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Women’s Only: Ashley N. Cline

After over-indulging during her pregnancy, find out how Ashley N. Cline is working to improve her toddler's nutrition one bite at a time -- a familiar challenge for many parents today.

Women’s Only: Ashley N. Cline

Ashley N. Cline, pregnant mother of one, currently blogs about her experiences CrossFitting and trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle during her second pregnancy. Today she shares what she has learned at the halfway point.

Women’s Only: Michaela Xavier

Michaela Xavier, owner and coach at CrossFit Silicon Valley, answers our questions on how she gets the most out of her limited time at the box; how she manages eating as a busy mom; and why she practices lifting with any available bar she can find.

Women’s Only: Cindy Lau

I love CrossFit. I also love Bikram yoga. So I’m often puzzled to hear the occasional CrossFitter disparaging yoga as, essentially, weak sauce. On the contrary, I’ve experienced CrossFit and yoga as the perfect complements.

Women’s Only: Laci Greene

As a woman and a CrossFitter, strength is very important to me in my workout routine. Strength provides a solid foundation for all aspects of fitness, whether you are a runner, a basketball player, or a mom. I don't think anyone would argue that being strong makes everything in life easier.
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