CrossFit As Part of a Green Lifestyle

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Being “green” is important to many people, which is why millions of individuals have eagerly adopted environmentally friendly living methods, products and philosophies. So, what is the “green” person to do when it comes to joining a gym? Right off the bat, there are some big issues to overcome:

Most Gyms Aren’t Eco-Conscious

Have you ever been to a health club where all the eye can see are rows of elliptical machines, treadmills and stair climbers? Without fail, they are all hooked up to – you guessed it – electrical outlets. Every time someone works up a sweat, money is being wasted on fossil fuels.

Gyms Are Air Conditioned

Sure, it’s nice to be in air conditioning. In fact, we’ve become accustomed to it over the past few decades. Now, it’s almost unheard of for new construction to be created without air conditioning. Yet, for millennia, human beings “endured” the seasons. Air conditioning may be a creature comfort, but it’s also a huge waste of electricity.

There Is a Lot of Unused Space

No matter what health club you join, you’re likely to find areas that are rarely used. These could be workout rooms, little offices or wide-open spaces. Each of these unused places eat up money without providing a return investment. That’s not just un-green, it’s wasteful!

Before you decide that there’s no gym on earth that could possibly meet your green standards and that you’ll be relegated to “do it yourself,” take a gander at CrossFit. Not only is CrossFit a heart-pumping workout, but it’s about as eco-friendly as an indoor activity can be!

Why CrossFit Is a Green Lover’s Delight

Most CrossFit gyms are just huge boxes with what you might call “bare bones” equipment. You don’t need electricity to operate ropes hanging from the ceiling or mats placed in strategic locations. In fact, you don’t need much electricity to do a “workout of the day” at all.

There are no cushy areas in The Box. A CrossFit box isn’t designed to be comfy and cozy. You aren’t meant to walk for an hour on a treadmill reading the latest gossip rag. You’re meant to get fit during spurts of intense activity. In other words, this is boot camp, not a spa!

Many CrossFit facilities are not air-conditioned. Before you run screaming for the hills, remember that you don’t need air conditioning. We promise! Also, don’t forget that summer is right around the corner! Many boxes encourage cross fitters to get outside. So take your equipment, WOD plan and mosquito protection and move them outside.

Sure, you might smell a little after a solid workout, but a little sweat never hurt anyone. Plus, it’ll make you feel like a warrior. Of course, if you’re really dying and you know your local CrossFit box owner well, you could always suggest he or she install some commercial solar power to support an air conditioning unit!

CrossFit involves a minimum investment. Unlike most health clubs, CrossFit boxes are extremely affordable for the average person. Again, you won’t be forced to pay for other people’s creature comforts that you’ll never use. The box is just… well… the box. Everyone uses it for the same purpose, so it’s ultimately efficient.

If you’re a “waste not” person and you haven’t ventured to a CrossFit box, you really need to go. If you’re already invested in the CrossFit culture, why not gather some of your eco-conscious friends and plan a visit to your favorite box? You’ll not only be introducing them to a green way to stay in shape, but you’ll be getting a workout buddy or two in the process!

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