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How CrossFit Causes Injuries

How CrossFit Causes Injuries

Does CrossFit cause injuries? Or are our bodies already damaged before we start CrossFit? Either way, you need a good coach and common sense for prevention.

The Need For A Workout Partner

It is no doubt that the best way to get involved in crossfit is to join a box, but there is a legion of us who workout at home. It is liberating to be able to have a space that is your own. When you work out on your own you have much more freedom....
games swimming

Fish Out of Water?: Visualization for swimming CrossFitters

There I was, 6am, struggling through my swim practice as the emerging Texas sun painted oranges and pinks across the sky.  Beautiful pool, lovely peaceful setting except for the sound of my flailing arms and sputtering.  Like lots of CrossFitters, I’m a land-lover.  Simple really.  No pool at the box, so I …

The Importance of Carbohydrates for CrossFitters

Though it’s common for some people to get into CrossFit as a result of their desire to lose weight, they soon find out that this isn’t a sport in which a limited carb diet is recommended. Although high-protein, low- or no-carb nutritional plans may be all the rage among some people, CrossFitters are cautioned against...

When Crossfit Changes a Life

I remember the first time I heard about Crossfit. I had recently come home from filming season 4 of NBC’s “The Biggest Loser” and I had all kinds of people coming out of the woodwork to shower me with ideas on how to stay fit. “You know the secret? Just walk 30 minutes a day....

Reality Bites.

by Jan Dayleg, Head Coach/ Co-Owner, CrossFit 5 Triple 9 Really? Really dude? Are you for real? Serio gai? Seriously? Are you still complaining? In what I would call a humble career in the fitness industry, six years of training personal clients, four years as a CrossFit coach, three different facilities with the most …

Kind of Science: Part One

The Avocado Prelude. Six months ago I left a job in a flash office building. It was a modest twenty eight floors with about fifteen hundred people, a relaxation floor, two floors of snazzy meeting rooms and the greatest corporate locker room ever (daily fresh towels, roomy lockers, and free hybrid soap shampoo). Every …

The Crossfit Family

Today I saw in action the passion and strength of my Crossfit family. One of my “sisters” messaged all the girls saying that she needed her butt kicked extra hard in the WOD if we saw her looking distracted as she had split up with her boyfriend. Straight away the girls messaged her back, reminding...

What motivates you?

What drives you to get up at 4:30 in the morning to go do your workout? What helps you to take the left turn to the gym and not the right turn towards home after work every day? What is the burning desire deep inside you to reach your goal, to achieve that personal best,...
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CrossFit Silver Spring posted an article
CrossFit Silver Spring posted an article
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Friday Workout

CrossFit Revamped posted on Facebook

What a great "Active Recovery" day we had at CFRV!! : ) Proud of you all, looked like it was a fun one. Great work at the Open skill work tonight too! It's Finally Friday so here we go: Skill work: :60 of work/:20 of rest (Alternate each minute until you complete 4 at each) - Handstand walking (max distance) Scaled will do max wall runners - Snatch technique complex (75/55) C&Rx (Bar only for scaled) Complex will consist of: 1 Muscle Snatch at each position (Ground, above knee, hip) then.. 1 Power Snatch at each position (Ground, above knee, hip) WOD For time: (rest will be included in your time) 21 Power Snatches (155/105) C (135/95) Rx (95/65) S Run 200m -Rest 1- 18 Hang Power Cleans (Same weight) Run 200m -Rest 1 min.- 15 Thrusters (same weight) Run 200m Time Cap: 12min.

CrossFit WhiteMarsh posted an article
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Brian Mackenzie demos how to hold stable position in your run-

CrossFit MPH shared a link on Facebook

Friday, August 22, 2014

CrossFit Federal Hill posted an article
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Arenal Fitness posted an article
LaLanne Fitness posted on Facebook

Schedule for Saturday - No Regular Classes! Lose the secret identity and get your superhero on! In-House Partner Throwdown - There is No "I" In Hero: A Superhero Showdown 7:30am - Gym Opens/Warm-Up on your own 8:20am - Event & WOD #1 Briefing 8:30am - WOD #1 - "Justice League - Danger Balls!" 9:30am - WOD #2 - "The Avengers - Bars Attack!" 10:30am - WOD #3 - "Wonder Twin Powers Activate!" 11:30am - Potluck/Party/Prizes (please bring a dish to share) The WODs will be short AMRAPs and something any member can do! Check your email for more details.

CrossFit Kindred posted an article
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#TBT: Coach Steph maxing out the awesome meter, #Smackdown 2012. Read on for more about Steph's journey to CrossFit -- from jump-roping in Beijing to coaching with CFDC: ... and stay tuned, CFDC, for more details about what's on tap this Sept 27:

savfmarie published the post Strength-to-Endurance Balance: Evaluating Your Needs on
It’s the box version of the chicken-versus-egg question… Which is more important to a...
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A little throwback to the Annapolis District crew during Open workout 14.1. What do you want to see in the open this year? #tbt

LaLanne Fitness shared an image on Facebook

This Saturday at the Partner Throwdown, a little Roulette.

CrossFit MPH shared an image on Facebook

High rings stare-down from Monday's ring dip skill work in the #5oclockhappyhour!

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Thursday WOD

South Baltimore CrossFit posted on Facebook

Lots of PR's this morning! Congrats to Steve with a 95lb weighted pull up, press pr and Fran PR! Carley broke 200lb on her DL and Stacey hit a CGB PR! Great work!

CrossFit Harbor East posted on Facebook

Thursday, August 21, 2014 CrossFit Make Up a Missed WOD OR Part 1 - WOD: Partner Teams 100 Box Jump Overs (24/20) 200 Alt Plate Push Ups 100 Deadlifts (185/135) Scaled - step overs, knee push ups, 135/95 Competitor - 30/24, 225/155 CardioFit (12:15pm @ CFHE) 500m Row 50 Barbell Thrusters 1 mile Run Specialty (5pm @ CFHE. 6:30pm @ CFOM & CF695) Rope Climbs Competitor (7:30pm @ CFHE & CFOM) Part A - Push press 3x2 @ 80%, 4x2 @ 70%, 5x2 @ 60% Part B - Pendlay row 6x3 Part C - 6rds Every 3 min 10 Front Rack Lunge (115/75) 10 KB Swings (32/24) 5 S-2-O (145/105)

CrossFit Silicon Valley shared a link on Facebook

Today is Michaela's BIRTHDAY! - Scored a little wine flight time with this ethereal beauty to start her birthday week! Yay for me! Happy Birthday Coach M! Cheers to another year of fruitful happiness with family, friends and fitness. We love you- Cin cin!LEVEL 1ACTIVATION:36 Air Squats + 21 Straight Leg Burpees3x10"/10" PVC box BS3x10"/10" PVC thrusters36 hollow rock to supermanCrossover Symmetry ActivationSKILLS:5min working on GHDSU medball throwsSTREN...

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Long Interval

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The blog has been updated at Diablo CrossFit

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Main - CrossFit A. Paused Front Squat (@24X1, 6x2; rest 2min) + Metcon (2 Rounds for time) 2 sets ‘all out’ - row 250m - 20 KBS 53/35 - 25 burpees - 20 KBS 53/35 - row 250m - rest 8 min Notes - build per set - pause for 4 sec at bottom of FS, focus on a tight, upright position - metcon is ALL OUT both sets

CrossFit Iron Mary's shared a link on Facebook

Main - CrossFit Endurance CE Skills and Drills 15 minutes of swim skills 15 minutes of row skills Metcon (AMRAP - Rounds and Reps) AMRAP 10 minutes 75 Meter Swim 1 Deep Water MU 15 Push Press (95/65) Swim is 1 rep Metcon (AMRAP - Rounds and Reps) AMRAP 10 minutes 150 Meter Row 1 MU 15 Push Press (95/65)

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The future ❤️ #FuBarbell #CrossFit

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Don’t Fall Victim to Stealthy Sugar!

CrossFit Amundson posted an article
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CrossFit Invictus posted on Facebook

Tonight's Invictus Endurance Team track workout: Two sets: Run 1 mile - Rest 2 minutes Run 1200M - Rest 2 minutes Run 800M - Rest 2 minutes See you at the San Diego High School Track at 6:45pm!

GymnasticsWOD shared a link on Facebook

Here is the Freestyle Connection Seminar tour stops for SEPTEMBER. I look forward to seeing you all there! September 6, 2014 in Minneapolis, MN at CrossFit Mendota September 7, 2014 in Denver, CO at Centennial CrossFit September 20, 2014 in Philadelphia, PA at CrossFit Ridge Ave September 21, 2014 in Medfield, MA at Reebok CrossFit Medfield Visit to register:

GymnasticsWOD shared an image on Facebook

"I will be at @Costco in Danville with my coauthor @tonysherbondy tomorrow Thursday the 21st from 5-7p. If you are in the area, come stop by to say hi! We will be hanging out, meeting people and signing copies of the book. Much love to everyone for the ongoing support with this project. ✌️ Photo cred: @thatschmittcray" - Carl Paoli

Walnut Creek CrossFit posted an article
CrossFit Brand X Poway posted on Facebook

You get 2 chances at Yoga this week! Join Emily this Thursday at 6:15 and again on Saturday at 11:30! Your body deserves it!

CrossFit Invictus shared a link on Facebook

Check out PurePharma's new video - "A Day in the Life of Lauren Fisher"!

CrossFit Coronado posted on Facebook

The new shirts are here (minus camo and pink ladies tanks) and ready! They will be at the gym in time for today's evening classes to buy them! For this week only shirts are $20 (tanks and t-shirts). Next week they will be the regular price of $25. We've got man tanks too (limited number so if you want one come get one)!

CrossFit San Diego shared an image on Facebook

CrossFit San Diego shared an image on Facebook

CrossFit San Diego shared an image on Facebook

CrossFit No Boundaries posted on Facebook

Childcare Available this Thursday 5-7pm Drop Off at Creekside Park 4 Spots Left $8 first kiddo $5 additional kiddos 1. Must add them to your "Family" in Zen Planner then 2. Go to "Sign UP" (On the left hand side) to sign each child into the Childcare Program 3. Click on the Childcare tab on the main calendar 5pm-7pm Registration closes at 10am day of and we need to meet a minimum. This is a trial run. All money to be paid cash to our childcare person at the time of pickup. As we continue to develop childcare options, something to keep in mind is this...a co-op option which would cost nothing. But until then, we will try to offer Thursdays from 5-7 as long as there is interest. Thanks! Nadin Hare Paul Leafstedt, Natalia Silveira-Escobedo, Pamela Hammer Michno, Amanda Miller McLeod, Max Seraj, Chrissy Seraj, Sarah Pearson-Beck, Monique Leon,

CrossFit Invictus shared a link on Facebook

Tips on how to roll on the run!

CrossFit Fortius shared an image on Facebook

Lindsey S. in her first ever CrossFit competition tying for 3rd place (missing out on the podium by the 2nd tiebreaker) in the Intermediate division. Less than a year into CrossFit, a bright future lies ahead for her :) #teamfortius #crossfit #crossfitfortius #sandiego #socal #competitor #california #sdsu #livesore #fortiuscompetitionteam #clean #jerk #turf #sandiegocrossfit #fitness #gym #olympiclifting #oly

Aliso CrossFit shared a link on Facebook

Messed up on RD 6 and did Burpees before the Deadlifts. Partnered with Nolan.

CrossFit Pleasanton shared a link on Facebook

Good News: Gluten-Free, Low-Carb Paleo Diet Hits the Mainstream

CrossFit Brand X Poway posted an article
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Brand X CrossFit Ramona WOD 20:00 EMOM first: strict pull-ups second: ring rows Followed by: "Annie" 50-40-30-20-10 Double-unders Sit-ups Then: mobilize

Aliso CrossFit shared a link on Facebook

Partnered with Jeff.

poollizelle published the post Change, good or bad? on
We don’t like change. It is implanted in our beings. If we have to go do something different, we...
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Somebody has a birthday today…

CrossFit No Boundaries posted an article
CrossFit San Diego shared an image on Facebook

CrossFit San Diego shared an image on Facebook

CrossFit San Diego shared an image on Facebook

You're welcome ladies!!!

CrossFit San Diego posted an article
Isabeau Miller published the post Coaching (and Being) an Under-Construction Athlete on
It’s arguable that all athletes are always “under-construction”-- trying to get...
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