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Supplement Review: Xwerks Grow

Supplement Review: Xwerks Grow

Nutrition surrounding the training window is one of those topics that you can never really escape if you regularly coach or train with others. After you answer the usual questions about pre-workout intake, you’ll then either discuss intra-workout or post-workout intake. Luckily, since post-workout has been more of the …

EMOMs & Skill Development

Using EMOMs is one structure to help you work on weaknesses and/or get in extra skill practice in a timely way. Taryn Haggerstone breaks it down.
Acceptance + the Aging Athlete

Acceptance + the Aging Athlete

"I’m 45 today. I want to be fit and healthy. I want to belong to a community filled with young and old who share the same feelings about fitness. I want to cheer and be cheered on, when in the midst of seemingly impossible physical challenges."
Why I CrossFit

Why I CrossFit

So many of us start CrossFit to look better and find out that the strength gains and confidence extend far beyond the gym.
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