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Crossfit Games Masters Athlete Bob Boshoven

I may be a bit biased to want to talk about one of the athletes that hails from my box, partially because he claims I am an inspiration to him and partially because he once confided in me that reading my blog is a guilty pleasure of his. With my personal bias or not, this Crossfit Games Masters...

This is Why I Coach…

This is why I coach. CrossFit works. It changes lives, it saves lives. It has been a crazy journey getting to the point where I own my own affiliate. I went from coaching at a couple of places, to getting kicked out, to having the box sold overnight. Within 12 hours of that sale I...
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Putting Performance First

“Do you really want to look like that?!” Two years ago, when I was first really got into Crossfit & Olympic weightlifting one of my friends asked if I “actually wanted to look like Annie Thorisdottir“ because, she was, you know “kinda grossly ripped”. At that point I didn’t …

What’s Your Perfomance Coach Rank?

There are a LOT of people calling themselves coaches these days.  With the boom of CrossFit and the CrossFit Games, the status of the coach has never been higher.  With everyone and their dog having some sort of “certification” though, how do you know what kind of coach you’re getting?  Is your coach brand new...

An Athlete Profile

CrossFit is such an amazing sport. People from all walks of life and ambitions standing next to one another sweating, suffering, conquering. I so enjoy meeting and photographing them all. And when I capture that little spark, it feels like magic. Next up in my ongoing series, Faces of Fitness, is Peyton. Peyton is a...

10 Reasons To Quit Sugar (Infographic)

How many times have you heard people saying you should eat less sugar? Well, there’s actually plenty of research to back them up! Excess sugar has been linked to a whole host of diseases and conditions. This infographic details 10 of the ways in which eating too much sugar can derail your health.

How To Use A Training Log For Peak Performance

As you know I’m a big fan and user of goal setting, specifically SMARTER goals. Most people have heard of SMART training logs, but not many have heard of, no less use, SMARTER goals. In case you are not familiar here is a post that discusses SMARTER goals. In this post I’d like to discuss...

Football Nutrition

Football Nutrition: Feed the Beast and Crush Hell Week This guide highlights the top 5 nutritional areas that lead to success for the football athlete. Follow these guidelines to stay energized during workouts, enhance recovery between workouts, and maintain a healthy body composition. The best football coaches and players …

Are YOU A Control Freak?

Are YOU a control freak? I am. A workout control freak, that is. You can’t fix a problem you don’t realize you have, so here are some questions to help you determine if you suffer from the condition too, and some suggestions on what to do about it – and why. Do you work out...

Strong Athlete or Devoted Mom: Do we have to pick just one?

I’m about to turn 30 years old. At one level I believe it’s just another birthday, but than there is this nagging little voice in the back of my brain that keeps yelling at me that I should be freaking out. I’ve always thought by 30 I would have kids and be a “grown up.”...

Using the Zone Diet to Improve Performance

Some CrossFitters are choosing to get in the “zone”. As a nutritional plan with a balanced approach, the Zone Diet has numerous advocates who say it helps improve their performance in – and out of – the box.

Fat a key to anti aging ?

The fear of saturated fat is based on believe not science. Your cell membranes consist out of saturated fat. So wonder why people age prematurely/wrinkles in their 20s like the woman that asks for skimmed milk in the coffee, its about being deficient in dietary saturated fat. No, fat won’t makes you fat, it is...

Rest, Recuperate and Rejuvenate

In today’s fast paced lifestyle, we are inundated with information to lead a healthy lifestyle, get into the gym, workout, sweat etc. On the flip side of the coin, it is just as important to Rest, Recuperate and Rejuvenate….take time out. Leading a healthy lifestyle requires balance. Balancing out your time in the gym …
Batman and Joker Diet Discussion

I Don’t Eat Breakfast!

GASP!!! NO BREAKFAST?!?! I just can’t take it anymore! I was at work today. Someone brought in donuts (yes, I spell it the Dunkin way, get off me). I had the following exchange: Co-worker: Hey Mike, have a donut. Me: No thanks, I don’t eat breakfast. Co-worker: But breakfast is the most important meal of...

Brace yourself

Do you ever wonder why you drag yourself to your specific training facility or just get up from the couch and get your home equipment to train? Some days it really just feels like too much (especially in winter) and the questions and doubts start in your mind. Do you play along and just skip...

Kind of Science: Part Two

Living with PEDs Shuffled back to Dr. Whatshisname for the results, got my print outs and here’s the scoop! Magnesium, zinc, iron, red cells, white cells, blood sugar, all good! Vitamin D on the other hand, MARGINALLY DEFICIENT! Yeah, I was kind of hoping it was deficient. Because everyone wants some deficiency! Or …
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CrossFit Dark Element shared a link on Facebook Be confident in your abilities to overcome your weaknesses!

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savfmarie published the post How Strong Is the Average Crossfit Regional Competitor? on Tabata Times
With the incredible popularity of CrossFit, it’s no surprise that tons of CrossFit-related...
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Are you ready to do anything for 4 minutes and 56 seconds? That's how long Hollis of Juggling for Jude just juggled her soccer ball without missing a kick, juggling 461 consecutive times! She has now officially reached her juggling goal. If you are inclined to donate, now would be the time, so she can blow past her fundraising goal of $25,000 for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. Before you go enjoy your holiday weekend, keep in mind those less fortunate, and donate what you can. Thank you for your continued support as this summer project winds down. Be safe this weekend!

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Not to hard to say goodbye... New monitors are installed!! Free pouch of Fuel For Fire for the person who comes up with the language that one of the new monitors is speaking in...

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Heads up. Monday is Labor Day. 8am class ONLY! Help spread the word please!

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CrossFit Oakdale shared an image on Facebook

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TJ's Gyms LABOR DAY SCHEDULE: San Rafael 7:30 and 8:30 am Corte Madera 8:30 am Mill Valley 8:00 and 9:00 am All other Open Gym and Class Times will be Cancelled. Have a wonderful holiday!

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Saturday's WOD is one I have been saving since it came out…the final WOD of the 2014 The CrossFit Games - Double Grace!

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Team WOD Friday. Great work this morning boys! That one was tough. ~s

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More of Dorian's Birthday and Turkish Get Ups!

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Dorian's Birthday and Turkish Get ups!

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Today's blog post is up on the CFES Blog - [Food For Thought]

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Prehab/Activation: SMR - lacrosse overhead rib mobilization, foam roll Lats 2 min Banded rack stretch -then- 5 Alternating rounds between: -max quality reps Dragon Flags -max time held in a free standing handstand in 1 minute -then- AMRAP in 15 minutes: 100m sled drag forward (132/88) 50m sled drag backwards 10 plate burpees (22/10) 30 double unders

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Competitors Program Week 7, Day 5 (De-load): 10x1 Clean and Jerk @ 65-70% -then- AMRAP in 12 minutes: 250m row 2 rope climbs -then- Airdyne Sprints 6 rounds: 30 seconds light effort 30 seconds sprint 1 min rest

bgerke published the post How CrossFit Saved My Marriage* on
*This might be a slight exaggeration. One of my dear friends likes to remind me how, not that...
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Kris Perry-T published the post I cried at CrossFit on
I cried at CrossFit. It's true, so what. I have been an active crossfitter for just under a...
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Special Labor Day Hours... 8:00am Group Class 9:00am Group Class

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There is normal open gym this Saturday too 9:30-11:30

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Few scheduling reminders... Track workout this Saturday morning at the Folsom Lake College track 9:00-10:00 - please make sure to sign in on Zen if you are planning to come! Monday 9/1 - Labor Day Classes are at 9am and 6pm only!!

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Fabulous 15 min EMOM. Today with 5 pull-ups and up to 10 wall ball :)

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Good info...easy to grasp...and I can keep my cheat meal! Yay! (Last 20s or so.) What do you think?

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Mobility Class with Sue Spencer will also be offered Thursdays at 3pm. This is in addition to the normal Thursday 6am and 6:30pm time slots. Come in and get supple! Starts next Thursday 9/4/14

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"Fitness truly is what James Fitzgerald described - getting familiar with what feels uncomfortable and learning from it. Learning what you are made of, what you are afraid of, and using the tools of fitness to become the best version of you that you can possibly be - in the gym, and in life."

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STCF is hosting a training course with Rock Tape. Sign up as soon as possible, and spread the word! September 11, 2014 from 5pm-9pm at STCF, 2050 Dunlap Dr., South Lake Tahoe, CA. You will become PMT Certified after this course!

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The Motivation Trap and August 28, 2014 Workout of the Day #discipline #finishstrong #strength #confidence #life #tribelife #workout #crossfit #roseville

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We will be running this WOD Saturday as well at 9am. Please follow the link provided to donate to the families of the "Prescott 19"

markalewine published the post Weight-Lifting Takes Guts on
Success is terrifying. It’s a weird thing to say or write, but it’s true. Success is...
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ACF – August 28, 2014

Paul Watkins published the post Failure - It's Good for the Soul... on
I was a nerd at high school. Ok let's be honest, I'm a nerd now, it's more of a lifetime...
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Workout of the Day for Thursday August 28th, 2014

South Tahoe CrossFit shared a link on Facebook

CrossFit Feather River shared a link on Facebook

Workout of the Day for Thursday August 28th, 2014

CrossFit Feather River posted on Facebook

Thursday Class Schedule ~ > 5:30am Power WOD w/Sarah > 8am Barbell Club w/Devon > 9am Power WOD w/Sarah > 4:30pm Power WOD w/Dan > 5:30pm Barbell Club w/Devon > 6:30pm On Ramp w/Dan > 6:30pm Power WOD w/Devon Daycare Hours: 8am-10am & 5:30pm-7:30pm

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Training 140828 Strength: Press 5 @ 8, 5 @ 9, plus 2 down sets (load drop) Conditioning - 4 Rounds For Time: 10 Power Cleans, 115#/75# 10 Push Press, 115#/75# 10 Back Squats, 115#/75# Post results to comments.

Karel Van Kessel published the post Fat a key to anti aging on Nutrition WOD
I can't stress enough about this, so I recycled a previous blog post from TabataTimes and expect a...
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Volunteers needed for the Big Bike Weekend Strongman competition on October 11! Start time is 10 am and will last a few hours. Help is needed to record reps, move equipment, start timers, etc....please keep in mind, this is the same day as the Northstate Fittest comp so you would have to be willing to miss a couple hours there if you are planning to do both. Please RSVP here if you would like a volunteer slot!

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We have two RX teams signed up with another forming. Anyone interested in a Scaled or Masters Team?

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Missed your workout today because you couldn't find a babysitter?? Sorry, that excuse doesn't work here. Check out Erin representing our CrossFit Moms!!

savfmarie published the post Strength Movements to Improve Your Muscle-Up on
Do you feel like performing a muscle-up is about as likely as seeing Bigfoot stroll down your...
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11a class bringing the heat! @crossfitredding #11aiscray #wod #crossfit #crossfitredding

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