Change, good or bad?

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We don’t like change. It is implanted in our beings. If we have to go do something different, we shy away from it or worse yet, we speak out against it. We feel empowered when we voice our opinions and we do it everywhere. It is especially powerful because of social media and the power of these platforms. Some of our opinions are very valid but sometimes we are really just scared of the truth.
What am I babbling about? Well, the bulk of my thoughts are about nutrition and our eating habits, but let’s go back a bit. Just remember some of the things we used to do (and many of us still do these things out of habit or we really just don’t believe that it hurts us of don’t give us the results we want, or we just don’t like change). Two of those things are sit ups and crunches. It has been proven over and over and over again that sit ups and crunches hurt your back. Maybe not today or next month or even next year, but all these repetitive, lying on your back does absolutely nothing and it can seriously injure you for life. (I am talking back ops the works here) The second thing on my little list is slow, long, boring cardio. Again, it has been proven that a couple of quick but really intense sessions will do your body some serious favours in the fat burning department. Do some hill sprints once or twice a week and you will see how your body changes in front of your eyes. But come Monday, you will see the cardio brigade on all the possible cardio machines in the gym. Why? Maybe because it is just easier to go at a slow and steady pace for an hour than to really put that incline up and speed the belt up for a few hundred metres for 20 minutes.
Training like a bodybuilder when you are not? Awesome for bodybuilders due to the aesthetics that they have to nail during competition season. Most of us, however, are not bodybuilders, we just want to look good and feel good and use our bodies effectively when we have to catch a running toddler or dog, pick up the sofa to clean under it or carry our groceries to the car. We need to train for the every day. So drop the bicep curls and do some barbell cleans, deadlifts and presses. Get hold of a kettlebell and learn how to swing and snatch it or throw a sandbag around. These will not only get the heart pumping. It will train almost every muscle in your body and in double quick time. But the single muscle group exercises are easier to do so we stick with them.
I think my biggest gripe at the moment is eating. People are very quick to “hate” the concept of higher fat and higher protein diets out there. Again, it is all about what we were taught all our life, that low fat and higher carb diets are what keep heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure at bay. There are so many people out there proving otherwise but no way are we listening to them. We speak out against these authors and scientists before even reading everything you can get your hands on about the subject. Nope, it is much easier just to sit in our corner and tell everybody how we feel about the subject.
The point of my blabbering today is just to let yourself out of your comfort zone every so often. We did not know everything, ever. We learn these things by putting nose to book (or internet or whatever your means of learning is) and get to know what goes on behind a statement before we condemn. A long time ago I also did sit ups and crunches and believed they were good exercises. I learnt that they are not by reading a lot. Give new ideas and research a chance.

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