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Virtuosity In Life

3…2…1…LIFE! The clock starts every morning whether we are ready for it or not but it is the ones who are ready for whatever comes next that will be successful. We train all day for the expected and unexpected challenges that life throws our way and virtuosity in life can be defined as performing the...

Traveling Without a Box

by HEATHER EISENMAN One of the things I have always loved about CrossFit is the predetermined WOD. I don’t have to plan anything or remember what I did the day before. I can just show up. I don’t have to be the “decider”. I don’t have to worry about whether this a push day or...
5 Laws for Masters Athletes

5 Laws for Masters Athletes

With life comes experience -- a huge advantage for Masters athletes. Alan Bishop, a lifelong athlete, shares the perspective he has gained in the long run.

No Excuses – EVER. 3 simple steps to kill the quitter inside.

What is it that makes you quit? Have you ever asked yourself that question?  Chances are that the same thing comes up again and again because that’s The Quitter Inside you. The Quitter manifests itself in our excuses and while for each of us these excuses may be different, their impact is the same. We...

The Open Hangover

With all major sporting events, there is the inevitable postpartum down slide which accompanies that feeling of the time after the finish. Whether its the last day of the World Cup, the Monday after the Superbowl or the Tuesday after March Madness, flipping the switch from excitement and energy filled enthusiasm to …

The CrossFit Principle in Life

A few months ago on my Facebook I posted about weight fluctuations and CrossFit. The weight fluctuations had nothing to do with CrossFit, but being the avid CrossFit advocate, that I am, I was afraid that my outward appearance could be easily misconstrued by the non-believers and the nay-sayers of CrossFit, as a direct …

Listen to your body

Your body is trying to tell you something, but are you listening? Do you know how to listen? What are the signs, symptoms and signals to watch for? Are you a compulsive exerciser? Are you married to the idea that you simply must do x number or workouts per week, x number of sets, run...

Peigi Duncan

Mother and retired English teacher Peigi went from “avoiding sweat” to teaching CrossFit to high school students. Name: Peigi Duncan Age: 58 Gym: CrossFit Kinetics, Halifax, Nova Scotia CrossFit start date: December 2009 Favorite movement: You won’t believe it, but..burpees! Least favorite movement: Toes to bar What …

Open to New Experience the 2013 CrossFit Open

For two years, I said, “no.” I didn’t want to “waste” my money. I knew I wasn’t even close to the top 2000 in my Region for the CrossFit Open, so like many others, what was the point? I don’t know what it was exactly that made me decide to do it, but I strongly...

Demystifying Common Strength Programs

by Kristin Newman Now that the CrossFit Open is complete, it’s back to our regularly scheduled programming for many people. If you’re looking to be more competitive when the next Open comes around, maybe it’s time for you to start taking a hard look at your strength training. There are many strength …
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