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Strand Brewing Co: The Gem of the South Bay.  Get some.

Metacognition, Metcon, Beer. Anytime I drink beer, I feel creative. Thankfully, some really smart and ambitious types have taken care of the doubt I feel mid-brainstorm. It had been 8 months since I’d dropped my cross-training. 8 months of cycling-specific work. 8 months of hips and hamstrings getting tighter …
Tim Down

Athletes, Injuries and Loss of Identity

by TARYN HAGGERSTONE  “Who Am I?” Several months ago I was training a client who happened to be a psychologist, and during our sessions I feel as though what she told me challenged my brain as much as the exercises I gave her challenged her body. Even though I no longer work with that particular...

Happiness is at the bottom of the Box

My wife and I began our CrossFit journey in October of 2012. We had heard of this unique fitness experience from our friends and co-workers and decided to humor them at CrossFit 1st Due’s “bring a friend” night. We showed up that evening two months past the birth of our son with plenty of apprehension...

The 4 Pillars of Mental Toughness

by TARYN HAGGERSTONE  “The most important game you will ever play will happen on the 4 inch ‘field’ between your ears” That is something one of my all-time favourite coaches used to say back in Highschool, even though it is years since I have seen or spoken to him those words are have always stuck...

CrossFit for Kids ~ or rather ~ Girls

My daughter asked me if she could come to CrossFit with me. My box doesn’t have a CrossFit kids program… yet. So I told her that no, I didn’t want her to play on my Kindle Fire inside when it was such a nice day outside. She said, “No mom, I want to DO CrossFit.”...

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back: The Injured Athlete

Written by: SuMing Solberg I am an athlete. I’ve played competitive sports most of my life and work hard to reach the goals I set for myself. I played volleyball through college, ran 5ks, triathlons, and obstacle races, and then found CrossFit (Crossfit H2O). With a few minor exceptions, I have had an injury-free …

Just “One More Rep” – but is it really necessary?

We’ve all heard the phrase “one more rep” said in one form or another for a large part of our life. but is it really necessary? As Kids we heard “eat all your broccoli” even though we didn’t want to. We hear “put in one more hour” at the office all the time. In Crossfit...
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