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Stop Babying Yourself

by JACKSON YEE Once a week my CrossFit gym has an open gym. I love this time because it enables me to work at my own pace without the near death experience of a metcon. When I’m training independently, nothing is more annoying to me than those who go to my box and just complain...
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Plan Your Work & Work Your Plan

  Exercise program planning is simply creating a map to a certain fitness and competition destination. It’s a way to create a road map to your desired goals and objectives. Think about grocery shopping. You should go in the store with a list of things you plan to buy and a reason for that list....

The Sweet Lifestyle

I acquired a taste the moment I was born. Small town. Small talk. Heck it’s one small world. Big dreams. Big hopes. Heck it’s one giant ride. I crave the burn and the 3-2-1. When I speak of acquiring a taste, I speak of one that built a foundation for these two feet to walk...

So You’re In a CrossFit Competition? Be Kind to Your Judge!

By Meg Green I’ll never forget my first CrossFit Competition. It was Test Your Metal in 2011 at the Lehigh Valley Sportsfest in Allentown, Pa. It’s natural to be nervous at a competition, and I was. There’s a huge difference between tackling a WOD when no one is watching versus performing not only with an...

CrossFit 2025 – (where’s my jetpack?)

by JOHNNY ROOKS Technology is seeping into the CrossFit world in mostly expected ways.  We carry our PRs in our pockets, check in and out of the box on touch-screens, and even participate with athletes around the world during the Open from our garages. It’s cool.  But it’s no jetpack.  When I was a kid, the...
Crossfit Kettlebell and battle rope at gym

The Grip Factor: How a Strong Grip is Essential to CrossFit

Grip. If you have been CrossFitting long enough, you will know that there is at least a handful of WODs where your grip has failed. You can no longer hold your barbell, can’t hang from the pull up bar, and your hands and arms begin to look like T-Rex. Most of us have been there...
Strand Brewing Co: The Gem of the South Bay.  Get some.

Metacognition, Metcon, Beer. Anytime I drink beer, I feel creative. Thankfully, some really smart and ambitious types have taken care of the doubt I feel mid-brainstorm. It had been 8 months since I’d dropped my cross-training. 8 months of cycling-specific work. 8 months of hips and hamstrings getting tighter …
Tim Down

Athletes, Injuries and Loss of Identity

by TARYN HAGGERSTONE  “Who Am I?” Several months ago I was training a client who happened to be a psychologist, and during our sessions I feel as though what she told me challenged my brain as much as the exercises I gave her challenged her body. Even though I no longer work with that particular...

Happiness is at the bottom of the Box

My wife and I began our CrossFit journey in October of 2012. We had heard of this unique fitness experience from our friends and co-workers and decided to humor them at CrossFit 1st Due’s “bring a friend” night. We showed up that evening two months past the birth of our son with plenty of apprehension...
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