Coaching Roundtable: CrossFit Open 16.2

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Kane Greene,

Coaching Roundtable: CrossFit Open 16.2

[T]o post a competitive score you need to be strong and have a motor to back it.
Open strength testing is back in normal fashion. A little tease that 16.2 is something heavy, followed by 2-300 reps to get through before that happens. I really like this workout because you have to be proficient at basic CrossFit exercises, and to post a competitive score you need to be strong and have a motor to back it.

For this one the strategies I’ve come up with just after a few hours after watching the release and thinking about it a bit are totally different depending on where you are as a competitor, as these are three movements that new and even more experienced CrossFitters get frustrated and have a hard time with.

Warming Up

Let’s start with the warm up. We always want the warm up to be preparatory for what we’re about to do. I’m just going to list the warm up I’m going to have my athletes do — feel free to steal it if you’d like

  1. Dot Drill: Through each of the following 6x — through in and out, hour glass, hour glass right foot, hour glass left foot, in and out with twist.
  2. 3x: Barbell Goodmorning x 10, Back Squat x 10, Barbell Side Bends x 10
  3. 3 x 10 Reverse Dumbbell Fly; 1 minute: 5 Sec Hollow Rock/5 Sec Rest/5 Sec SupermanRock/5 sec rest

I’m a big fan of being warm. Whatever you choose to do, I’d limit the amount of time that you have something in your hands. There’s no reason to fatigue your grip anymore than necessary. Don’t warm up with a bunch of cleans or 20 minutes of kipping thinking that you’ll revolutionize your technique in the 15-20 minutes before the workout. That ship has sailed — that should have been weeks and/or months ago. If you’re experienced, the first round is light; just have your newfound bar bitch load it up and use round 1 as your warm up for cleans. If that’s challenging, get some reps in beforehand building up, but keep it limited.

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