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Hell Bent on “Intent”

“Our intention is everything. Nothing happens on this planet without it. Not one single thing has ever been accomplished without intention.” – Jim Carrey You can be as rational or as philosophical about that statement as you want and it’s always applicable. Go back as far as you want into human …

Discovery Through Recovery—and the Other Way Around

recovery recovery recovery recovery recovery recovery recovery recovery recovery This post originally appeared on Tabata Times. When I turned 40, I purchased coaching with Brad McCleod, owner of the SEAL Grinder PT website and owner of CrossFit Grinder in Atlanta, GA. The training was done by email as I am in Oregon. I …
Training with Integrity

Training with Integrity

What matters most is training to the best of your ability each day and staying open to continuous growth and improvement. Train with integrity.

Three Ways To Improve Today

What do we want? To get better. When do we want it? NOW! Right? We live in a world of instant gratification. We like fast results. I walked in to my CrossFit box with the impression that I was realtively in shape. I was wrong. Horribly. As I walked out, I was determined to get...
Survival of the Fittest

Before you sign up to Compete…

CrossFit competitions are not hard to come by and with the increasing popularity of the sport I imagine its only going to get easier. However, they may be easy to find and a lot of people might be doing them but if you’re thinking about signing up (especially if its your first competition) there are some things...

Achieving Flow Through CrossFit

Have you ever heard someone declare that they were “in the zone” or “going with the flow?” These terms are quite common, but most people don’t use them literally. When you are truly in the zone or immersed in flow, you are psychologically in the moment while performing to your absolute best. You have a...

A Few of Your Favorite Trainer’s Annoying Catchphrases

You’ve heard them all before during your sessions with your trainers. And, by now you might be well aware that “abs (somehow) are made in the kitchen,” and how “eating clean” means mastication is overrated. Clients’ responses to these delicious axioms could be translated via comic …

Box Talk: Burpees and Breathing

I see a lot of common, albeit unfortunate, reactions when people start to do burpees. The one I want to tackle today is a tricky one, because I totally understand why it happens. Basically, CrossFitters stop breathing
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Blown Away in Canton

Only at Reebok CrossFit One would it be possible to be partnered up during class with a Reebok employee who helped design and develop the very shoes you were wearing on your feet. Yes, RCF1 is a magical place, a Disney World for adults with a passion for fitness. Rigs, rings, rowers, perfectly aligned and...

The “Holy Hell” Moment!

I apologize in advance. It has been said that for a Blog post to be effective it should be above 250 words but probably no more than 800. Well, I have lots to say more often than not, so again I apologize for the length of this post but the topic is one that I...

The First Rule About CrossFit …is not what you think.

There is one real rule in my CrossFit box…and its not what you think. In 1999, Tyler Durden spoke a rule so important that it bore repeating. Don’t talk about Fight Club. We make jokes that the first rule of CrossFit is to tell everyone that you are doing it. Honestly, who wouldn’t be proud...
CrossFit Is a Practice

CrossFit Is a Practice

"CrossFit demands that you do things that require extreme amounts of practice...proficiency will not arrive overnight." Understand this and improve your approach to CrossFit.

8 simple ways to apply a CrossFit attitude at work

We do CrossFit and we flipping well love it – right? *waits for cheers to settle* It’s damn hard work, but there are lots of reasons why we can’t get enough, above and beyond the obvious physical benefits. Reasons such as: • The constant work that goes into creating a sense of community at each...

The Exact Science of Leg Length Discrepancy

A leg length discrepancy (LLD) does make you feel awkward as this leg length difference doesn’t go unnoticed. Recent studies have shown that the true or structural LLD is less common than we realize, and most of them are functional by nature. Structural vs Functional Most of the Structural discrepancy occur due to …

Competition And Peak Performance

In an earlier post, I discussed how to set yourself up for success in your athletic performance athletic practice and training sessions. Today we’ll take a look at how to set yourself up for success in your athletic competition. Reaching peak athletic performance is far too involved and comprehensive to set specific …
Jennifer Richards at CrossFit West Nashville

It’s Not CrossFit

The only reason I tried CrossFit is that it was different from anything I’d ever tried before. I was nearing 200 lbs – my heaviest weight in a life-long struggle with my body. My self-esteem was at rock bottom. I had attempted and abandoned so many goals that I had lost faith in my inner-strength....
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