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Jeff Fuhring

Jeff, a former DI college soccer player, is a fierce competitor who uses his mental toughness to crush WODs and push his clients as well.
Daniel Garo from Norcal CrossFit

Daniel Garo

Daniel, a former pro baseball player, found that CrossFit filled a competitive void in his life after returning from an injury.

Jessica Latham

Meet Jessica Latham, a San Diego native who is passionate about healthy living. Of course, she also happens to be a CrossFit dynamo and loves working hard at the box.

Grace Wu

Gracie Wu uses CrossFit to help her enjoy the other parts of her life, from snowboarding to trekking through parts of South America for fun. Sounds good to us, too.

Michaela Xavier

Michaela, admittedly, "hated" CrossFit initially. Now she is a stellar coach, elite CrossFit athlete, and box owner with her husband.
Irene Mejia

Irene Mejia

Irene Mejia, once a "coach potato," has lost over 100 lbs since starting CrossFit in June 2010 and continues to celebrate every milestone along the way. She is truly inspirational.
Dallas Gotschall from LaLanne Fitness

Dallas Gotschall

Meet Dallas Gotschall, a San Francisco resident & member of LaLanne Fitness. Find out how the movie 300 rejuvenated his training regimen.
CrossFit athlete Riley Yamamoto

Riley Yamamoto

Riley, a portfolio analyst in his daily life, now does "Meathead Saturdays" with his CrossFit crew. And did we mention he loves front squats?
CrossFit SV athlete Neren Argente

Neren Argente

Neren is an amazingly dedicated CrossFitter who cooks up some mean Paleo meals. "The Enforcer" has only grown stronger with time in her CrossFit journey.
CrossFit SV athlete Chai Landicho

Chai Landicho

Chai is a runner-turned-CrossFitter who has rediscovered her self-confidence and built a strong community of friendships through CrossFit.
CrossFit SV athlete Leanne Chen

Leanne Chen

Meet Leanne, an engineer working in Silicon Valley. She likes her split jerks and her carbs, too. Did we mention she also makes sweat angels?
Coach Kristy Parrish from CrossFit Fairbanks

Kristy Parrish

Kristy started CrossFit three years ago in San Jose, and now she CrossFits in Alaska. Weightlifting is ideal when it's 50-below outside...
Monica Garzon-Wilson from CrossFit SV demonstrating a proper thruster

Monica Garzon-Wilson

Monica is a hard-working CrossFit mom who manages to balance work, kids, and her home with grace. Fun fact: She loves bench presses.
Coach Larry Pastor from CrossFit Silicon Valley

Larry Pastor

Larry is a great coach and a dedicated, experienced CrossFitter. Who knew that this former lab rat would grow into a natural firebreather?
Matt Bernan's tabata tale

Matt Bernan

Like many of us, Matt wishes he would have found CrossFit earlier in life. Now he pushes through WODs by thinking about delicious food...

Vicky Herana

Vicky is a corporate fitness manager who has used CrossFit to broaden her knowledge in training others. Ask her about her hook grip, too.

Amado Burgos

Amado learned about CrossFit from none other than his fellow trainer friends and learned to love it... but he does not (yet?) love burpees.
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Free TJ's shirt if you can find the one-and-only MARCUS FILLY in this picture of the meet-and-greet at the CrossFit Games. Fair warning, it's not like Where's Waldo, as we can't guarantee he's in there, though we think he is. Photo credit: Megan Kaden. #tjsgyms #marcusfilly #crossfitgames #famous

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-Want to Move like a CrossFit Champion? Coach Carl Paoli Says You Need to Get Back to Basics- Check out this feature in The Huffington Post's Sports Blog.

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When I was seven years old, my mother proudly showed me the space between her thighs as she stood...
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Check out the trailer for the second book from the great minds at Mobility Wod. This is going to be awesome! PS bonus points if you can find TJ in the video!

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Congrats to the CF Games men's 60+ competitors, many of whom we've had the good fortune of knowing via our Masters Competitions.

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Open the tunnels of your feet so you can run longer and more often.

CrossFit Coronado posted on Facebook

The dip bars should be here tomorrow, and we just placed an order for some more ladies bars! Gonna make yall strong!!!!

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Brand X CrossFit Ramona WOD Deadlifts Followed by: 10:00 AMRAP burpees wall ball Then: 3x 1:00 plank 10 toes to bar Mobilize: Hips Roll out lats

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THROWBACK THRUSDAY! Jess T. with BACK TO BACK parking tickets she received last month! HAHAHA! Sometimes the gamble of not putting in change in the parking meter doesn’t pay off. #Throwbackthursday #tbt #CFSD #Barbarella #Ifoughtthelawandthelawwon #alwayshavesparechangeonyou #aquartergetyou30mins

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THROWBACK THURSDAY! Bill B. maxing out on Clean & Jerks at The Battle of The Barracks II in August 2013. We also want to give him a very special shout out for donating a brand new drum fan to the gym! We are truly speechless at the generosity of this man. When you see this gentle giant at the gym, please be sure to give him a handshake, pat on the back, and a hug! THANK YOU, BILL!! #Throwbackthursday #tbt #TEAMCFSD #niceandcoolintheafternoon #someoneisboundtohogthefan

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I wish I had a swimming pool…

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Seth Oberst DPT CSCS published the post Using Grip Training to Hack the Nervous System and Improve Performance on
What is the target organ/system of training? While many think it's the muscular or cardiovascular...
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Thursday 24 July

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WODs are turnt up with a Live DJ during Games week.. Visitors welcome to come WOD with us! #crossfitgames2014 #carsongames #stubhub #carson #carsoncrossfit #crossfit #wod #funning #carsonstrong

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Just in time for summer, new CFMG tanks are in for men and women! Pick one up today! #sun'soutgunsout #englishmajorhastoputanapostropheinthehashtag

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Anyone else still seeing stars from those squats today? Tomorrow we do a 5 Minute AMRAP…X4. No biggie. See you in the gym!

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"Pick Your Poison" THURSDAY 15 Min- Coached Handstand Practice Then it's your choice which girl you'll tango with Fran Isabel or Elizabeth #CFI14

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CFBH 7.24 WOD A 15 rounds 30s on/30s off Row for distance Rest 5 Min between WODs WOD B For Time: (15min Cap) 50-40-30-20-10 Wall Balls *200m Med Ball Carry between rounds (4 times) *Start and end with Wall Balls

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WOD 7.23 results!

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Who has Tickets to the CrossFit Games? For those who want to we will be meeting at the Box and heading to Carson each day. Let us know when you are going?

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Jeff (@jlomonies) getting aggressive on those muscle ups! Yeah buddy! || #cfnb #theironNB #Muscleups #crossfit

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Thursday: 5 Rounds 5 Box jumps 5 Toes to Bar 5 Laps (with Heavy DB Farmer Carry) Happy Birthday Charli Alu & Matt Grunseich!

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A big ACF shout out to one of our newest members, Saran P. In just over a month with ACF she has cut almost 5% bodyfat, lost 1" in her waist, and 1.5" in her hips. Her secret. . . she attends ACF consistently 3 x per week and she switched to a strict Paleo diet. And the best part of the whole thing, for all of you who get wrapped around body weight, she actually INCREASED her body weight by 1 pound! Nice work, Saran!

paleobutter published the post Paleo Butter Protein Muffins on Nutrition WOD
  Ahhh the protein muffin recipe. The holy grail of performance recipes....Here it is. This...
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Join team Carson CrossFit at the Los Angeles Neon Dash!!! StubHub Center Friday, September 26 from 6PM - 11PM $5 off if you sign up today. Use coupon code “FIVE”.

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We had Australia, Norway and Texas in the house at the 3pm!

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Only 12 More Days until Coach Nate returns home at FAST

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Feeling a little sore and stiff this week? Or stressed out? Or both? Come to Yoga tonight at 8pm at CFMG led by the lovely Angelica Barrera. It's FREE for all CFMG members!

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Does anyone need Friday Games Tix? I have 2 for $40 each. I also have 1 for Saturday $40. Let me know. Thanks- Kelly

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Wednesday July 23rd 2014 All Levels Deadlift Warm Up 5 reps 40% 5 reps 50% 3 reps 60% Work Set 5 x 75% 3 x 85% 1+ 95% 21-15-9 Body Weight deadlift Box Jump

CrossFit Redondo shared an image on Facebook

250 yard swim 50 KB Thrusters (25/24) 30 Burpees 500 yard swim 30 Burpees 50 KB Thrusters 250 yard swim

Aliso CrossFit shared a link on Facebook

3 rounds for time of: Run, 400 m 11 Hang Power Snatches 12 Pull-ups 13 Hang Power Cleans

CrossFit 323 shared a link on Facebook

FRONT SQUAT: 12 – 12 – 12 @ 60% of 1 rep max then BENCH PRESS: 12 – 12 – 12 @ 60% of 1 rep max then AMRAP 10:00 9 Goblet Squats 7 Burpees 5 Ring-dipsFiled under: lifting, WODs Tagged: AMRAP, bench press, burpees, front squats, goblet squat, ring-dips

CrossFit Burbank posted on Facebook

07/23/2014 Strength Day Either Deadlift or Squat Cycle **Do not neglect strength days, metcons are great but they do not build the same strength that a classic strength program can. Be safe with your movements** Finisher: Ivan, Igor, or Ivana

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