How CrossFit Has Changed Sexy Forever, Especially for Gals

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Remember about a million years ago when dinosaurs roamed the earth, people drew pictures of elk on the walls of caves and everyone thought that leg warmers were appropriate gym apparel? Yeah, those were definitely the stone ages, although not too many women were doing much heavy-lifting with the stones.
Back then, skinny was considered “fit” and bony equated to “sexy”. Yikes! Thankfully, CrossFitters of both genders have not only challenged society to think differently about what makes a gal second-glance worthy, but they’ve begun to change the way generations approach the notion of sex appeal. Now, it’s seeped into our everyday culture, and will have wonderful repercussions.

Models with Muscles
This isn’t to say that muscles weren’t always en vogue among female pro athletes, but in the 1970s and early 1980s, the majority of women weren’t baring their arms to reveal solid, toned biceps. Just look through any magazine from that era, and you’ll see more than your fair share of wimpy, wan looking limbs attached to models that were headed straight for luxury rehab. Fast forward to 2014, and even the First Lady of the United States is showing off some pretty serious-looking upper arms. This reveals just how far-reaching the yearning to be in the best shape a gal can has gotten.

Healthy Bodies, Healthy Girls, Healthy Psyches.
Beyond the obsession with healthy bodies being… well… healthy, it’s also a good sign for the young women who are just now beginning to enter puberty. For them, joining a health club and starting a CrossFit routine once they get into adolescence will help them reach their physical bests. In turn, this will help them as they buck the system that has enabled approximately 1-3 percent of all kids under 18 to grow to serious levels of obesity. Plus, those gals’ motivation and desire to be fit won’t be seen as an anomaly, as it has been for women before; it will instead be seen as sexy and cool.

A Message of Strength for the Next Generations
Can you imagine what all these athletic females will be like when they have families of their own? It will be a world where it’s common sense to have a gym membership, and sports bras will be a necessity, since they’ll actually be used on a regular basis. Without a doubt, today’s young girls will grow up and pass along a strong message to their kids and grand kids: Getting and staying in shape will be an achievement you can carry around your whole life. It’s sure to start a whole new level of motivation.

CrossFit Confidence
So does everything boil down to sexiness? Of course not. CrossFit is about so much more: inspiration, dedication, confidence, challenges, friendships and personal success. However, it’s still great to walk into any grocery store and see women coming straight from their CrossFit classes. Not only are they rocking their sweaty, toned bodies, but they’re turning heads left and right. Best of all, most of them aren’t even conscious of their sexiness, and that’s what makes them that way.

Maybe it’s ultimately the pure, unadulterated confidence that fit people naturally exude that draws them into the sexy limelight… who knows for sure? Whatever the reason at the core of the movement for women to be physically in tiptop shape, it’s a great time to be a female involved in the CrossFit scene. Besides, what could feel sexier than shopping for some awesome new workout shoes to go out there and kick some butt?

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