CrossFit Open 16.1: Tips & Advice

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CrossFit Open 16.1: Tips & Advice

Year 6 of the CrossFit Games Open! It’s been awesome to watch the evolution of CrossFit and this sport over the last 10 years.

How you approach 16.1 and all competitive fitness events is going to be really dependent on your ability level. The first part of getting your plan together should be knowing your abilities… and being honest with yourself about them.

Getting Prepped

For your mental game, ditch the negative stress…. Make the Open about having fun with your gym buddies.
For pre-16.1, I’d start with making sure you’re fueled up. Add some extra carbs in your diet the night before and day of. And then enjoy some sugary shit like fruit juice, candy, or tang right before and mildly during your warm up process. I’m sure by the time you read this, ROMWOD and/or Mobility WOD will have some videos and content up for preparation and recovery. Take the time to see what they’ve put together, and then take time to continue implementing it into your training routine.

For your mental game, ditch the negative stress. I hear far too many anxiety-related comments and conversations about the Open in regards to how well that person will do. I want to assure everyone that whether you placed 9th in the gym, 238th in your state, or 84,345th place in the world, that it will NOT change how people look at you as a person. Make the Open about having fun with your gym buddies while you try out some new workouts, improving your time when you re-test a past one, and getting to crank the energy up in the gym a few notches for 5 weeks out of the year. Everyone has started CrossFit for different reasons, but you keep doing it because it’s FUN. So have FUN!

For equipment set-up to maximize transitions, this one is pretty straight forward. Basically make sure you have little distance from the end line of lunges to your pull up bar. Also if possible, set your lane parallel to where you’ll do pull ups to eliminate stepping over the bar after lunging. When every rep and second count, it may amount to something. Especially if you’re on the bubble.

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