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Kevin Latham

Kevin found CrossFit through the U.S. Army ten years ago and is stil going strong. You may want to keep your distance, though, during Cindy.

Trinh Phung

Trinh's trainer made her try CrossFit back in 2009. This accountant now knows how to budget time for CrossFit into her busy schedule.

Dan Mochizuki

Dan thought he wasn't "athletic" prior to CrossFit, but now his fave move is a muscle-up. Read his tale to see how he maintains a healthy perspective on CF in his life.

Aaron Costa

About one year ago, former college soccer player & engineer Aaron started CrossFitting because his wife encouraged him to try it out. Nothing like a little friendly competition at the box.

Darrin Lee

Darrin found CrossFit after growing weary of his globo gym. Now he relishes both the intensity of his WODs and his CF community. Find out why he is a bit wary of rowers, though.

Krista Winell

Krista is proof that fitness favors the bold. Besides "runner" and "gymnast," she added "CrossFit athlete" to her athletic resumé last year. The rest of her family can only try to keep up with her.

Steve Kpa

Steve Kpa is an experienced personal trainer and CrossFit coach who brings humility and knowledge to every training session. His martial arts background gives him even more perspective on the importance of maintaining balance -- at the box and in life.

Bobby Menbari

Meet Bobby Menbari, a cyclist-turned-CrossFitter. Who actually likes toes to bar? This guy.

Judd Xavier

Meet Judd Xavier, head coach and owner of CrossFit Silicon Valley, father, husband, and so much more. His enthusiasm as a CrossFit coach and athlete only continues to grow with time.
Steve Aragones_Frog

Steve Aragones

Meet Steve Aragones, a father of two who remains forever young with his positive attitude and his appetite for CrossFit WODs. When his daughter is home from college, you can catch her trying to keep up with dad at the box.

Todd Wise

Meet Todd Wise, who is new(er) to CrossFit but not new to sports. Keep your eye on this talented athlete -- he's learning fast and not looking back.
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