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Into the Dark

Every athlete has it, but not every athlete goes there. It’s that dark, scary place deep inside of you where “what you’re really made of” is located.

My Love/Hate Relationship

Competitions and I have a love/hate relationship. I love them because they give me a reason to train every day, bring together lots of talented individuals and of course, provide for some great photo ops. And I hate them because of the nerves, the pain and the inevitable realization that I am never going to...
14 weeks pregnant, 125lb split jerk

Pregnant and WODing: 5 Tips For Others when Someone’s WODing for 2

The Crossfit and weightlifting community is incredible. It’s one of the reasons these sports have kept me hanging on – despite the amazing physical, emotional, and mental transformations they create. About a month ago, I ‘came out’ to my box people in true Crossfit form. I asked our coach to design …

Ten Steps for Becoming a Stronger Competitor

Is it time to kick up your competitive performance? If it is, continue reading, the following are ten steps that will aid you in your quest to become a stronger competitor. When you add these steps to your training sessions, you will realize immediate results. 1. Analyze Present Competitive Performance You need first to …

Find You Fire

Find your Fire. It will be the glue that holds you to the bar when your grip is gone. It will be the steel rod that reinforces your core when the weights bears down. It will be the quiet whisper saying’Go Forward’ when your body yells at you to stop. Then Make it Burn. -credit...

Basically Basic

Basic body weight movements are the foundation of more complex and technical movements. They are just as important as the other movements when it comes to ensuring good form. Good habits start with the basics so keep them in check. We often feel like we are getting full range of motion when performing them when...

Safety First

I recently came across a video on youtube of CrossFit fails. Some were quite funny but some looked really scary. I wonder if what they didn’t show after those clips were people being rushed to hospitals (seriously… check out the guy who was trying to clean a ton of weight. His back was so arched...

Injuries and PR’s

The last few years I have struggled with foot issues It finally caught up with me at full force around this time last year. Normally the pain would halt a workout but it would dissipate on its own relatively quickly. After running 6 miles one Sunday, I could hardly even walk. Before going to see...

The Diet Journey

I gained a lot of knowledge and changed my eating habits immensely from doing a Paleo Challenge a few years ago. Focusing on every little thing that went into my body taught me to pay attention to ingredients and spend an extra few minutes at the grocery store to find items that did not have...
Life Lessons from Exercise

Life Lessons from Exercise

Exercise isn't just about your body; rather, lessons learned from the discipline of taking care of your body can carry over into the rest of your life.

Understanding Gut Health & Ways to Improve It

In our quest for muscle growth, endurance and proper Paleo-ish nutrition, it’s easy to forget that other parts of the body require fine- tuning and at times, a little bit of extra care. Let’s briefly discuss one aspect in particular- gut flora of the stomach. The stomach demands our attention because of hunger …

Barbell Therapy

For years my escape was in the bottom of a bottle. I was honorably discharged at the end of contract shortly after my return from a combat deployment, and I was lost. I would sleep past noon, eat garbage, and in the evening when everyone went to bed I would go to the gas station...
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