WHY do you do CrossFit?

by Debi Feinman

When I first began Crossfit in October 2012, I was at rock bottom, both physically and emotionally. Although I had previously been active, fit, strong and healthy, I let myself unravel, like a yo-yo….once again!


Don’t be deceived by the smile, I felt miserable inside!

As my food addiction increasingly ruled my thoughts (and actions) from morning to night, my desire and motivation to exercise steadily disappeared. I was living the perfect storm and I did NOT like the ending to this story.

My WHY was simple! I needed something new and different that I had never tried before, something to pull me out of this downward spiral. I needed someone to throw a life preserver over my head and pull me out of the hole I was digging myself into. I needed hope!

That’s WHY I started Crossfit!


But WHY did I keep doing CrossFit?

  • It challenged me physically and mentally, in a way I had never been challenged before.
  • It taught me to focus on the important numbers – the reps completed, the weight on the bar and the time on the clock, instead of the number on the label of my pants, the weight on the scale or the calories consumed.
  • It transformed both my mind and my body. It changed the way I thought about myself and the world around me. It changed how my body performed and how it looked.

Now, almost 2 years into this journey, I’m in the midst of a short (3 week) CrossFit break and I find myself wondering WHY I continue to do CrossFit. Dont’ get me wrong, I’m not questioning the value or significance of it. Clearly it impacted my life. But the original reasons I began CrossFit don’t exist in my life any longer. I realized I needed to establish a new WHY, otherwise this train might just derail again!

WHY will I continue to be a CrossFitter?

  • To maintain strength and agility as I age.  Doing CrossFit makes me strong enough to hoist a 40 pound bag of dog food over my shoulder, carry two loads of laundry down the stairs at once, and toss a mountain bike or a stand up paddle board into the back of my truck…..all without assistance from any one! At almost 49 years old, being strong (both in mind and body) makes me feel competent and self sufficient.
  • Doing CrossFit makes the rest of my life seem easy.   CrossFit is hard. Some days it’s REALLY hard! Every single time I finish a WOD, I know I overcame the physical pain, I fought through the desire to quit and I accomplished something I didn’t know or believe I could. CrossFit has become my shield of armor. When I step outside the box, life can throw me almost anything and I know I’ve got what it takes – mentally and physically – to get through it.
  • Because I’m never going back to my old body, my old mindset and my old lifestyle!   CrossFit has become my tool for staying on track with my health and fitness. It keeps me honest and accountable. When I do CrossFit, I eat to fuel my body. When I eat to fuel my body, I make healthy food choices. When I make healthy food choices, I feel good about myself – both physically and mentally. CrossFit creates a cycle that serves me rather than sabotages me.


Honestly, I was at a crossroads in my CrossFit journey. My original reasons for going into the box, day in and day out, were no longer motivating me to do something that I loved. Re-evaluating WHY I was doing CrossFit gave me a fresh perspective, a new found desire, and the motivation I needed to re-establish my commitment to CrossFit.

The practice of defining (and re-defining) a WHY – in your career, in your health & fitness program, in your family, in your hobbies – can make the simple difference between staying committed and quitting.

Do you know WHY you continue to CrossFit?

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