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Bad Fitness Trends To Avoid In 2016

The new year has come and passed and maybe so have your New Year’s fitness resolutions, but it’s never too late to jump back on the wagon. Just be careful that when you jump that it’s not on the bandwagon of bad fitness ideas that so many will dive into this year. Some of this...
Why Are You Here?

Why Are You Here?

If you understand your "why" for fitness, you will stick with it long after the other "resolution-ers" have hung up their shoes.

Treatments For The Day After Your Grueling Marathon

The day after a marathon can be a nightmare. Your body aches, you’re exhausted, and you could be questioning why you do it to yourself. While this day ends, like every other day, there are ways you can make it much easier. The following are some of the best ways to treat the marathon hangover....

Why Should I Bother Competing?

This is a question that many CrossFit athletes will ask themselves as their coaches begin to talk about registration for the CrossFit Open, an annual and international 5-week long event where everyone, from CrossFit beginners to CrossFit Games veterans and everyone in between, competes. The Open is the competition that …

How To Speed Up Your Metabolism With Speedy Tabata Workouts

The speed that your body burns calories for essential body functions is known as your metabolism and the higher your metabolic rate, the faster you will lose weight and keep it off. Aerobic exercise is a key component in increasing metabolic rate. That’s why so many people with weight loss goals are seeking out new...

Tips for recovering from addiction

Addiction is a disease and everyone suffering from the condition should know this. It is only from understanding the gravity of the situation can one take the right approach towards getting treatment and recovering from it. Addiction is not a weakness or willpower of failure of morale as most people think. Another …

How Stretching Has Changed My Whole Physique

Many times we are often stuck on plateaus, questioning the ways we can breakthrough while the answers are sometimes right under our nose. After all, we’re all chasing our own definition of success. For me, that answer was stretching. You see,  I’ve been doing crossfit for a while now, and as in anything in …

Types of primary care doctors and their role

The same way that you visit your trusted mechanic to check a problem in your vehicle, the same applies to you and your health. Even though you feel fine, there are conditions that can only be diagnosed using health screening, and blood tests. Your primary healthcare giver has the role of ensuring you are always...
Burn Fat

Why You Can’t Choose Where You Want to Lose Fat

I have learned a lot of things throughout my health and fitness journey that have surprised me. However, the one thing that surprised me the most about fitness was this: You cannot target the area of your body that you want to lose fat, or “spot-burn” fat. This means that abs will not trim your...

Treating Your Insomnia with a Rigorous Exercise Routine

Insomnia is no laughing matter. In fact, it’s pretty serious business. Even when posed with the best of opportunities for a peaceful, uninterrupted visit to dreamland, an insomniac has trouble falling asleep, staying asleep or a combination of the two. Disturbances of this magnitude can lead to a tough go at the …

3 Kings of Gymnastics: How to Know When You’re Ready

I’ve seen it too many times to count. A new or rapidly developing member who wants to learn a fancy gymnastics skill before they’re ready. Now don’t get it twisted, I love the enthusiasm, but slow your roll, young blood! Here are a list of mini-goals to hit that will help you identify when you’re...
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