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Enjoying the sun

Health Goals, Before Fat Loss Goals

By Coach Kevin Kwan, PN-L2, BioSignature L2 So, you’ve decided you want to change-congratulations! This is the first step on an exciting road towards good health. It’s natural to want to jump right in, guns a-blazing, eagerly anticipating the results of your hard work, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Trust me …
Good vs Bad Food

4 Reasons Why Diets Fail

Facts on "diets": In North America, 54% of people over age 18 are on some type of diet, and about half will fail or quit their diet program after 12 weeks.

Don’t Confuse Short Term Diets For Long Term Health

By Kevin Kwan, PN-L2, BioSignature L2 Often, we mistake temporary or short term diet plans as a way to achieve long term health, and start expecting our quick success to last indefinitely. After all, more of a good thing is even better, right? Wrong, and here’s why: Yes, following a strict set of rules temporarily...
Injuries and Becoming a Better Athlete

Injuries and Becoming a Better Athlete

If you play a sport, exercise, or live an active life, chances are you will sustain an injury at some point. To be clear, I’m not “wishing an injury” on anyone, but the reality is that injuries are an inherent risk associated with an active lifestyle. However, we can’t let that hold us back from...

Pregnancy Testing Has Never Been More Efficient than ELISA

Testing for pregnancy can be scary in as much as it is very simple. For many young girls, pregnancy testing is the moment of truth (without the drum rolls though) and it is not a really good moment for that matter. There are so many pregnancy testing options that are available in the market. The...

What CrossFit has taught me about Leadership

Being an athlete most of my life I always like to try new things that push and challenge me. When I first started CrossFit I loved the idea that I would have a structured workout, a group of people to train with and help push me. I also like the fact the every workout varied...

How Lifting Like Klokov Can Help You Run Like Farah

How Strength Training Can Boost Endurance Performance… And Why All Endurance Athletes Should Be Doing It. You can attend an athletics meeting or a marathon. and observe athletes of all abilities competing in endurance events. You will also see time and time again athletes being at the front for the whole race…only …
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