking about the LuRong Challenge...Did you know? Kill Cliff "Tasty" (the orange one) is NOT allowed on the Challenge! Kill Cliff "Free Fall" and Kill Cliff "Awesomeness" ARE BOTH ALLOWED in moderation...yay!!! They count for 2/3 of your daily sweet treat allowance. Can Le, MCF needs some "Free Fall" and "Awesomeness"...STAT...LOL! All we have is "Tasty" on hand!

Rogue Valley CrossFit posted an article
CrossFit Southwest Portland posted on Facebook

Shout out to our amazing CF coaches, thank you for all you do!

Rogue Valley CrossFit shared an image on Facebook

Took 1st of currently 4 loads to "Donation Drop" at Ashland airport. Can openers, water, toiletries and food is at top of list of needs. RVCF and OSF have really stepped up to help. No surprise. :)

CrossFit Grants Pass shared a link on Facebook

Goodbye For Amber

CrossFit A.P.E. posted on Facebook

Enjoy the REST DAY!

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Interested in Boxing to boost your fitness? This Saturday the 20th at 11am we'll be offering an Intro To Boxing class right after the regular CrossFit class. Non-members only $7! If you don't want the workout part, you can just participate in the first 30 minutes where we'll be going over beginning techniques: Hand Wrapping, Heavy Bags, Focus Mitts and more. If you're up for the workout, the second half of the hour will feature a boxing themed circuit to practice your new skills. Click on the link below. (Current members are free) Please share!!

CrossFit Train shared an image on Facebook

Welcome one of our new members Derek to the box! Glad you're here!

Newberg CrossFit Rebuilt posted on Facebook

Yoga. Saturday. 8 AM. See you there!!!

McMinnville CrossFit IMUA shared an image on Facebook

Homework help with Ms. Joannie started last night! The girls said they loved it and got lots done. Sign your kiddo up. It's at 5pm (right after CFKids, when their little spongy brains are the most absorbent) on Monday and Wednesday in "The Loft". You can WOD while Joannie gets the homework done!

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Week 15 Thursday #olympicweightlifting #backdown #taper #thatsit

Bridgetown CrossFit posted an article
CrossFit Train shared an image on Facebook

Jennifer had her wisdom teeth pulled on Tuesday and can't sit still. Nice little active rest session on the Airdyne.

savfmarie published the post Three Big Ways CrossFit Will Positively Affect Your Daily Life on
During my many moons of plodding through WODs, I’ve learned a thing or two. I’ve also seen...

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