Common Myths Regarding Online Doctors and the Facts Behind Them

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It is totally understandable if you don’t opt for online doctor consultations right away. You have a lot of apprehensions. To begin with, you might not have met the doctor or not have even heard of the online site before. The problem is that there are a lot of false ideas regarding online doctors that are spreading online. Being aware of these myths and the truth behind them is extremely important.


Myth: These doctors are fake.
Fact: You should not generalise. Although some of them are not real doctors and they pretend to be one since anyone can remain anonymous online, you should not discard all online doctors. Some of them, especially those from reputable sites like the Online Dr App, can provide quality services. You just have to select the best choice by reading reviews and other information.

Myth: You are just wasting your money, even if the price is cheaper.
Fact: The second part of this statement is correct. Online medical consultation is cheaper. In some cases, health insurance is accepted. This makes the services even more affordable. However, it is not a waste of money. If you are sick and you really need a consultation with the doctor, you will get what you need. Besides, it is still like having an actual visit to the doctor. You will be asked to turn your video camera on, so you can have a video chat. You can even show the body part that is affected for a clearer view.

Myth: You can be completely diagnosed online.
Fact: There are certain illnesses that can be easily diagnosed. Doctors will just have one look at the body part affected and conclusions can be made. In some cases, the descriptions made by the patient can give them an idea regarding the illness. However, there are instances in which the symptoms seem confusing. At this point, the doctor would advise having an actual test. Therefore, not all conclusions are done online. The doctor will be honest with you if the illness is difficult to diagnose. The good thing is that there are some online doctors whom you can have an appointment with for personal consultation.

Myth: You will be transferred to different doctors.
Fact: There are sites employing several doctors at once. If you really want to see a specific doctor, you will be told about the schedule. You can make appointments based on the availability of the doctor. Therefore, it is not true that you will be passed around unless you do not specify whom you want to be your doctor. Besides, even if you are transferred to a specialist, your records are in the database. Your next doctor can give you appropriate help. Even if you visit an actual doctor, referrals are also done.

Given these facts, you now have a clearer picture of how online medical consultation works. Find the right site where you can get the best doctor to help you and set up an appointment.

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