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When Crossfit Changes a Life

I remember the first time I heard about Crossfit. I had recently come home from filming season 4 of NBC’s “The Biggest Loser” and I had all kinds of people coming out of the woodwork to shower me with ideas on how to stay fit. “You know the secret? Just walk 30 minutes a day....

Reality Bites.

by Jan Dayleg, Head Coach/ Co-Owner, CrossFit 5 Triple 9 Really? Really dude? Are you for real? Serio gai? Seriously? Are you still complaining? In what I would call a humble career in the fitness industry, six years of training personal clients, four years as a CrossFit coach, three different facilities with the most …

Kind of Science: Part One

The Avocado Prelude. Six months ago I left a job in a flash office building. It was a modest twenty eight floors with about fifteen hundred people, a relaxation floor, two floors of snazzy meeting rooms and the greatest corporate locker room ever (daily fresh towels, roomy lockers, and free hybrid soap shampoo). Every …

The Crossfit Family

Today I saw in action the passion and strength of my Crossfit family. One of my “sisters” messaged all the girls saying that she needed her butt kicked extra hard in the WOD if we saw her looking distracted as she had split up with her boyfriend. Straight away the girls messaged her back, reminding...

What motivates you?

What drives you to get up at 4:30 in the morning to go do your workout? What helps you to take the left turn to the gym and not the right turn towards home after work every day? What is the burning desire deep inside you to reach your goal, to achieve that personal best,...

Athletic Performance And Nervousness

As an athlete, you’ve most likely have experienced nervousness, if you haven’t you’re not pushing yourself. If you anxiety and nervousness have experienced nervousness it might have been prior to an important competition, i.e. state final, championship or regional games, qualifying for the Olympics, or even during a …

How To Arrive At The Box

Being regularly encouraged, by owners, coaches, and members to move to other CrossFit boxes has afforded me many opportunities to perfect what I now consider to be the most important WOD, my arrival. By arriving correctly, I know, that I will impress people SO MUCH that actually completing the workout will be unnecessary …
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Stop Giving a **** and Go Shirtless!

I spent WAY too many years of my life worrying about what my body looked like and what other’s thought of me. I had enough. I was wasting too much time and energy focusing on others. In the past I found myself constantly saying: “When I lose weight…” “When I’m a size…” “When I lose...
IRONEVE: Made in the USA Women’s Weightlifting Shoes

IRONEVE: Made in the USA Women’s Weightlifting Shoes

IRONEVE is for every woman who pours her blood, sweat, and tears into every workout and loves every minute of it. Sound like someone you know? IRONEVE was born from my belief that women should lift with the guys, not dress like them. We no longer have to wear lifting shoes sized and made for...


Several days week I am fortunate enough to have a work schedule that provides me with the mornings to myself. The kids are at school, I’ve already put in a good three hours of work before they got up and off to school and I have deemed myself worthy of a break. Well, not just any...
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Kristy Parrish published the post 10 Things You Missed by Not Going to the 2014 CrossFit Games on Tabata Times
This year, as with the past few, the CrossFit Games were available for everyone to watch live...
CrossFit Belltown posted an article
CrossFit Belltown posted an article
Kitsap CrossFit shared a link on Facebook

On Oct 25-26 Kitsap CrossFit will be hosting a two day seminar to teach you the fundamentals of strength training as well as nutrition with Registered Dietician and Crossfit Affiliate Owner, Jeremy Mullins, along with the 2x Arnold Classic Champion in the sport of Olympic Weightlifting and the owner and head trainer of Kevin Cornell Fitness, Kevin Cornell. Cost is $149 and you can register by clicking on "shop" and selecting "Kitsap CrossFit".!shop/cvbw/!/~/product/category=0&id=35954647

King CrossFit shared a link on Facebook

Here's a little gem courtesy of our friend Yuki.

CrossFit Everett shared a link on Facebook

don't save it for the WOD's - work your goats!

Orcas CrossFit shared an image on Facebook

Happy 25th bday Tessa! 7/28/14

CrossFit Puyallup shared an image on Facebook

The real wedding is tomorrow in Vegas! Watch it live at 7pm here:

CrossFit Puyallup posted on Facebook

Notice: Chair massage is canceled for now.... We will let you know when it is available again. Hopefully soon!

South Sound CrossFit shared an image on Facebook

This time with pictures-:)....Proud daughters! This is Sheila's first unassisted handstand hold! Yeah-:)

Orcas CrossFit shared an image on Facebook

Love finding notes like this on the white board! Sorry I didn't get to meet you Brian, please come visit again!

Orcas CrossFit shared an image on Facebook

Love finding notes like this on the white board! Sorry I didn't get to meet you Brian, please come visit again!

Waypoint CrossFit shared a link on Facebook

Come cheer on WPCF at the Northwest Battle of the Beasts this coming Sunday.

Molly Eledge published the post Three Ingredient Avocado Breakfast Bake on Nutrition WOD
So easy and so nutritious! This breakfast only takes a few minutes to prepare and can easily...
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CrossFit Infusion posted on Facebook

REMINDER!!! This SATURDAY the 10AM class will be held at the Meridian Ave Massage grand opening. Even if you aren't working out at 10AM we encourage you to stop by at some point between 10 and 5 and check out the venders, get some grub, and there are even activities for the kids! 21715 103rd Ave Ct E D-401 Graham, Washington 98338

CrossFit Roseburg shared a link on Facebook

Take 15 minutes to cycle through and practice various gymnastics elements that you need to work on – examples . . . Pistol Progressions x 4-6 reps each leg, Handstand Holds or Walks (freestanding or supported) x 60-90 seconds, L-Sits x 30-60 seconds, …

CrossFit Everett shared an image on Facebook

a laugh for this morning ...

Kitsap CrossFit shared a link on Facebook

Kitsap CrossFit is proud to host the CrossFit Endurance Trainer Seminar on September 13-14. The Endurance course is a powerful weekend of getting faster, stronger and increasing overall fitness/performance. This introduction to CrossFit Endurance fundamentals is ideal for coaches/trainers, all endurance athletes, CrossFit athletes looking to shave WOD times or simply for those of you looking to fine tune your run mechanics.

CrossFit Roseburg posted an article
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A. Mobility B. Warm-up w/ blank bar 10 muscle snatch from the hang 10 hang power snatch 10 behind the neck push press 10 good mornings 1 round C. WOD Teams of 2 A. 300m Team Run 18 muscle-ups (Rx Lite: 40 pull-ups) 300m Team Run 16 muscle-ups (30 pull-ups) 300m Team Run 14 muscle-ups (20 pull-ups) Each time the athlete breaks a set of muscle-ups or pull-ups they must run 200m as a team. 12 minute cap. Rest 3 to 5 minutes (set-up bars for WOD B) B. 40 Hand Release Push-ups 30 Power Snatch …

CrossFit Olympia shared an image on Facebook

Tom is being supportive during Jeremy's Bday Burpees. I think this deserves a caption contest. Lol

CrossFit Break Through posted on Facebook

Workout for Wed, July 30, 2014 A.) 15-20 Minutes Gymnastics Skill 1st Station: Rope Climbing 2nd Station: Hand Balancing 3rd Station: Muscle-up Practice B.) 3 Rounds - Max Effort 1000m Row Rest as much as needed between efforts ***During Rest, Foam Roll and work on Midline Stability***

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Wednesday's thought ...

CrossFit Everett shared a link on Facebook

Wednesday's WOD

CrossFit Everett shared a link on Facebook

beef tallow ... hmmm ...

CrossFit Everett posted on Facebook

The WOD has a way of trying to mess with your mind. That's its job. Your job is not to let it.

CrossFit Olympia posted an article
CrossFit Southwest Portland posted on Facebook

WarmUp Run or Row 400m 1 Len KneeHigh 1 Len ButtKick 2 Rounds :10 HSH 5 KipSwing 1) 5x3 HangPowerClean; Rest as needed 2) 10 Rounds ForTime 15 PushUp 100m ShuttleRun Cool Roll

CrossFit Outcome shared an image on Facebook

CrossFit Prineville posted on Facebook

ROPE CLIMBS tomorrow peeps! Bring protection! lol

CrossFit i1uvit shared an image on Facebook

New i1uvit bolder head bands are in! 5 color options, $25 each.

CrossFit Grants Pass posted an article
Rogue Valley CrossFit shared a link on Facebook

Rogue Valley CrossFit posted an article
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Front Squat + KB Swing and Prowler #legday #strengthtraining

Bridgetown CrossFit posted an article

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