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Got Control?

Got Control?

Being a good athlete isn't always about going HAM. Contributor Missy Berkowitz explains why using body control is important and necessary.
Why You Shouldn’t Go Rx

Why You Shouldn’t Go Rx

Why are you in such a hurry to go Rx? "Don't try to be elite before you're elite," writes Contributor Ernesto Benavides. Heed his sound advice here.

Paleo Disillusioned

“Only 4.5 grams!” exclaims my wife, Kristen, upon reading the amount of fat on the wrapper of a birthday cake flavored Pop Tart.  The thin foil wrapping crinkles as its opened. She breaks off a piece of the kaleidoscope colored pastry and inspects it before stuffing it into her mouth.   Her eyes widen in …

The Four “C’s” of Mental Strength

Before we get into the four “C’s” of mental strength, let’s look at what mental strength is: Mental strength is the capacity for an individual to deal effectively with stressors, pressures and challenges and perform to the best of their abilities irrespective of the circumstances in which they find …

Mental Health and Fitness

With a career within the Fitness Industry spanning over 30 years, I had decided to work part-time at a local gym and attend film school (British Columbia Canada 1994-95) offering full-time acting classes. Two very different industries, but with some similarities. I recall my first day of acting class, our instructor …

Vision Board Your Health

Do you find yourself imagining or dreaming about optimal health? Or talking about it, but not actually achieving or doing it? When clients book in for a Complimentary Fitness Assessment, one procedure they must complete is my questionnaire pertaining to their lifestyle goals. Most often clients want to achieve these goals …
Why We Compete

Why We Compete

Wishing you had competed in this year's Open? Contributor Jennifer Charles of True Barbellion breaks down why competing matters, and how to grow from the experience as an athlete and individual.

Reflections of My First CrossFit Open

Being a human potential and peak performance coach I have numerous clients that are athletes. We work on creating the mental strength necessary to push through any physical and mental resistance, i.e. pain. Side note: Mental strength is not about coming in first, mental strength is about finishing what you start. Whether …

15.4: Are we there yet?

By Hilary Wiebe Anyone else suffering from Open Fatigue yet? I can’t tell you how many conversations I’ve had with friends at the gym in the last couple of days that have started with: “I can’t wait ’till the Open’s done.” Don’t get me wrong. I’m glad I did the Open. In …

How To Survive Dinner With Friends

So you’ve been invited out to eat, and you’ve just started to get back on track with your nutrition. Do you: (A) blow off your friends completely? (B) blow your plan and indulge in everything on the menu? OR (C) do you go anyway and eat a crummy salad and hate your life? I choose secret...

Don’t hate the player nor the game!

“Do not get closer wearing that T-shirt!!!” Someone was told while approaching to a group photo after 15.3… One of the things I like the most during the Open is boxes getting together to do the WODs. We can meet old friends, get to know new people and usually having a great time. Last weekend the...
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