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Facebook ‘Tests Positive for Awesome’

Social media is a HUGE resource for brands, whether they use them or not. I’m currently taking a PR/Advertising class that focuses solely on social media and what it does for a brand and how it plays into the consumer’s daily life. Recently I was assigned to write about a brand that utilizes Facebook …

RE: Rhabdomyolysis and CrossFit’s Dirty Little Secret

I recently read an article called “Crossfit’s Dirty Little Secret.” I’d like to respond with some perspective on CrossFit’s history with Rhabdomyolysis, ask a few questions of the author, and request a little more nicety when talking about a large and growing community. But first, let me get something out of the …


by TARYN HAGGERSTONE I don’t normally think of drinking establishments as being the place to go for life advice but this bar, ‘Back Forty’, always seems to have really good sayings and this quote in particular is something I’ve always believed in – that our capacity to achieve is limitless. When it comes down …

Post-surgical rehabilitation for athletes: You need a map and a guide

by NICHOLE BLEUMLE|PT, DPT, MS, OCS, CSCS “Fractures well cured make us more strong.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson It happened, a significant injury that can’t be fixed with a little rest and conservative treatment.  This injury may have had nothing to do with your sport or training such as a motor vehicle accident, or …

There’s No Crying in CrossFit! (Except When There Is)

The first time I cried during a WOD was also my first DNF. It involved overhead squats and pull-ups. I had already fallen onto my rear with the bar overhead multiple times and ripped my hands wide open, resulting in enough blood and frustration that I walked to my car in tears and just drove...
Six Coaching Lessons to Be a Better Coach and Athlete

Six Coaching Lessons to Be a Better Coach and Athlete

Mike Robertson, owner of Robertson Training Systems and the co-owner of Indianapolis Fitness and Sports Training, writes in a genuine and heartfelt way about six key Lessons in Coaching he has learned in his fourteen years as a coach to athletes all across the spectrum.

Getting into the CrossFit Zone

by JACKSON YEE When everything is going right for an athlete, they get into that a state of mind where performance is on higher level than normal and it becomes effortless for them. The athlete is able to block out the normal distraction that usually impair performance like crowd noise, pressure, or personal issues. Many...
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