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Your Friend Fear

Ask people what their motivation is for exercising and eating right, and you’ll get a lot of different answers: wanting to be healthy, live longer, be stronger, fit into a bathing suit, make an ex jealous, etc. Motivation is a personal ingredient to fitness. And whatever works for you is great. But when it comes...

Time to get spicy.

If you’re anything like me you might just throw in a teaspoon of whatever spices you have knocking about in the cupboard to your dish in the hope that it will add some flavor. Well the brownie points go to us, that little sprinkle, all be it a last minute thought, can actually boost the...

Cheating in Sports and The Prisoner’s Dilemma

2013 – Lance Armstrong is found guilty of doping and is stripped of 7 Tour de France Gold Medals. 2000 – the Spanish Paralympic Mens Basketball teams takes the Gold medal, only to be disqualified when it was revealed 10 of the 12 athletes suffered no intellectual disability whatsoever. 1988 – Canadian …
In Defense of the Mirror

In Defense of the Mirror

Used well, the mirror can be used for the forces of good -- for technique work, setting-up movements, cueing positions, etc. Reflect on that...

Modified 5X5 Stronglifts Program

Right, I am guessing y’all ‘ve heard about the Strong Lifts 5×5 Program, made so famous by Mehdi. Having tried it previously I know that it works like a charm and your strength gains are phenomenal. Last time around, however, I’ve had to let go within a few weeks because of a knee niggle flaring...
Are You An Animal?

Are You An Animal?

Animal crawls aren't just for kids anymore. They challenge your mobility, stability, coordination, proprioception, conditioning, and strength.
CrossFit to Quit

CrossFit to Quit

For this former smoker, CrossFit "broke the routine, injected me with new motivation, and provided a built-in network of support." Now he's quit for good.

“Ready for Action, 2013”- Finding the Fittest in Israel!

On a cold rainy morning on the Mediterranean beach 68 competitors met to challenge the 3rd annual “Ready for Action- Fittest In Israel” competition. Since the event’s inception, CrossFit in Israel has exploded. Growing from one box, Crossfit Herzliya, in 2010 to 10 boxes today. This year 3 Israelis will compete in …

Virtuosity In Life

3…2…1…LIFE! The clock starts every morning whether we are ready for it or not but it is the ones who are ready for whatever comes next that will be successful. We train all day for the expected and unexpected challenges that life throws our way and virtuosity in life can be defined as performing the...

Traveling Without a Box

by HEATHER EISENMAN One of the things I have always loved about CrossFit is the predetermined WOD. I don’t have to plan anything or remember what I did the day before. I can just show up. I don’t have to be the “decider”. I don’t have to worry about whether this a push day or...
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