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How to Treat Hand Rips

If you do rip your hands, it is possible to continue training. Learn how to treat and tape your hands so you can heal and still hit a WOD.

Mobilize Your Mind: Athlete Self Talk

It is a known fact that we talk to ourselves all the time – sometimes inside our heads, and sometimes out loud. For those of us Crossfitters, this means we are also, inevitably, talking to ourselves in a certain way in the time leading up to a workout, during the workout itself, and afterward. What if we consciously …
Steve Kpa doing from CrossFit SV doing a dead lift

Deadlifts: The Set-Up

Benchmark WODs such as Diane, Grace, and Elizabeth all possess a deadlift movement. Herein, however, lies the problem: habituation has reinforced oversight of the crucial set-up.
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