Coaching Roundtable CrossFit Open 14.5: Tips & Advice

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Coaching Roundtable CrossFit Open 14.5: tips & advice
The 2014 CrossFit Open concludes with workout 14.5, a descending ladder of thrusters and bar-facing burpees. Just like for 14.114.2, 14.3 and 14.4, we bring together an all-star panel of some of the best coaches in the world of CrossFit to give you their thoughts on the workout and how they would counsel athletes to tackle it with tips & advice from their extensive coaching experience.

Soak it all up, enjoy and make this one your best workout of this year’s Open!

Brian MacKenzie: Athlete Cell and CrossFit Endurance

Again, the plan is pacing and knowing your limits.

Thrusters and burpees = metabolic derangement.

30 min warm up starting with 7’s. Mobilize the shoulders, hips and ankles. If you have horrible ankle ROM, Oly shoes will benefit you (they will benefit everyone, except the weight they carry on burpees).

Learn to rest on thrusters at the top of the thruster, and not to drop the bar if at all possible. After you’ve mobilized get into some double-under work to stimulate elasticity needed for burpees. Do a few thruster burpee rounds as outlined in the video to get an understanding of the WOD at hand. Rest 3-5 min before you start.

Once the clock starts, composure is the game. If you go outside your fitness ability you will get buried. If you cruise this thing until you know you can push you will surprise yourself. With Rich we talked about waiting until the 12’s to punch it.

You probably are someone who should wait until the 9’s or 6’s. That said, if you pace it right there is no reason why you can’t push harder at the 12’s. Just be conscious of your ability!

And have fun…

Ken Crowder and Paul Klein: CrossFit 77

Wes Piatt: Coast Range CrossFit

Wes Piatt: Coast Range CrossFit
This one’s gonna hurt, for everyone! Doesn’t matter what your fitness level is, this is gonna be a doozie.

Before heading into this one I would spend some time mobilizing your hip flexors and front rack position. Spending some time in the bottom of a squat with a barbell on your knees will help with tight ankles as well.

Watching all 5 of these studly athletes attack this workout in different ways was awesome.

I loved Rich’s approach. Calm, smooth and never rushed. If you are trying to put up a top score on this it has to be unbroken. Staying calm is the key, but moving steady is just as important.

I would suggest doing a half-second pause at the top of each thruster to take a breath and keep a cadence. I’ve found this not only helps me keep moving, but reminds me to breathe. Something that is funny to say, but that we always forget to do during high-output movements like a thruster, squat snatch, or squat clean.

For the burpees, I like to use a quick pop-up instead of a worm. It saves the lower back and helps you stand tall, which again will get you breathing normally again.

I wouldn’t suggest doing it again. Do this on a day you feel great and give it everything you’ve got.

This is gonna take you to a place you don’t want to visit very often …. if ever.

Good luck guys and have a beer for me after!

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