Coffee could halve death risk for patients with HIV, Hepatitis C

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As time passes, the improvements and discoveries that happen inside the health field become more and more helpful for patients with a wide range of diseases. In the case of patients that have either HIV or Hepatitis C and even in some cases both, improvements in the treatments have made it possible for them have a much better life quality.


In this sense, recently researchers have discover that coffee could have beneficial effects on patients with HIV, Hepatitis C or both having as a result a reduction in death risk by about 50 %, the best part of this study is that that death risk reduction of 50% (for all causes of death) does not include changes in habits like not smoking, doing exercise and eating healthy. Of course, for this to be effective a minimum of 3 cups of coffee a day are needed, in this case researchers recommend regular coffee but decaf coffee work as well, all of this is possible thanks to some natural compounds that are present in the coffee like polyphenols which are able to reduce overall body inflammation and also are able to protect the liver from damage.

In the case of patients that had both HIV and Hepatitis C but were able to eradicate Hepatitis C with medication, death risk reduction go up to even 80 % for all causes of death and like mentioned before all of this without taking in consideration other lifestyle habits like not smoking. Because of this, the researchers think that the anti-inflammatory compounds present in the coffee helps the body to recover and repair damaged cells. This is really important taking in consideration the effects Hepatitis C has on the liver and the prone the body becomes to diseases when someone is HIV positive.

One important thing to have in mind is that the positive effects of coffee for patients that are HIV positive and also have Hepatitis C go far beyond for patients that have both diseases but are not medicated (especially in early stages of the HIV virus), in this case the coffee will not cure HIV or Hepatitis C but for not medicated patients it can prolong the appearance of symptoms (in really early stages only). In cases where the patient is already taking medication, the effects persists.

Summarizing, the capacity of coffee to reduce the death risk for patients with HIV and Hepatitis C for all causes in 50 % its thanks to the anti-inflammatory compounds present in the coffee being the main ones polyphenols. a good point to have in mind is the protecting effects this compounds have on the liver which is especially good for patients with Hepatitis C, this is because even after the virus is eradicated from the body the damage in the liver is still present to some point, finally, is important to mention that even thought the effects of drinking coffee in HIV and Hepatitis C patients needs to be study even further, the results that this research shows that in the short future this patients will have an even better life quality, and all of this without the need of taking more medication.

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